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Voting | 2021 “Good Company 50” candidate list was announced, 400+ companies are waiting for you

【2021 Good Company】 Select the voting channel

【2021 Good Company】 Enterprise Declaration Channel

Enterprises are the main market, the basic carrier of social productivity, the creator of social wealth, the source of power for economic development, and shoulder the emphasis on promoting the high -quality and sustainable development of the economy. It is a key role in China’s high -speed growth and wealth accumulation.

This year is the beginning of the “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” start. The company is facing major development opportunities while also accepting new challenges. How to face the challenge of the conversion of the economic development stage and how to cope with the changes in the international economic environment, becoming an enterprise that cannot be around Proposition.

Based on this, the selection of 2021 [Good Company 50] selection initiated by Shanghai Newspaper Group | Interface News has been officially launched. The selection continues the concept of the previous session. On the basis of the system and social reputation, the strategic depth and toughness that excellent enterprises are in the end of the situation will not be panicked. Good company!

[Good Company 50] Candidate list (*Sort according to the first letter pinyin):

1. Artificial intelligence

Beijing Jinshan Cloud Network Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Kuangxin Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Shangtang Technology Development Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Trail Technology Co., Ltd., HKUST Xunfei Co., Ltd., Shenlan Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Must -choose Technology Co., Ltd.

2. Digital electronics

OPPO Guangdong Mobile Communications Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhendi Technology Co., Ltd., Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., Apple Corporation, Samsung (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Shenzhen DJI Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., Vivo Mobile Communications Co., Ltd., Xiaomi Communication Technology Co., Ltd., ZTE Correspondence Co., Ltd.

3. Electronic manufacturing

Dongxu Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., Foxconn Technology Group, Goor Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Haikangwei Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Lixun Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

4. Communication services and research and development

Qualcomm Wireless Communication Technology (China) Co., Ltd., China Telecom Group Co., Ltd., China United Network Communications Co., Ltd., China Tower Co., Ltd., China Communications Service Co., Ltd., China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd.

5. Computer

Dell (China) Co., Ltd., Aerospace Information Co., Ltd., JD Digital Technology Group, Inchat Electronics Information Industry Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Highlight Computer Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhou Digital Group Co., Ltd. Limited, Intel (China) Co., Ltd., Ziguang Co., Ltd.

6. Digital service

ABB (China) Co., Ltd., Eisenzhe (China) Co., Ltd., Beijing Jindi Technology Co., Ltd., International Business Machine (China) Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Sustainable Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. , Shanghai Weimeng Enterprise Development Co., Ltd., Si Aipu (China) Co., Ltd., Siemens (China) Co., Ltd.

7. Comprehensive holding

Fosun International Co., Ltd., Lenovo Holdings Co., Ltd., Xiamen Jianfa Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Junyao (Group) Co., Ltd., Wuhan Contemporary Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Guanghui Industrial Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. Holding Group, China Resources Co., Ltd., China CITIC Co., Ltd.

8. Medicine Health

Astraikang Investment (China) Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Hou Pu Ark Health Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd., East China Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Pfizer Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Hengrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Tong Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Meinian Great Health Industry (Group) Co., Ltd., Johnson & Johnson (China) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Roche Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Haiwang Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd., China Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.

9. Building and building materials

Anhui Conch Cement Co., Ltd., Beijing Dongfang Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Jinyu Group Co., Ltd., Longyuan Construction Group Co., Ltd., Suzhou Golden Mantis Building Decoration Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd., China Construction Co., Ltd., China Shanshui Cement Group Co., Ltd., China Railway Co., Ltd.

10. Supply chain service

Shenzhen Feima International Supply Chain Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Yitong Supply Chain Co., Ltd., Products Zhongda Group Co., Ltd., Yunhan Xincheng (Shanghai) Internet Technology Co., Ltd., AVIC International Holdings Co., Ltd.

11. Agriculture, forestry and fishing

Guangdong Haida Group Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Zhengbang Technology Co., Ltd., Wen’s Food Group Co., Ltd., Xinwan Liuhe Co., Ltd.

12. Internet

Alibaba (China) Co., Ltd. (China) Co., Ltd., Baidu Co., Ltd., Beijing Dream Jia Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Sanka Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Byte Beat Technology Co., Ltd., Shell Finding House, BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. Commercial Co., Ltd., Shanghai Wo Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yibaiomi Network Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Tencent Computer System Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Siman Information Technology Co., Ltd., NetEase (Hangzhou) Network Co., Ltd., Xingyun Group

13. Food and drink

Beijing Xiaodian Stewo Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Dali Food Group Co., Ltd., Foshan Haitian Seasoning Food Co., Ltd., Guangming Dairy Co., Ltd., Guangdong Daneng Group Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Pepsi Beverage Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd. Baoxiangjing Co., Ltd., Coca -Cola Beverage (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Mars Food (China) Co., Ltd., Malon Coffee Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd., Nongfu Spring Co., Ltd. ), Qiaqiao Food Co., Ltd., Ruixing Coffee (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Meilin Zhengguanghe Co., Ltd., Shijiazhuang Junlebao Dairy Co., Ltd., Sichuan Baijia Food Industry Co., Ltd. Wei Nian, Yizi China Co., Ltd., China Mengniu Dairy Co., Ltd., COFCO Group Co., Ltd.

14. Alcohol

Baili Investment (China) Co., Ltd., Guizhou Moutai Wine Co., Ltd., China Resources Beer (Holdings) Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Yanghe Winery Co., Ltd., Jinpai Co., Ltd., Luzhou Laojiao Co., Ltd., Qingdao Beer Co., Ltd. , To Li Li Liquor Co., Ltd., Yantai Zhangyu Grape Wine Co., Ltd., Yibin Wuliangye Co., Ltd.

15. Catering lock

Anhui fellow Chicken Catering Co., Ltd., Yum! (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Beijing Xibei Catering Management Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Jiu Mao Jiu Catering Chain Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Restaurant Group Co., Ltd., Haidilao International Holdings Co., Ltd. China) Co., Ltd., Starbucks Enterprise Management (China) Co., Ltd., China Quanjude (Group) Co., Ltd.

16. Home Fast Core

Amore Pacific Group, Amway (China) Daily Products Co., Ltd., Procter & Gamble (China) Co., Ltd., Galan (Group) Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Libai Enterprise Group Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Langqi Industrial Co., Ltd. Company, Lafang Jiajiahua Co., Ltd., Lianlihua (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Manxiu Leitun (China) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Meishang (Guangzhou) Cosmetics Co., Ltd., L’Oreal (China) Co., Ltd. Company, Shanghai Baique Lingri Chemical Co., Ltd., Shanghai Feiyang Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Shanghai Han Shu Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jadhua United Co., Ltd., Shanghai Liren Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shang Mei Cosmetics Co., Ltd. (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd., Sephora, Perfect Diary Cosmetics (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., Henryli (Shanghai) Cosmetics Trading Co., Ltd., Estee Lauder (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.

17. Commercial retail

Gome Retail Holdings Co., Ltd., Hanshang Group, Carrefour (China), Jingdong Mall E -commerce Co., Ltd., Lianhua Supermarket Co., Ltd., Magic Chopsticks Technology, Sam Member Store, Shanghai Lazar Information Technology Co., Ltd., Suning Tesco, Suning Tesco, Tianhong Shopping Mall Co., Ltd., Playingwood APP, Wangfujing Group Co., Ltd., Vipshop (China) Co., Ltd., Wal -Mart (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Xingyin Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Amazon, Yonghui Supermarket Shares

18. Jewelry Fashion

Lao Fengxiang Co., Ltd., Liufu Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Old Temple Gold Co., Ltd., Swarovski (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd., Wuhan Golden Phoenix Jewelry Co., Ltd., Xie Ruilin Jewelry (International) Co., Ltd. Group International Co., Ltd.

19. Leisure service

Airbnb Audemars Piguet, Beijing First Travel Hotel (Group) Co., Ltd., Hanting Starry (Shanghai) Hotel Management Co., Ltd., Huangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd., Lijiang Yulong Tourism Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jinjiang International Hotel (Group) Co., Ltd. Company, Songcheng Performing Arts Development Co., Ltd., Changbai Shan Tourism Co., Ltd., China Travel Co., Ltd.

20. Cultural Media

Beijing Hanyi Seal Information Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Kunlun Wanwei Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Blue Classes Data Technology Co., Ltd., Focus Media Information Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Advertising Group Co., Ltd. Limited, Huashu Media Holdings Co., Ltd., Huayang Lianzhong Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Reading Information Technology Co., Ltd., Tianxiu Digital Technology (Group) Co., Ltd.

21. Education and supplies

Beijing Baijia Internet Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Creative McQi Education Information Consulting Co., Ltd., Beijing Chalk Blue Sky Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Century Good Future Education Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Impression Note Technology Co., Ltd. New Oriental Education Technology Group Co., Ltd., Zhonggong Education Technology Co., Ltd.

22. Entertainment/service

Beijing iqiyi Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Kuaishou Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Hero Interactive Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd., Platinum Journal Culture Co., Ltd., Guangdong Changlong Group Co., Ltd. Company, Lego Group, Michael (Shanghai) Network Technology Co., Ltd., Qianxun (Hangzhou) Cultural Media Co., Ltd., Shanghai Xiaoguo Culture Media Co., Ltd., Perfect World Co., Ltd., Wuhu Sanqi Interactive Entertainment Network Technology Group Co., Ltd. , Youzu Network Co., Ltd., Cerva Sauce Culture, Zhixiang Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., China Film Co., Ltd.

23. Home appliances

TCL Group Co., Ltd., Skyworth Group Co., Ltd., Dyson Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Philips, Fvik Home Appliances Co., Ltd., Haier Zhijia Co., Ltd., Hisense Group Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd., Huipu (China) Co., Ltd., Kangjia Group Co., Ltd., Midea Group Co., Ltd., Ningbo Fangtai Kitchen Limited Company, Shenzhen Lei Bird Network Technology Co., Ltd., Sichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd. Zhuhai Gree Electric Co., Ltd.

24. Made in car manufacturing

Audi (China) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., BMW (China) Automobile Trading Co., Ltd., Beijing Benz Automobile Co., Ltd., Beijing Automobile and Home Information Technology Co., Ltd. (ideal car), BYD Co., Ltd. Group Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Nissan passenger car company, GAC Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Fiat Chrysler Automobile Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Xiaopeng Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. ) Investment Co., Ltd., Lexus (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Maserati (China) Automobile Trading Co., Ltd., Mercedes-Benz (China) Auto Sales Co., Ltd., SAIC Volkswagen Co., Ltd. China) Investment Co., Ltd., Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd.

25. Car parts

Mainland Horse Tire (China) Co., Ltd., Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co., Ltd., Jiangsen Self -Control (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Michelin (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Shares

26. Finance

French Industrial Bank (China) Co., Ltd. (China) Co., Ltd., Futu Securities International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Haitong Securities Co., Ltd., Huaxia Bank Co., Ltd., Huifu Tianxia Co., Ltd., Huitianfu Fund Management Co., Ltd., Bank of Communications Co., Ltd. Company, Financial Yitong, Noah Wealth, Ping An Yibao E -commerce Co., Ltd., Shanghai Panther Cloud Network Information Service Co., Ltd., Shanghai Fuyou Financial Service Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Liangxin Network Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co., Ltd., Xingye Bank Co., Ltd., CreditEase Excellence Wealth Investment Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd., E Fund Fund Management Co., Ltd., China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Ant Xiaowei Financial Service Group Co., Ltd. Companies, China Everbright Bank Co., Ltd., China Construction Bank Co., Ltd., Agricultural Bank of China Co., Ltd., Bank of China Co., Ltd., China Postal Savings Bank Co., Ltd., CITIC Construction Investment Securities Co., Ltd., CITIC Bank Co., Ltd. , CITIC Securities Co., Ltd.

27. Insurance

ICBC Ansheng Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Guohua Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Huaxia Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Jiaotong Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Minsheng Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Taiping Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Taikang Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Responsible Company_If, Tongfang Global Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Xinhua Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Sunshine Insurance Group Co., Ltd., China Ping An Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd., China People’s Insurance Group Co., Ltd., China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd., CITIC Prudential Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

28. Textile clothing

Lily Clothing, Anta Sports Products Group Co., Ltd., Bosideng International Clothing (China) Co., Ltd., Ordos, Fujian Qipi Wolf Industrial Co., Ltd., Fosun Fashion Group, Hailan House Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Hongdou Industrial Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd., Jiu Muwang Co., Ltd., Li Ning (China) Sports Products Co., Ltd., Lilang (China) Co., Ltd., Metus Bangwei Clothing Co., Ltd., Musan Group Holding Co., Ltd. Shandong Ruyi Wool Spinning Group Co., Ltd., Sky Skechers, Pathfinder Holding Group Co., Ltd., Tuber (China) Co., Ltd., Fasting (China) Trading Co., Ltd., Yagol Group Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd., Zhejiang George White Clothing Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Senma Clothing Co., Ltd.

29. Light industry manufacturing

3M China Co., Ltd., Grand Rich Company, Gujia Home Furnishing Co., Ltd., Hengan International Group Co., Ltd., Red Star Macalline Home Group Co., Ltd., Jin Baili (China) Co., Ltd. Dragon Paper (Holdings) Co., Ltd., Richard Paper Co., Ltd., Oupai Home Furnishing Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Chenming Paper Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Sun Paper Co., Ltd., Shanying International Holdings Co., Ltd., Shanghai Chenguang Stationery Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Qixin Group Co., Ltd., Weida Paper (China) Co., Ltd., China Lianlang Group Holdings Co., Ltd.

30. Electric manufacturing

Schneider Electric (China) Co., Ltd., Special Transformer Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Zhengtai Electric Co., Ltd., China De Lixi Holding Group Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Electronic Electronic Products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

31. Heavy manufacturing

Aoz China, Caterpillar (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd., Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Xugong Group Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. Health Defense Equipment Co., Ltd., China Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd., China Aviation Industry Group Co., Ltd., China CRRC Co., Ltd., Zhonglian Zhongke Co., Ltd.

32. Petrochemical

ExxonMobil, Daedal Company, Royal Dutch Shell Petroleum Company, Hengli Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Kunlun Energy Co., Ltd., Saudi Arabian National Petroleum Corporation, Shanghai Huayi Group Co., Ltd., Wanhua Chemistry Group Co., Ltd. Zhongtai Chemical Co., Ltd., Winchuang Industrial Group, China Ocean Petroleum Group Co., Ltd., China Petroleum Chemical Co., Ltd., China Petroleum and Natural Gas Co., Ltd., Sinochem International (Holdings) Co., Ltd.

33. Public utilization

National Power Grid Co., Ltd., Xin’ao Group Co., Ltd., China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd., China Post Group Corporation

34. Energy

SDIC Power Holdings Co., Ltd., Huaneng International Power Co., Ltd., Longji Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., China Nuclear Energy Power Co., Ltd.

35. Transportation

Hainan Aviation Holdings Co., Ltd., China Oriental Airlines Co., Ltd., China International Airlines Co., Ltd., China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd., COSCO Shipping Holdings Co.

36. Logistics transportation

Debon Logistics Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Best Network Technology Co., Ltd., Shentong Express Co., Ltd., SF Holdings Co., Ltd., Yuantong Express Co., Ltd.

37. Metal

Beijing Shougang Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Baodang Steel Union Co., Ltd., China Baowu Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., China Zhongwang Holdings Co., Ltd.

38. Real estate

Poly Development Holdings Group Co., Ltd., Country Garden Group, Guangzhou R & F Real Estate Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Agile Investment Co., Ltd., Huaxia Xingfu Bida Co., Ltd., Jiazhaoye Group Holdings Co., Ltd. Company, Greenland Holding Group Co., Ltd., Sunac China Holdings Co., Ltd., Vanke Enterprise Co., Ltd., Xinli Holding Group Co., Ltd.

In the selection of 2021 [Good Company 50], I look forward to more good companies leading the high -quality development of China’s economy and injecting innovative vitality into the industry. From now until November 30, companies that have achieved breakthrough performance in market performance, innovation capabilities, governance systems, and social reputation are welcome to join the selection in the form of self -recommendation and recommendation (2021 [Good Company 50] Enterprise Declaration Channel), and the enterprise declaration channel). Show the core value and innovation of the enterprise, and share the industry’s leading experience and governance level!

The organizing committee will hold an awards ceremony at the [Interface Finance Annual Conference] hosted by Shanghai Newspaper Group | Interface News in December 2021, and awards the annual honor award for the winners!

【2021 Good Company】 Select the voting channel

【2021 Good Company】 Enterprise Declaration Channel

Selected to participate in the inquiry, welcome to contact [Good Company 50] Selection Organizing Committee

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