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Warm underwear, leeks, do you have multiple?

These days, cold air continued to invade, my ass turned into ice, many people began to buy a variety of warm underwear online, but you know that the shopping cart crazy promotion discounts of the polar monkeys, Antarctic velvet, fish photos Forest, hungry fish, the classic old brand of sheep and sheep, is actually harvesting your sickle?


It is said that a mark of punk youth is no longer real, starting from wearing a trousers.

If this youth dare to wear warm underwear, it often means thorough degradation.


Hematic has quietly telling me behind him: Warm, is a deep temperature.

When you are no longer young, bubble, holding a cup, holding a “shame” warm underwear online, you will be amazed: Why do these brands have so many stores online? ?

Why is they selling from the warm panties to the massage instrument?

Why are they always sell low prices?

Why is these old brands so bad?


Hello everyone, I will take you under the leggings of the industry, revealing a variety of a variety of the mortuary, the name of the name, today, we will open the leggings of the Arctic monkeys and expose the dirty big butt of these active plants.



In winter, quietness, the boy must have a better to himself, so I am ready to buy a few sexy underwear.

Thanks to my good aesthetic education, I have selected nearly a thousand models with nearly demanding aesthetic standards, and finally this Arctic monkey water in China’s windspers, with a full artistic sense to impress me.

Yes, only such a cultural heritage underwear can match my poet’s temperament.


Look at this ass, very elegant ~

But what made me is not affected, after receiving the goods, it is not so comfortable, I feel some squeezed.

As everyone knows, as a big man in Shandong, I have 1 meter 85 proudly, my panties, I have never wear XXXL size, but it is unfortunately, this time is still squeezed, discomfort makes me a doubt It is the problem of secondary development in these years.


Later, I found it carefully, I was unfortunately, the problem is still in my underwear, and its tailor is quite un three-dimensional, causing it to wear so bonded, some places are loose, some are tight, that is, don’t twist.

What is said, this feeling like a love is that I have become an ignorant of the value.



Remember that I am a child, the Arctic monkey is still a very good brand, and many stars give it advertisement. At that time, I had a biggest doubty for this brand:

Why is the golden armor they wear, but I bought it is black?


Later I understood that they were shining, and the underwear was reversed, and the superman route.

Later, I slowly discovered that the company did not usually, in addition to warm products, they tried everything:

Arctic monkey wolf

Arctic monkey soil Hao Golden Wolf

Electric toothbrush from Arctic Monkey 19

Arctic Monkey Insulation Cup

80% selected Arctic monkey luxury green hoc rice cooker


Arctic monkey with soft diapers. . . .


There is also more terrible: Arctic monkey military training special sanitary napkins insoles? ? ?

A underwear is doing so many kinds of categories, nor can’t say it, but it seems like “Daily Mine Water”, “Blue Moonlight Oral Liquid”, can’t say the strange taste.

I even discovered a “airplane cup” in the Patent Reserve of the Arctic Monkey:

This male massage health care device applied in the beginning of 17 years ago, the entrance of the meat turbine blades of the entrance is very novel, and the industrial design of this airplane cup has a tense magic.

Imagine a cold winter, you are in the house of the golden armor in the house, the luxury suit, holding the Arctic Monkey Insulation Cup, with the Massage Base of the Arctic Monkey, electric toothbrush, sanitary napkin, rice cooker, this It is a feeling of happiness.

Yes, the earth people can’t stop the category of the Arctic monkeys.


What is the crazy expansion category What is the business strategy, can the product quality guarantee? What new tricks do these old brands play?



In the president of the top floor of the North Side Building of Shennan Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, famous Internet big, HSI, Pony, President, Pony Horse, always wearing the Arctic Monkey, holding the Arctic Monkey Insulation Cup, sitting in front of the big floor window.


Suddenly, the secretary of the chairman panicked, shouted: Ma total, big events, Pony has also become a trademark of the Arctic monkey franchise.


Even my names they all grab? Master sighed and asked for a heart: What did they register?

“Ottman”, now it is their! The secretary is filled with despair.


Yes, the Arctic Monkey is such a magical company. It is not the traditional business that specializes in the production of warm underwear. The owner of the “Arctic Monkey” brand is the Northern E-commerce of listed companies. It has a lot of brands:

Among them, we include our familiar international big cards: Cartier hungry fish, classic Teddy, Pony, of course, Altman.

Let me see Pony, and look at Teddy, look at Hungry fish, you say that the Arctic monkey is not going to with animals?


Many times, you have to admire the Northern Monkey’s business smell, 16 years of Arctic monkeys buy Cartier hungry fish, brand authorized in the universe, and more people, but also international big cards.

Hungry fish is definitely on the middle and old-aged tide cards in the national towns. Which urban and rural integration department has not been changed all year, and every month is tears and cleavage, and the hungry fish male clothing store is going to close every year?

If China is the top ten brands of China’s most popular women, if the line is the Arctic monkey, the line is definitely a hungry fish.

Buy a pair of hungry fish shoes to the old man, come back to a double-layer warm golden brief, thickened warm underwear, is a dream of every pursuit of middle-aged women.

And most people don’t know, as early as ten years ago, the Arctic monkeys took the line of their production, and they did not produce one item, only to produce a brand operation.

It is actually a good business.


Look at the size of this trademark registration, absolutely one-class industry leader.

After checking the annual report of 2018, the total operating income was 3353 billion, a year-on-year increase of 240.12%.


Although and Ali Tengxun’s trillion head Internet listed company can not be better than, but from making money, this dimension is not exaggerated, and it is a brother.

From the 18-year annual report, 147 R & D staff accounted for 25.17%, which means that less than 600 people did so many income, single-person output value simply exploded.

I have turned over and turn over the company’s industry and commerce information.

Number of insured people 39. . . .

This market value of 30 billion listed companies, fixed assets have only more than 3 million:


At this fixed asset, it is not as good as our home community property company, it is called the big brother in the light asset mode, and it is light and make money. The big brother is so clarified so clearly?


I decided to investigate.


In order to figure out the magical operation in this, I pretend to open the store, go to the official website of the Arctic monkey, do the application, very seriously filled out the information:


Soon some salesman contact me, in addition to their internal investment department, I also contacted a lot of agent channels, roughly touched their routines.

Basically, I want to be a Arctic monkey store, the cost is mainly two:

One is a brand authorization fee, paying for a year, from a few thousand pieces to tens of thousands of pieces;

One is the cost of the tag, the factory direct hair, the more expensive, the more cheap,

The price given by this agent is also a discount, but it is not cheap. It is more than four in the thermal underwear. It is 5K sets, and it is said that at least once 2W.

Interestingly, the more cheap categories, the tag of men’s clothing only needs 1.5.

That is, if my “Altman Aircraft Cup” can really apply, I have a core competitiveness in the brand cost.

The entire service process is more intimate. Just send the information to the past, it is not necessary to review the qualifications, no quality inspection, no samples, as long as the money is good, the three to five days can be authorized, Since then, these old names of the big name are no longer a dream.


This is basically the brand authorization process we have seen on the major e-commerce platforms.

The big brand is manufactured in this way.



In fact, many old brands have embarked on this light asset, engaged in brand authorized roads, Shanghai Beach four major warm brands Arctic monkeys, fish photos, Antarctic velvet, sheep and sheep, and there is no horror.

Arctic monkey is just one of the outstanding representatives.

In Nantong’s Shuishi Market, the dealer picks up the source of goods from the market, then spend a few dollars, the trend bought, and turns a change, it will become an old brand, and dozens of premiums. , By authorizing the store, selling a consumer that is unknown.

According to the information learned in group, one of the non-standard white cards, after paying the trademark, there is no problem with more than dozens of pieces.

A little bit, the luxury of the store is decorated, add one or two hundred and not a big problem.

As for the quality, after-sales, quality, this model should not think more, this is the violation of the General Administration, these four families are the frequent visits inside:


This model determines that the product cannot be guaranteed. If it is you, spend a big money to buy authorization, you first think of how to get money back as soon as possible, how to transfer this part of the cost to consumers How to make more money faster, rather than maintaining brand image, guarantee product quality.


The brand is almost renting, and it will be in accordance with the principle of maximizing interest as soon as possible.

As for brand operators, authorization is a decreasing between marginal cost. Only give enough authorization to ensure that sufficient profits, so many tubes, so thin, how is it ran? How quickly, how quickly, save mechanized harvesting operations?


At present, in the information I found, Arctic e-commerce has authorized more than 3,000 authorized dealers, more than 4,000 authorized shops, this license, buy authorized merchants, but a lot of money bought a piece Jumping to the admission ticket of the competition.

The road will not take much away.

We are all familiar with the story of Toyjin, California:

The wind of the gold mine is surging, and countless people have flocked to Calif, dozens of thousands of people gathered here, they don’t put their heads on the belt, day and faster, night, and finally, under the cleaning of wealth 28 rules, Most of the people have a bone bone, and there are fewer people to escape, and they are all in the gold, and they will be willing to have a hundred.

After the adventurer’s tired white bones, it still stands another group of whites.


They provide basic services for hundreds of thousands of people to provide basic services, selling goldware tools, selling jeans, selling water, and the Arctic:

It is their business.


You change the style of the story from the gold deposit into e-commerce, then go back to see: The essence of human beings is a complex.


I hope that there are so many pigs that climb the wind, why not sell to their ladder?

Pig flying has a risk, the seller has steadily earned (double x2), manufacturing the path and illusion, which is the non-second secret of harvesting leeks.

Just, no matter who harvested, how to enchanting, paying orders are ordinary consumers.

Seeing this, check out your shopping cart, cleaned these Li Gun, I am Newton Turton, and under the bottom pants is for our common great career, don’t thank me.