Coarse knitted Korean version of girl stick needle to sunflower flowers cardigan (attached illustration)


“Korean version of sunflower flowers cardigan”

“In 1 week (this sweater dragging time is a bit long), the younger daughter woven a Korean sweater for the younger daughter, and still shared the illustration and weaving method.



Orange red wool


5.5mm stick needle 5.0 stick needle monocular tattoo

product size

: Breast 衣 75, clothing length 38, sleeve length 33


Work Show:


It took 1 week (this sweater was dragging a long time) to the younger daughter’s Korean sweater. During the weaving process, the back design was designed with a bow -like style, weaving, drawing, taking notes, concepts, weaving, weaving, weaving, weaving, weaving, weaving After that, I found that orange -red and sunflower flowers are more matched. As soon as I am inspired, my heart is not as good as action. Find a line hook to sunflower flowers, weaving flower stems, and the effect is surprisingly sutured, and my husband is praised.

I still share the diagram and weaving method, and weave it

Weaving instructions:


1. Rear film: From 5.0 72 knitted monocular tattoos and 8 lines, change 5.5 evenly, minus 5 stitches, remain 67 stitches, weave 32 lines, simultaneously reduce the needle by 12-1-3 12 lines, 20 needles flat needles, 21 stitches, single tattoos, 20 needles flat needles, open shoulders, 3 stitches on both sides, then press 2-1-4 to collect small swallows needles, and then weave 24 lines. There are 23 stitches in the middle, with 2-1-2 stitches on both sides, and the remaining 10 stitches on the shoulders.


2. Followed by 5.0, 40 stitches, weaving 8 lines of monocular tattoos, replace 5.5 evenly minus 3 stitches, and then solve the hemp flowers according to the figure, sequence: 3 times, 2, 6, 2. Open the shoulder, collect the sleeve dragon with the same back film, and the total length is weaved to 72 lines to start the front collar. The needle collection method: 2 lines once, flat collection, 6 5 4 3 1 1 to get a total of 12 lines, 4 lines, no Receive, at the same time, on both sides of the line 80, all sides of the line are woven into monocular tattoos.

3. Sleeve: up and down, 5.5 stitches from 5.5, add 4-2-6 small swallows on both sides to add to 44 stitches, continue to weave 4 rows, plus 3 stitches on each side, 50 stitches for total pins, continue Flat 25 lines, then add 1 needle every 2 stitches, the total number of needles is 75 stitches, continue to weave 15 lines, and change the 5.0 needle evenly to 28 stitches to form a lantern sleeve.

4. Collar: 5.5 needle 16 stitches, sequence of natta flowers: 3 times, 2, 6 times, 2, 3 times, pay attention, the side needle on the right should be woven, convenient to suture the back with the clothes. Weaving, because the last prohibition and the collar should be hooked.


5. Sewing, seamless sutures of the body and sleeves are seamlessly sutured. My sewing collar starts to stitch after a long length. This can control the winter of the collar type Scarf

6. The buttons were used with three hidden buckles. After sewing the hooks, the three sunflower flowers were stuck to cover the traces of the sewing dark buckle. The lower needle, the weaving edges are shorter, and it is suitable for disconnecting. Leave a line to suture into a cylinder.

Finally, the sunflower flowers, the leaves are sutured to the right body, it is OK


Every time I write a weaving method is like writing, I hope the sisters like it, thank you


Weaving illustration:

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Author | Ji Ji




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