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General Secretary Xi Jinping’s concern My life “Steel and Steel”

Vlog: Come here, experience the “Song of Ice and Fire” of the century -old steel factory!

Traditional industries such as steel are the foundation of modern civilization and the foundation of large powers.

The “CPC Central Committee’s Suggestions on the Fourteenth Five -Year Plan for the Development of the National Economic and Social Development and the 2013 Far -Aifential Metropolitanian goal” proposed to promote the high -end, intelligent, and green, and develop service -oriented manufacturing of traditional industries.

Today, in Beijing, Shandong, Shanxi, Anhui and other places, many veteran steel companies insist on taking supply -side structural reforms as the main line, seize opportunities, and go up against the trend. Chinese Iron Man also harvested the “Steel Steel” life story in the process of experiencing career transformation and innovation struggle.

(1) Broken ice also requires “steel heart”

【Character File】

Name: Liu Boqiang

Occupation: Shougang Group Shougang Garden Sports Center Ice Gong

Age: 43 years old

[My telling]

As the footsteps of the Winter Olympics approached, I became a ice -making worker in the Steel Shijingshan Old Park to ensure the national winter sports team training.


I have worked with steel rolling workers and steelmaking inspection workers in Shougang Group. So far, I have been unforgettable that the steel flowers are hot and the passion of “steelmaking for the country”. Although the post has changed in recent years, the spirit of the Shougang people engraved in the blood “dare to be the first” has never changed.

In the first three months of becoming an ice -making worker, I stayed in the Winter Training Center of Shougang Garden National Sports Center for practice every day, and I couldn’t take a rest on the weekend. Listening to people, the world’s top ice master teams are rarely seen in the team of the world.

The work should be “made of ice”, and the transformation must “break the ice.” I secretly determined to fight for a sigh of reliability and “fight”.

The curling track should make small freezing points on the ice. Every night, I borrowed 40 pounds of “hitting pots” and walked to the unmanned road outside the museum, using the lane dividing line as the centerline of the curling track to explore skills. After practicing for two months and “hitting” about 150 kilometers, the first time I went to the ice to make an operation, it was successful.

Someone asked me, is there still a dream now?

Ensure the Beijing Winter Olympics, let the world see the dream of the transformation and development of Chinese steel workers, and the style of industrial workers in the new era–

This is my greatest dream.

Shougangshan Mountain Old Park: Yesterday’s Iron and Steel Town, today’s Winter Olympics Base

【News depth of the news】

How should the development of the steel industry and the urban environment be balanced?

Whether the response to this issue is scientific, accurate, and effective, testing the governance wisdom of governance at all levels. Before the Beijing Olympic Games, Shougang became the first steel company in China to move from central cities to coastal development. After the Beijing Winter Olympics was successfully bid, the industrial relics of Shougang Park were reused again.

Founded in 1919, Shougang was an important witness of the development of China’s steel industry. The growth curve of the century -old factory in the new era may be used as a sample, providing a feasible idea for more cities and traditional industries.


(2) The life of “no steel” is even stronger

Name: Jiang Hexin

Occupation: The person in charge of Jigang Ruibao Electric “Ginger and Xin innovation studio”


Age: 53 years old

I had a mystery and ironmaking for a lifetime. I did not expect to say goodbye to Iron and Steel at the age of 50.

In 2017, Jigang Group shut down all steel production capacity, and the plant was demolished one by one. I was confused, reluctant, unwilling, and I didn’t know what to do in the future.

As a national model, many companies invited me. After repeated thinking, I decided to stay to the Ji Gang Ruibao Electric Company, and transformed into a market -oriented R & D personnel from an electrician produced in the internal steel.

In the past three years, Ruibao Electric’s development has been booming, not only opened the external market, but also gradually entered the field of intelligent manufacturing. This year’s revenue is expected to reach 250 million yuan. I also have my own studio, and I often run the market in addition to research and development.

Like Ruibao Electric, even if there is no main steel business and internal market, other duration companies in Jigang Group have gradually adapted to market competition. It is prosperous. Many employees’ income and comparison of 3 years ago doubled.

Jigang Old Park: The transformation from steel factory to cultural industrial park

Facing the crisis of overcapacity and low benefits, how can traditional steel companies usher in “spring” again?

From “relying on steel” to “no steel”, the transformation of Ji Steel is a microcosm of many traditional steel companies to promote the conversion of new and old kinetic energy and pursue high -quality development. Relying on the advantages of the “old foundation” resources of the enterprise, some companies have high scientific and technological content and environment -friendly industries, accelerate the cultivation of new kinetic energy, and transform “crisis” into “opportunities”.

Jigang’s butterfly changes may be inspired. “De -production capacity” does not mean “going to the enterprise”. How to successfully realize the transfer of business and promote growth through the “steaming birds”.

(3) “Gray leaves” is gone

Name: Jigang

Occupation: Secretary of the Party Committee and Factory of Tai Igang Ironmaking Factory

Age: 52 years old

When I first came to work in Taiang, like many steel plants across the country, “pollution” was still commonplace in the factory.

In the early 1990s, the production process of Tai Steel had only a simple dust removal device, and the chimney rose suddenly with dark smoke. There were not many leaves on the trees that were often filled with dust. Essence


However, the situation has been different in recent years. In order to save energy and environmental protection, enterprises stopped old equipment and equipment with low efficiency and replaced them with automated high -efficiency clean production equipment. The concentration of Tai Steel particles was reduced from 50 mg per cubic meter to 10 milligrams per cubic meter.

Tai Gang has achieved the reputation of “garden -style factory” step by step. Many people who came to Tai Gang for the first time said that they could not expect the metallurgical factory to be so clean. The trees and lawns in the factory area were lush, and the green area reached more than 40%. The “gray leaves” of that year disappeared.

Many people now say that Taiang is a “responsible” enterprise.

What is “responsible”? I think it should include an affirmation of an enterprise’s efforts in environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction.

Tai Sang: From “Old Rough Black” to “Little Fresh”


How can the steel industry really say goodbye to “high pollution”?


For many old steel companies facing the “pain” of transformation, green transformation is a “development of development” that must be trapped. Enterprises such as Tai Gang advocate saving, environmental protection, civilization, and low -carbon production methods, increase environmental protection investment and research and development and application of green technology, achieve ultra -low emissions in production, and reuse the “three wastes” cycles. The road of green is imperative and beneficial.

Tai Steel’s practice fully shows that the steel plant is not just “old and black”, but also “small and fresh”.

(4) Steel manufacturers have become “smarter”

Name: Jiang Yanzhe

Occupation: Malaysia Steel Iron Reining the Factory Sinterings Second Plant China Controlling Industry


Age: 23 years old

My grandpa and dad both worked in Ma Steel. Now Grandpa has retired, and his father is still on his post. After graduating from university in 2018, I also got Ma Steel and became a standard “Steel Three Generations”.

Many people have recently talked about the changes in Malaysia. Some people say that the changes in Malaysia are mainly due to the changes in factory buildings and blast furnaces, but I think that the more critical change is that Matteel has become “smarter”.

I am now mainly responsible for controlling equipment in the central control room. In the era when Malaysia was not so “smart”, the manual operation of the device was mainstream. For example, the opening degree of the bangs is adjusted from 20%to 50%, and the workers need to shake their hands by themselves. Now they can be completed by moving the mouse, which not only improves the operating accuracy and guarantees safety.

In recent years, Malaysia has developed and applied more than 40 robots in the production links such as residue, labeling, and handling, creating multiple digital workshops, and the degree of automation of the factory has become increasingly higher and higher.

Our “new generation” Ma Steel people must continue to innovate on the basis of the older generation of steel people.

Ma Steel: Make the steel mill “smarter”

How do traditional manufacturing industries such as steel continue to peak in scientific and technological innovation?

In front of each Chinese Iron Man, there are such “questions of the times” how to pursue higher, stronger, and better. Many Yangtze River Delta manufacturing companies represented by Malaysia Steel seize the major opportunities for deepening the reform of state -owned enterprises and promoting the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta, strengthen the development of new materials and new technologies, and develop new products with high technology content and high added value. Enhance market competitiveness.

The change of Malaysia Steel shows that in the technological innovation of high -end manufacturing, more steel companies must not only be “promising”, but also must “make a difference.”

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【Character File】

【Character File】

【Character File】

[My telling]

[My telling]

[My telling]

【News depth of the news】

【News depth of the news】

【News depth of the news】