Flashlights & Torches

This parent has more wisdom, and the toilet is installed on the bookshelf, and the child will learn will of course be fine.

Dear friends, every time visit is me with you, nourishing each other, growing together!

I also visited a beautiful home, this is the nest of the love of the young people struggled.

The point of view is exquisite. There are bookshelves in the toilet, and the books in the study will not be said.

Let me talk about learning first.

Sanhan is the first test paper in the class. She truly showed her own level and changed against the answer. But you need to get better to grasp this topic, deeply understand, otherwise it will go wrong next time. Zi Han took a beautiful diary book to write down his own wrong question and gain. We discussed two sets of topics in deep depth.

If you don’t understand, you must ask in time, don’t always accumulate too much difficult problem and wrong, and let go of your own.

Let’s talk about the influencing factors of learning.

The three children’s eyes are always attracted by cats. I always want to play with cats. I originally a happy thing, but isn’t it involved more energy? Mother I bought a good cat in order to love the cat, if it is a bad habit of developing a distracted, then I don’t pay attention! Zihan said that mother got the cat to the bathroom for her concentration, and the cat was able to catch tears. I said that, you will come to a gentleman agreement! Cat is so fun, you have learned you, let’s learn, give your cat, cats can accompany you for a long time; contrary, mother has the right to deal with cats. And you can also write a wonderful composition with your cat! Learn to make full use of materials in your life!

Then talk about our study plan.

. The people’s life needs to plan, and it is also necessary for a year. Some people have to plan to do something every minute. When our reasonable plan is a reasonable plan, let us learn, have fun, life happiness!


Sihan Mom took me to visit the bedroom study, which is the palace of the princess. Now there is anything, there is something, and there are many good books. Unfortunately, the children don’t have much time to read. We must strive to promote family reading, so our family education has hope, our future is powerful!


We also talked about the mother’s childhood. Because the mother’s childhood is unhappy, the mother often brings this unhappy and unconsciously brought their own children. Life is always a cycle, some is benign, some is malignant. Mihan mother, you can do evil, because you have learned family education, because you understand a lot of truth!

At the time, you told me that daughter’s father is very good, it is very open-minded, always let you. Because of his own childhood, it always comes more to the other party, so there is a quarrel, which not only affects the relationship between husband and wife, but more importantly affects the relationship between mother and daughter. The most important thing for family relationships is the relationship between husband and wife. Operating this kind of relationship, the parent-child relationship is water to the streak.


So, I will give you another task, please write a “thank you for your love”, I believe you will re-letle love chap, I believe your family is more happy and harmonious!

bless all of you!

How happy mens, there is such a wonderful home!

Zhang Zhiyong said, continuously accumulating the cases of children grow, you will also enhance happiness with your child and parents!

Every family needs the teacher to go in, help, find, go to lead, to create the scenery of home school!

Mandan princess’s palace


Zihan said: “My mother is the most beautiful elves!”


Zihan is the chief of the Western Campus Army!


Li Yuanlang, Dongping County Experimental Middle School Excellent Teacher, member of the National Class Director, Moral Education Branch, Moral Education Branch of the Chinese Education Society, and the host. )