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Young state is naive, and the choice of “strap pants” can be used to reduce age without losing femininity

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Bare pants that originated in the West


The popularity appeared in the crowd again in a new style.

Modern strap pants have undergone turbulent changes in terms of workmanship and matching.

Some people love it but some people are not friendly to it. They think it will make people feel particularly pretentious, but in fact, friends,

The young state of the strap pants is not the same as naive



Belt pants compared to conventional trousers

It’s not just as simple as two more shoulder bands, because it is fashionable to decide whether it is fashionable, in addition to it, there is also a chest protection.

The chest protection is also called “rice list”. Only when the belt and the chest protection choose properly can we truly interpret the charm of the strap pants and make people feel what is reduced age without losing femininity.

Young state 幼 naive




Everyone in

Choose strap pants

Be sure to put it

Focusing on the selection of shoulder and belt

There are two more recommended.

The first

It is very humane



You can determine the length of the tie by your own height and weight, and easily achieve no card crotch or no file.



Metal buttons hanging strap pants

This style of strap pants can weaken the pretty atmosphere from the form, so that the rigid is soft and soft.

So how can these two strap pants be young, but they are not naive?


We can start from the color of the single product. For the vast majority of ordinary people, whether you are a staff or a student, the color of the most commonly selected pants is


Basic black and white blue

When choosing a strap pants, we must also follow this principle, and use the basic low -key color to resolve the way of being too tender for the strap pants, which is practical and stable.

large area

Pure color tone back pants

It will give people a particularly elegant and quiet feeling. Whether it is warm or cold, this advantage will exist.

If you want the overall style more characteristic, you can get on his top

Change inward

The tight -fitting navel suspender vest, conventional round collar T -shirt, pure white abstinence shirt, and gentle slim knitting are all styles that are strong and versatile.

When you choose a strap pants, you must pay attention to the looseness of the strap pants. If you don’t want to be mistaken for “silly girl into the city”, you must not choose to be tight on your body

Strap pants style

In order to maintain the bottom line of adults, it is not recommended that you choose a strap pants style with a large cartoon printing pattern or embroidered flower style. Simple and capable can not only meet the requirements of dressing, but not losing the beauty of the young. To grasp.

As a representative item of young beauty, the advantages are countless, so take the most basic

Cover the meat and thin


For speaking, the stiff fabric with loose version can easily cover all the imperfections in the figure, even if you are pregnant, it can still become your most loyal “partner”.

If you want me to recommend a few fabrics that are most suitable for making strap pants,

Cowboy and tooling are indispensable

You can also try the pills and cotton.

If you want to increase the recognition, you can also choose a classic back pants,

Black and white five -five -point checkered strap pants are the first choice

The restrained vertical strip pants of the literary and artistic vertical stripes followed.

If you follow the route of street hip -hop style, you can also try the recent fire -splashing ink, graffiti strap pants, irregular wave dots and mixed colors. Small fresh.


In order to meet the requirements of summer dressing, strap shorts have also become the object of everyone’s scrambling. When choosing it, in addition to those points that conventional strap pants need to be paid attention to, everyone needs special

Pay attention to the score of the front chest supplement and the length


If you are a five -or -five body shape, it is recommended to choose a strap with long -legged legs and shorts. If the body proportion is superior, you can also ignore this requirement ~

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