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Online shopping pot anti-fraud guide | Physics is not sticking is an IQ tax?

Hello everyone, I am a moon! Here is the first phase of online shopping pot anti-fraud guidelines

Is physical not stick to IQ tax?

Many friends don’t understand chemical non-stick coating. It is considered that the coating does not stick to the body, so everyone is more biased to choose the physical non-stick pot without coatings.

Merchants who have picked the consumer mentality will sell non-stick pots with physical non-stick flags.

But is there a physical non-stick pot really exist? Still, physical non-stick is the IQ tax?

Let’s take a look at what kind of pot will be physically non-stick?

Physical non-stick pot is not relying on chemical non-stick coating, but also a pot that does not stick to the adhesive effect is also pure iron or pure stainless steel pot.

I want to achieve physical and non-stick, I have to start with two aspects.

First, reduce the friction coefficient of the surface of the pot

Second, reduce the contact area of ​​ingredients and pots


The principle of the coating non-stick pan is to reduce the friction coefficient of the pot on the surface of the pot, the friction coefficient is small, and the food is not easy to adhere across the pot.

It is impossible to reduce the friction coefficient of the material because this is not changed.

It can only perform polishing treatment on the surface of the pot, and then the oil’s lubrication will make the pot face more smooth.

This method also needs to match certain use skills to achieve non-stick.

The second point is much easier, and some uneven grooves and patches are designed under the pot, and the oil will be filled in the groove. The food is either contact with the oil, or it is hovered on the groove, so that the food and pot bottom contact The face will be reduced in a large half, and it will be much better without sticking.


Nowadays, very hot stainless steel honeycomb non-stick is the design of this groove line, which is indeed a reasonable design of physical non-stick pot, but this pot is coated, the black part of the bottom groove is sprayed. It is a coating.

Friends who have used this hive non-stick pan know that its non-sticky pot effect is not a coating, if the hive does not stick to the coating in the groove, will it not stick? ?

If you come back, physical non-stick this theory is still existing, but after the business is not sticking, this theory has become a IQ tax.

The real physical non-stick pan is a certain use skill, with physical non-stick theory, so that a certain cooking achieves the effect as non-stick pot as much as possible.

This method does not apply to every cooking, which is different depending on the different tempered methods of the food.

When the lifeline believes that physical is not sticky, it is not sticky, and it is not good to stick. And most of the good people with pots, really don’t care about the auxiliary, not sticky, because they can do not stick to themselves

Therefore, physical non-stick pot is not a IQ?