Appreciation of Beauty Lantern Author: Ba Jin Read: Wang Hui

Author: Bajin Recitation: Wang Hui

I woke up from the nightmare in the middle of the night and felt suffocating, so I got up to the corridor to breathe the air of the cold night.

The night is a dark piece. It seemed like the sea of ​​sleeping sideways under my feet, but gradually floating into a gray -white road like waves. Then the black black gradually faded. Where is the mountain?

On the right, a few lights were shot out of the bungalows in the mountains, and they swept me the dark colors.

I looked at these lights, the lights were dull, and it seemed that it was still trembling slightly in the cold attack. I thought the lantern would die once or twice. But the dim light in the blink of an eye lit up in front. These lights that are still burning late at night, they (seem to be only them) silently spread a little light and heat, not only for me, but also to those who cannot sleep in the cold night, and those who are still exploring in the dark at this time in the dark Path. Yes, isn’t there a rushing footsteps over there? Who has gone back from the city? After a while, a dark shadow shook in front of me. The shadow walked very quickly, as if running, and it was like slipping. I knew the man’s mood hurried home. Well, I think that in this person’s eyes and heart, those lights in front of them will look brighter and warmer.

I have also had such experience myself. There is only a little faint light, which is that the light that seems to be extinguished by darkness at any time can inspire me to take a long way. A blockbuster Feixue fluttered on my face, and my leather shoes fell in the muddy road from time to time, and the wind fell into the sludge several times. I seemed to enter a mystery, never find out, and the end of the way. But I always stood up and stepped forward because I saw a little bean’s light. Lights, no matter which family’s lighting, can be given to pedestrians -even a foreign country like me -refers to the way.

This is a lot of things many years ago. There have been great changes in my life. Now I stand on the lamp on the foot of the mountain. Isn’t the lights the same as the lights a few years ago? I can’t see a little bit! Why? Isn’t I standing quietly on the corridor in front of my building now? I didn’t touch the night in the rain. But when I saw the light, I suddenly felt comfort and encouraged. Is my heart hovering in the night; it was introduced by a nightmare, and then found the way back?

I can’t give a certain answer to my question. But I know that my heart is gradually stable, and my breathing is much better. I should thank these people who do not know the names of my name.

They were not for me, and I would not have my shadow in their dreams. But my heart is still beneficial. I love such lights. Of course, a few lights of lights cannot be shown in darkness, but it will also bring a little courage to some people who sleep in the cold night and a little warm.

The lonely sea lighthouse saved the sinking of many ships, and any sailing vessels could be guided by that light. The elder sister on Harryhi was lonely at the long night of the younger brother in front of the window. Although he had never called back the younger brother who had gone away, many neighbors returned from fishing got its help.

Back to the ancient times. The torch ignited by the ancient Greek lady Hallo illuminated the eyes of Liandul, who came through the strait every night. There was a night of storm that destroyed the torch, drowing the brave lover in the sea. But the light of the bear is still lit in front of our eyes, it seems that the torch has not followed the ancient beauty who is in love with the bottom of the sea.

These lights are not ignited for me, but even I have divided them to a little grace -a little light, a little hot. The light dispels the darkness in my soul, and the heat has contributed to its development. A friend said, “We are not alive by eating rice.” I am naturally the same. My heart often floats on the dark sea. If it was not guided by the lights, it would sink the sea forever one day.

I remembered the story of another friend: he cast it into a river in Jiangnan with the pain and death of his heart. In the water, he heard a shout (“Save people!”), Saw a little light, he heard a noise in the blur, and he lost consciousness in the future. When he woke up, he found that he was lying in a stranger’s home, with an oil lamp on the table, and a few sincere and kind faces in front of him. “After all, there is still warmth in the world,” he thought gratefully, and since then he changed his attitude towards life. “Desperate” is gone, “pessimism” disappears, and he has become a positive person who loves life. This is already two or 30 years ago. I have seen this friend recently. The lights actually encouraged a person who went out to die to live for more years, and made him live strong now. I didn’t talk to him about the lights. But I think that slight light must be shaking in his heart.

In this person, the lights will not be destroyed -I think, thinking, I don’t feel smiling at the mountain.

When I was in my hand, facing the old friend on the couch, there was no feeling of life between life and life. Or when people are helpless, their feelings will be numb for a while.

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