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Introduction to Bronze Cup


The bronze cup is a drinking device slowly evolved from pottery

Although there are very few unearthed, it has been circulating for a long time. From the middle of the Shang Dynasty to the Qin and Han dynasties


1. Shang Dynasty


1. High -foot Cup

The shape characteristics are:

Big mouth, moving slightly outside, deep abdomen, oblique wall to the lower abdomen, the bottom of the harvest is harvested. High circle feet, similar to the bean handle, the soles of the foot inherit with slopes and extravagant

It has a precedent in shape, and has the appearance of high -foot cups in Dawenkou and Longshan culture. The overall shape of the bronze high -foot cup is similar to the Tao Gao Foot Cup, but the abdomen of the bronze cup is deeper and the handle is more natural. Gao’s and high -handle cups were a high -standard drinking device in the late period of the new era.

The creativity of the bronze cup is not high, and it cannot carry too much decoration


The cup is not incorporated into the category of the ceremony, and it is more wooden and pottery as the main carrier.

2. Castle cup

The shape of the body is like a thick body, but it is thicker and there is no such high circle foot.

The bronze cup is the same as the high -foot cup. It is derived from the landscape of the late Neolithic era. In the early stages, the rough form, this form is also the most practical

Western and late Western Zhou Dynasty

The bronze -shaped cup appears again. At this time, the cup -shaped cup has made a lot of thoughts in the handle, including single -handed and double -handed ones, as well as long handle shapes. After the Jue, 觯, 、, horns, and dismissal, the lacquer wooden pupa began to prevail. The previous five wares became the name of the container. The shape of the container is exactly what the cup -shaped cup. The reappearance of the bronze cups may have this reason. Of course, it may be other reasons. The “Five Lords” in the ritual book are deemed to be a spring and autumn ceremony, and the middle is still separated by a period of time.

3. cylindrical cup

There are lids, dwarf -hoe -shaped feet, and ears on both sides of the abdomen

The shape is also from the pottery in the late Neolithic era. On the other hand, the shape of the bronze cup does not have much room for development.

Warring States Period

4. Oval cup


The cross -section of the abdomen and mouth of the mouth is oval, open, dived, dive, flat bottom, and long -border mouths are connected to a parallel long arc handle with the mouth, which is commonly known as ear. Therefore


Ear cups appeared during the Warring States Period and prevailed in the Han Dynasty. Some of the bronze ear cups were four, and some were not. However, there are very few bronze materials. Most of them are lacquer, pottery, and jade, silver manufacturing. Among them, the 水 其 其 其 其 is the ear cup. The specific game method is a group of people sitting on both sides of the river canal, placing wine glasses on the upper flow, and the wine glass flows down. According to legend, the Lanting set preface was generated in the Qushui Liuya game


The bronze cup died in the Han Dynasty. The reason was the large -scale output of lacquer wood cups, pottery cups, porcelain cups, and jade cups. Bronze products were no longer the mainstream of society, and naturally they died.


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The shape characteristics are:

The shape characteristics are:

The shape characteristics are: