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Women’s shoes industry is not booming KISSCAT parent company, why also have to invest in

/ China Business Network (Reporter Wang Wei) Recently, Guangzhou Tianchuang Fashion (603608) Footwear Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tianchuang Fashion”) announced adjustment of its publicly issued A-share convertible company bond program, fundraising There will be no more than 600 million yuan and all invest in intelligent manufacturing base construction projects and supplementary liquidity. According to statistics, the total amount of Tianchuang fashion investment intelligent manufacturing base construction project exceeded 929 million yuan. In the case of women’s shoes listed companies, Tianchuang fashion still invests in intelligent manufacturing projects, what is it?

Tianchuang fashion is expensive for this investment intelligent manufacturing project. According to the announcement, Tianchuang fashion will use the self-funded funds to put into construction before the funds raised, and replace it after raising funds. It can be seen that Tianchuang fashion pays attention to the intelligent manufacturing project.

In addition to this investment, Tianchuang is signed on March 21 this year with Henghui Construction, and the first phase of the construction of Tianchuang Fashion Headquarters Creative Industrial Park. The contract amount is approximately 195 million yuan. It is reported that the project is Tianchuang fashion is another smart manufacturing base project.

Tianchuang fashion does not reason for the value of intelligent manufacturing projects. Ni Tong Die, general manager of Tianchuang Fashion, said that the current consumer’s personal demand for footwear is getting higher and higher, and most of the shoe enterprises are still carrying a version of mass production, it is difficult to keep up with fashion trends. Furthermore, the traditional women’s shoes industry now faces the problem of scarce and cost-rising, which needs to be automated, intelligent, and improve production efficiency. Based on this, Tianchuang Fashion officially launched the automated smart production line in August last year, and took the lead in using industrial robots to fashion women’s shoes, and the effective increase of more than 30%.

At present, Tianchuang fashion footwear products have a self-capacity of about 2.7 million pairs / year, and production capacity accounts for about 51.2%. According to estimates, Tianchuang fashion, the above-mentioned convertible bond project, such as smooth implementation, the company’s own capacity ratio is expected to increase 10-20 percentage points, and the production of test error will be greatly reduced, and the scale customization will be further improved, and the per capita efficiency will further improve .

In addition to the emphasis on intelligent manufacturing projects, Tianchuang fashion is invested in the construction of its own strength before raising funds in place. In Aoko International (603001), Hung Hom (603116), Daphne’s listed enterprise performance decline even with a loss, Tianchuang fashion still maintains steady performance. The annual report showed that Tianchuang fashion achieved revenue of 2052 million yuan last year, an increase of 18.37% year-on-year; the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 242 million yuan, an increase of 28.87% year-on-year. In addition, Tianchuang Fashion reported in a quarter of this year, the company’s revenue is 491 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4.52%.

Different from the large-scale returns of Daphne, Saturday (002291), Tianchuang Fashion Line Channel Store has a total of 1925 in the end of last year, including 1377 direct stores, 548 franchise stores, and straight compared with the end of last year 91 new stores, and the franchise store is net to reduce 93.

According to the reporter, from the business sector, Tianchuang fashion is divided into shoes and clothing accessories business and mobile Internet digital marketing business, and footwear business camp is more than 80%. The company has six women’s shoes brand, including five high-end women’s shoes: Kisscat, Zsazsazsu, Tigrisso, Kisskitty and Kasmase, and agent Spain high-end women’s shoes brand PATRICIA.

Chen Bo, an analyst at Wealth Securities, said that the Tianchuang fashion brand matrix is ​​perfect, the operation is stable, and the advantages in the footwear are obvious. At present, the company has begun through the flexible transformation of the supply chain. After the completion of the leisure trend of footwear, the future intelligent manufacturing base is completed, the production capacity bottleneck will be effectively solved, and the cost of the cost will be reduced, and the operational benefits will be further improved. The impact of online channels on performance is marginally decreasing, product structure optimization, brand positioning adjustment has a positive impact on performance.