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Baby tableware in the market, eight, are you bought? Don’t spend money, I bought a pile of chicken ribs.

After the baby was born, grandparents moved over with us, while helping me with children, take care of their housework. I am very grateful for the heart of the elderly.

Between the eye, the baby is already one year old, and it is interested in the tableware for a long time.

When we eat, the baby often looks at God.

Sometimes it is still going to pull two hands with your hands and feet.

Seeing the baby’s autonomous diet is so strong, plus age is almost almost, so we will discuss with the elderly, ready to start letting your child work out.

At that time, I felt that the elderly must be experienced, and I was more tired after I got off work, so I was handed over to the elderly. However, the situation behind, but I feel a little.

Grandpa grandmother is when I have a baby, although it is good to let the child eat itself, but

It’s often a child, my grandmother will be mood immediately “this is not”, “or I will feed it.”

I didn’t let myself experienced the use of tableware several times.

Later, I had communicated with the elderly and the elderly, and the elderly respect my opinions. However, in practice, it is often a bit going, I can feel deeply,

The child’s parenting thinking is a state in which the bone marrow is, it can be changed.

I know, now it is

Exercise the best stage of your child’s autonomous diet

If you don’t let your child practice yourself, you can eat yourself.

Growth after the child

Even the development of the oral cavity, so I watched the task of eating. Of course, the old man is still very open, there is no opinion on this.

I am so trained for my baby to eat, what about you?

Make a bottle

: The baby is in training,

Many people will focus on “eat”, in fact, “drink” also needs attention.


So I slowly break my baby’s bottle, so that the baby will adapt to the training cup with willing.

Practice with a spoon

: When I started to eat, I used the child to train soft spoons, which is the kind of soft handle spoon. Use a spoon because of the baby


Insufficient handles in hand, unable to use chopsticks

. The soft handle training spoon is mainly due to safety.

Attractive baby to eat

: When I exercise my baby,

Will not forced your baby to eat



Use “seduce” way

For example, when you get to eat, let the baby sees me to eat with a tableware, and make a delicious expression, the baby will run over, and I want to eat.

Reduce snack intake

: After the baby began to eat, I have been eating.

Strengthen your baby’s appetite for staple food

I will discuss with the elderly and reduce the supply of baby snacks.

Try to keep the meal environment

: Baby is very


Easy to attract interests

For example, watching TV, sometimes when you eat, I will keep the pureness of the meal environment, avoiding the baby to interfere with meals.


Maintain baby dinner health

: When the baby eats, the scene is like just hitting, it is a bit too miserable. Therefore, before the baby eat, I will prepare, such as the napkin before eating, and clean the stains after eating.

But pay attention, I

Never interference baby to eat

, I only prepare before meals, clean it after meals, and use this to maintain your baby’s hygiene.

The biggest problem encountered while training your baby – Tableware damage

This is my negligence. When I started, I didn’t take this point, give my baby a porcelain pan, the result is the first time.


Fortunately, the baby is sitting on the baby chair, which is not hurt.

The second time, I tried to give my baby a bowl, but when the baby got the food when eating, the food will play food, and the food will sometimes fight, and I can’t eat much. So, this is also a big problem I have encountered when I am training my baby’s independence.

Why does the baby break the tableware?

Mainly because the baby’s nervous system, muscle tissue, etc., the development is not strong enough, and there is no ability to consciously protect the cutlery, so it is easy to break the tableware when eating.

So, I have been working hard in this regard, constantly looking for a healthy and safe tableware, finally, let me find a

BEESHUM silicone plate

Why do you choose it?

Baby dining on the market, why do I choose Beeshum silicone dining?

▲ Design aspects

This Beeshum silicone dining is

Form format design

Easy to make different foods



The outer profile is

Straight semi-circular design


Distance between the food and the baby




Back, also design a large suction cup

Effectively stabilize dining plate positioning,


Avoid your baby to overturn food

. There is also the edge of the suction cup

Intimate “wrench” design

Let your mother can

Easy pick up the plate

▲ Material security

BEESHUM silicone dining is not a general silicone, but

Food grade platinum silicone

It is very significant:

Through the EU LFGB, the US Food and Drug Administration FDA and CPSIA Children’s Products Multiple Safety Certification.

High quality silicone raw materials, more durable, long-term use does not discolish, and win most of the common silicone dining on the market.

It is not easy to generate tear, good elasticity, high toughness, not easily deformed.

It can withstand higher temperatures, which can be applied to the microwave oven to heat it in a short time.

▲ Using the effect

It’s good, the most important thing is to use the effect. When the baby is in the first time, I found this silicone dining is really easy.

When the baby is eating,

There is no overturning food.

And the baby has a great interest in the dining,

Indirectly improved your baby’s appetite.

Baby is curious, often touching tableware, but flexible platinum silicone material, so that the baby will not be injured; the design of the dining is very in line with the baby’s physiological characteristics, letting the baby’s small short hand gets any food that you want to eat. .

In short, you will find it after use.

Its excellent exceeds your expectations.

▲ Health cleaning

When cleaning tableware, I found this dish design very kind.

First of all, there is no big angle design, so that the cleaning makes simple.

Second, the water is designed to make stains difficult to attach, very well cleaned.


Finally, it is the disinfection stage, whether it is boiled or steam disinfection, Beeshum silica gauge disintegration has a significant advantage, and does not produce qualitative, deform, etc., which makes me feel very relieved.

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Beeshum baby dinner point suction cup baby plate suction cup silicone complementary bowl training children’s plate

¥ 118



In short, Beeshum silicone plate

Perfectly solved the problem about the baby’s broken cutlery

And still

With green health, safe and convenient, easy to clean, design cater to baby physiological characteristics and other advantages

And these advantages are the positive factors that the baby needs when conducting autonomous diet training, and this is also an important reason why I choose Beeshum silicone dining for the baby.


Now, our baby is basically able to eat independently, so fast, and excellent manifestations of the Beeshum silicone dining are naturally not open.

If mothers are also troublesome, try this silicone dining, don’t save money or lazy, but use adult tableware for your baby, or some inferior dish.















After all

Autonomous diet training, affecting not only children’s nutritional intake, will also affect children’s oral development, capacity development, such as fine action, hand-eye coordination, etc.

So, give your baby a very healthy, design reasonable dining plate is a very important thing.

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