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Samsung will push “the world’s thinnest intelligent display”, the white body is super high value

IT Home January 4th, Today, the CES official website is now exposed to the M80B display that Samsung has not released, which is known as the thinnest smart display in the world.

According to reports, Samsung M80B displays achieve ultra-thin design by applying ultra-thin optical technologies and widgets to maintain a narrow border screen.Samsung said that all unnecessary elements on this display have been removed, or are intelligently resized and redesigned, it is suitable for any place in the home.


Samsung M80B displays are also equipped with a special camera that can be easily disassembled when not in use.

Like Samsung other smart displays, this M80B display is also equipped with smart chips, enhances in video communication, Internet of Things, streaming television and game features.

IT House understands that the CES 2022 conference will begin tonight, and Samsung will release more parameter specifications for this display soon.