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Warm underwear moisture fever? Do you really fever?

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What is the difference?

Let’s use several standards


Take everyone a full range of warm underwear

How to measure thermal underwear?

Interpretation: Warm Requirements

Standard basis: FZ / T 73022-2019 “Knitting warm underwear”

FZ / T 73022-2019 “Knitting warm underwear” to the performance evaluation of thermal underwear is divided into internal quality and appearance quality:

Appearance Quality:

Surface defects, specifications of size, sewing regulations, etc.

Intrinsic quality:

Take the strength, fiber content, formaldehyde content, pH, odor, can be done to cancer aromatic amine dye, insulation rate, gas permeability, water washing size, color fastness, and the like.


What is the warm performance?

Key in thermal insulation rate and gas permeability

01 insulation rate

The insulation rate is ≥ 30 with insulation. FZ / T 73022-2019 “Knitting Warm Underwear” specified in GB / T 11048-1989 Method A. Determination of flat constant temperature differences: After the test plate is constantly controlled in the human body temperature 36 °, by measurement During a certain heating cycle, the tile samples on the test panels and no samples, the heat dissipation in both cases came to judge.


02 breathable rate

The gas permeability is not less than 180mm / s. FZ / T 73022-2019 “Knitting Warm Underwear” specified in the gas permeability according to GB / T 5453.

Interpretation 2: Moisture and heat generation performance of black technology

Standard basis: FZ / T 73036-2010 “Moisturizing fever knit underwear”

What is absorbing fever?

The moisturizing heat generating fibers refer to the hydrophilic group in the fibers generate heat by absorbing water vaps in the human or air.

What is a hygroscopic heating underwear?

FZ / T 73036-2010 “Moisturizing Heating Covered Underwear” tells us that suction heat-free knit underwear is prepared from moisturizing heat generating materials and meets a knit underwear with standardized temperature value indicators.


How can absorbent heat generation?

FZ / T 73036-2010 “Moisturizing Heating Coven Underwear” made a clear provision for the moisture absorption and fever to meet the standard promotion temperature value, the sample-specific test chamber is charged, and the maximum temperature value is not less than 4.0 ° C, and the average temperature increase within 30 min The value is not less than 3.0 ° C. can be referred to as having absorbent heat generation.

Laboratory test results of a certain kind of moisture absorption

The figure shows the temperature change graph during the hygroscopic heating test.

The maximum temperature value of 6.3 ° C is 6.3 ° C, and the average temperature temperature value in 30 min is 3.4 ° C, which can be referred to as a standard requirement.


Interpretation 3: Far Infrared Performance of Black Technology

Based on: GB / T 30127-2013 “Test and evaluation of far-infrared performance of textiles”

Part of the thermal underwear claims to have far infrared performance, the principle is reflected back to the heat of the human body, promoting blood circulation, absorbs light heat, and finally achieves warmth effect.

GB / T 30127-2013 “The detection and evaluation of far-infrared performance of textiles” specifies a method of determining the far-infrared performance of textiles from the infrared emissivity and temperature rise test.

Left, the right picture is temperature rise, the transmitter project test process, respectively

For general samples, far infrared emissivity is not less than 0.88, and it can be referred to with far infrared performance when the temperature rise is not less than 1.4 ° C.

If the sample can be reached after the standard specified by the standard, the sample has a wash and durable far-infrared performance of the wash and durability.


How to choose thermal underwear?

One word: see!

Seeing the instructions of clothing, more common is tag and wash.

Watch standard

At the time of purchase, you should first view the safety category and implementation standards on the tag.

The safety category is the standard GB 18401-2010 “Basic Safety Technology Scope of National Textile Products” in the National Textile Product Safety Level. The thermal underwear should meet Class B standard.

There are many implementations, and you can give priority to the implementation standard for FZ / T 73022-2019 “knit warm underwear” and FZ / T 73016-2013 “Knitting warm underwear type” product, its insulation performance is guaranteed of. At the same time, for thermal underwear with absorbent fever or far infrared performance, it can be viewed if there is a specific implementation standard or related test report.

Watch fabric

View its fiber ingredients from tag, label / wash 唛 or product details page.

At present, the fabric of warm underwear mainly has cashmere, cotton, acrylic, modal, polyester fiber, spandex, adhesive, nylon, etc. In general, cashmere and acrylic warm effects are good, polyester fibers, cotton, and modal’s moisture absorbent breathable effects are better. There are also some fiber blended fabrics, such as Delvet, mainly acrylic blend, and its warmth is more preferable than individual acrylic fabrics. For publicity with functional fabrics, it is necessary to see if the tag is labeled.

Look at the care

The washing and maintenance method of clothing is washed on the wash. However, once this “×” appears on any symbol “wash a dragon”, it is said that this link cannot use this method.

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