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The “pleated skirt” of the summer item is light and elegant, and the high -level beauty is highlighted in minutes

The frequency of the appearance of summer skirts is much higher than that of trousers. If it is accompanied by the appropriate length, it can also play an excellent role in modifying the leg shape. As a more layered skirt, pleated skirt can make girls get rid of the monotonous sense, which looks more elegant than wearing trousers. There are not many restrictions in matching, highlighting high -level beauty in minutes.

The biggest design of pleated skirt is that it uses the superposition between fabrics to create a wrinkle, which is to make the original plain clothing appear on the top.



Black pleated skirt

It can be compatible with different colors. Its color has a stable ability, and it can quickly weaken its thickness with white tops.


The pleated skirt can be matched with countless shapes. With a loose skirt, it can also create excellent tolerance to the leg shape. Girls of different ages can use the same color clothing.


The folds created by this pleated skirt are not too dense, so it can present a form of evacuation distribution, making its appearance more simple but atmospheric. With a light purple top, it is also very gentle.

In the pleated skirt, you don’t need to add other color stitching, you can get rid of the boring appearance and the faint style. The fabric connection and superposition of the folds can make it a vertical dress with a whole skirt. The effect of extending.


Like this pleated skirt, its color is more elegant and clean, and it can also use a light color system to pieces to make a soft beauty. With knitted tops, it can make its gentle temperament collide in several times.

The pleated skirt often has a drooping skirt connection, which is not easy to wear a bloated feeling. At the same time, it can also be used to help the leg shape quickly cover up.

Among the many colors, it is recommended to use it

White type

This color system covers the versatile advantage of neutral colors, and can also show a picture of not monotonous and heavy. When combined with the black top, the boundary between black and white is more clear, and it has a significant effect on the waist.

If you want to wear comfortable and elegant in summer, you can’t do without skirt items. If you feel that you are worried about a single color skirt, it is easy to make it appear more oligopoly, and you can use pleated elements.

The folds created by this pleated skirt are extremely obvious, and it can also interpret significant rhythm. The color is relatively basic. It uses the same color top to cooperate. This method can make the shape greatly extended. grace.


The interpretation of the pleated skirt itself is still more prominent, and the main focus is on its color. Choose a color with a more personality index, and we must pay attention to the color system that is balanced with it. It cannot be too high or too high.

This pleated skirt can create a color matching that is not too popular. It itself has a certain reddish brown effect, and it looks very calm. With dark blue tops, the cooperation between this color system is more advanced.

Many color systems that are difficult to use as a top can be used to use the color of pleated skirts. Whether it is fancy, simple and bright, or dim, there is a corresponding color matching method.

The pink pleated skirt can easily construct a sweet and sufficient atmosphere. When cooperating with the items, if you do not want to enhance this sweetness, you can use a darker color top.

The pink pleated skirt originally carried a woman’s girl’s heart, and it could also interpret the more elegant dress, but it was a bit cautious in the measuring of the color system.


Pink pleated skirt

, Also have obvious waist seal connection. When combined with a thin -style top, you can put the hem in the waist seal, which looks more clear and thinner. At the same time, the skirt can be lifted or lowering by itself to find the dressing method that is suitable for your body. The overall matching is high, and the restrictions on dressing are not strong.

The pleated skirt does not have a clear style of style and the restrictions of the matching method. Whether you cooperate with elegant dress or a capable style, you can borrow this skirt to complete.


Take this pleated skirt, the wrinkles it created shows a regular distribution, so it can have a significant stretching effect, helping the entire line of the body shape to be extended to the extreme, and it is even thinner. With the plaid suit and T -shirt, this style of dressing can also be used in the workplace.


Summer is here, and you can wear less long pants with less colors to replace it with elegant and more temperamental pleated skirts. Even if the color is single, it will not make its version monotonous.

Like this pink pleated skirt, it can cooperate with a variety of tops. If a short knitted cardigan is adopted, and the color uses the most basic white, the entire tone will be softer, sweeter, and gentle.


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