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Improper purchase of back clip batteries may explode, these 4 points must be cautious

The Code Jun often sees this article online: “The charging treasure has expired, and now it is used with a backgate battery, practical and convenient. But Xiao Edo is not necessarily it?

Back clamp battery and charging treasure, which one will you choose? In the face of this problem, many people will choose a backgate battery, because they feel that the backdrop battery is convenient, not like charging treasure to take the root line, but also have a place, the back clip battery also saves the troubles of buying mobile phone shells ( Standing in these two points, there is no problem).



But if you buy a back clip battery, you must choose a backgate battery using high quality batteries, or it is easy to explode, and there is a possibility of explosion at any time.


Heat dissipation

Be sure to choose a cool back clip battery, because if the heat dissipating a backglement battery will overheat, then affect the battery of your phone. PS: It is recommended to select the material of aluminum alloy, aluminum magnesium, and all aluminum.

Mobile phone signal


The mobile phone will use metal, which will affect the signal of the phone, even if metal, choose rubber and plastic. PS: It is recommended to choose a backgate battery that does not affect the phone signal.


Intelligent diversion

With intelligent shunt, you can effectively prevent the load from excessive. If you choose a backgated battery that cannot be smart shunt, then it will cause the device to charge too slow, or it will cause danger to the mobile phone battery.



Although the back clip battery is easy to carry, but should still pay attention to the above points, so it will be safe and effective!