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Current azuro light test fluorescent agent? If you believe it, you will be

“Recently, I don’t know why, this kind of small violet light is selling very well.” Miss Zheng, who is running in China, reflects the reporter, and the portable purple light banknote lamp she sells, this day Survitations suddenly increased, more young women. She also learned from many customer portals that they did not pay for banknotes, but to test fluid. Recently, the “high-purple light detectable fluorescent” is frequently transmitted, making many people to buy the original unusual use of purple-cut lights, want to test whether they are “毒” in the fluorescent agent. So, is this highlighted method of detecting?


Fighting lights, fluorescent fluorescent

Miss Netizens Recently found that Weibo, WeChat is also a statement: diapers, wipes, masks, etc. may contain fluorescent agents, carcinogenic. However, it is possible to illuminate if these products contain fluorescent. Miss Shi gave a circle to the classmates around him, relatives, and found a lot in this way.

For safety, Miss Shi bought a cash pen on the Internet, and the test results made her heart cool: mask pan. So, she was irradiated with items such as paper cups at home, some of which were blue, and some were a bit. Does all products in your home contain a fluorescent agent? So, she is in order to ask for an online help, and the fluorescent agent is used to detect whether the fluorescent agent is reliable.


Delicious test lights and professional testing effects

For the question of Miss Miss, the reporter spent 12 yuan from the stationery store to bought a common user-inspiration pen, prepared the paper cup, white A4 paper, mask and other items for testing. In the laboratory of Ningbo Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Research Institute, Teacher Sun Teachers in the Physician Center used professional testing equipment “UV analyzer” and reporter purchased, the test effect was carried out, and the bottom of the dark box was put. A light-free cardboard is used to compare.

The reporter put a white A4 paper into the dark box, turned on the ultraviolet light, and the paper surface showed blue, indicating that the paper contains more fluorescent agents. The reporter is used to illuminate the light of the pennant, and the paper surface is also bright blue, but the light-free paperboard also shows a touch of blue.

Why is this? Teacher Sun said that the ultraviolet rays illuminated by “UV-type analyzer” in the “Ultra UV analyzer” will only have any changes in blue fluorescence, and there is no change in the fluorescent cardboard. And the ordinary cash pen, the rays emitted in addition to the invisible ultraviolet light, there are some blue light, and Blu-rays can be seen in the naked eye. This leads to this test, not only A4 paper exhibits blue fluorescence, but even a fluorescent paperboard also shows a touch of blue.


Subsequently, the reporter also tested with a paper cup, mask, and the ultraviolet analyzer measured the fluorescent agent, but the pennant could only have a touch of blue, and it could not be clearly from a fluorescent or a counters.


Light of the test light without an accurate

So, use ultraviolet lamp to detect phosphors, there is no scientific basis? Teacher Sun said that under ultraviolet light having a wavelength of 254 nm and 365 nm, if the A4 paper, a fluorescent whitening agent is present on the mask, it is indeed a fluorescence.

However, netizens illuminate with simple violet lamp tools, whether the blue light they observe, is that fluorescence phenomenon is needed to be found, may have certain misjudge due to tools, observation of the environment or psychological effects. Therefore, the fluorescent agent is detected with a counterfeit lamp is not reliable.

For people to worry about the carcinogenic carcinogenicity, the reporter also interviewed Professor Jiang, Ningbo Institute of Technology, Ningbo Institute of Technology. He said that there is no need to see any poisonous experimental data to prove that the fluorescent whitening agent can cause cancer. And there are many places in life that will be exposed to fluorescent agents, some are used to increase white, some are used to disinfect, but as long as they do not affect health. @ 钱江 晩