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The bathroom hardware pendant must be understood, and you should not worry about staying in

The bathroom hardware pendants have all households. Various materials and various grades, choose the one that suits you.




Uses classification:


Towel rack or towel pole

▲ The towel rack is also a towel rack. The single or multi -pole below can hang towels. The upper parallel pole can be placed in a bath towel or a clean clothes. Generally, large bathrooms can be used, and they must be wet and wet in bathrooms. Otherwise, too small bathrooms, water vapor is very large, can not place dry clothes and bath towels.


▲ The easiest to hang towels, generally installed next to the bath cabinet or a small area of ​​space


▲ There are double rods, even multiple poles, and choose to buy according to your own needs


▲ The multi -pole towel rack can be rotated. Compared with the multi -fixed, this kind of flexible is not occupying a place.


▲ The towel ring is more popular with young people, but there is too little function. You can only hang a towel. The only advantage is to save places. Generally, you can place it near the bath cabinet

Second, use classification:


Bathroom hook class

The bathroom is linked, which can generally hang bath towel balls. Various daily necessities are also indispensable.

▲ Single hooks or dual hooks, choose a place as needed, saves places and can play the maximum function

▲ Hook, this is more common. Unlike ordinary wooden coat hooks, the metal material is mainly waterproof in the bathroom, and its function is powerful.

Third, use classification:

Towel rack (carton)

Paper towel rack bathroom necessities, you must buy according to style or needs

▲ Single -hanging tissue rack, usually left and right of the toilet, depending on the location and space placing


▲ Double paper towel racks are generally rare, commonly single hanging. The upper platform of the double hanging can be placed on items, such as small books or mobile phones


▲ Single -hanging paper towel box, the difference from the paper towel rack can be closed, the most suitable for small space toilet, otherwise the bath water will splash to the paper towel

▲ The double -hanging paper towel box can also play a waterproof and closed role. According to the actual use


Fourth, use classification:

Toilet brush pendant


The toilet brush family must be necessary, but it cannot be placed directly on the ground.

▲ Is it immediately up and up, and it can also save places


Fifth, use classification:


The bathroom is indispensable. Generally, there are many soaps on the table, occupying places, and easy to splash water, so the soap box is born and born


▲ Soap discs, all kinds of materials are available, very convenient, saving table places, and not afraid of water splashing

▲ The difference between soap blue and soap disc is that water can be filtered. Don’t worry about soap being blistered by water. Buy according to your own needs


6. Tourism classification:

Brush cup pendant

Everyone needs everyone in the brushing cup, depending on how others put it


▲ Do not occupy a place, you can put it on the wall next to the bathroom

Seven, use classification: various shelves


The single part of the function is basically finished, let’s take a look at the placement of various daily necessities in the bathroom

▲ Glass setting racks, place various washing products

▲ The stainless steel shelf is much safer than the glass

▲ Net basket standing rack with water filtration function

▲ Ordinary glass triangle frame, you can place a shower corner, of course, there are also stainless steel

▲ The stainless steel triangle stands, you need a few layers to buy according to the needs

▲ The triangular rack of the webbal basket with water filtration function

Eight, use classification: telescopic mirror (makeup mirror)

Generally, it is configured in the bathroom bath cabinet. It can be used for ladies makeup or men’s shaving. Because the bathroom large mirror is generally far from the bath cabinet, the telescopic mirror is a must -have.

▲ Do not occupy a place, you can place it next to the large mirror bath cabinet, and the expansion is free

1. Material and process: Space and aluminum pendies

▲ The surface of the aluminum aluminum is white. It should be called aluminum -magnesium alloy with lightweight, high temperature resistance, and impact resistance. It can only be treated with simple shapes. But the surface is not as smooth as stainless steel. The cost is very low.


2. Material and process: 304 stainless steel pendant

▲ There is a layer of purified film on the surface of the stainless steel pendant. In order to protect the steel body from being corroded, it is generally common on the market for matte raz. The high -end has a bright light, and the price is very high. This is also a common, good quality pendant on the market

3. Material and process: electroplating pendant

▲ Bonato -plated pendants can make various colors, like titanium gold, antique colors can be made. There are also stainless steel electroplating and zinc alloy plating. Generally speaking, brass plating is the best, and the price is the most expensive.

About purchase suggestions:


This really cannot be said. It cannot be said that the material is expensive and has a lot to do with the production process. For example, there are pendants with plastic products abroad, and some are much more processes than metal. Therefore, it is generally in the country. The cheap is aluminum, which is the space aluminum pendant mentioned earlier. A better 201 stainless steel, and 304 stainless steel, divided into electroplating or drawing, and the better is brass plating. Therefore, economic conditions are available. Generally, 304 stainless steel or copper electroplating is recommended, which can basically meet the use. Space aluminum is cheap and corrosive, but the surface is not so smooth. Therefore, in the 304 stainless steel and copper plating, the quality is the quality of the electroplating. It can be seen in the light that if there is a trachoma or uneven, the quality is definitely not very good.

Style of bathroom pendant:

Generally decide according to the decoration style, or according to the color of your own lamps. For example, the chandeliers at home are made of brass, and the front lights of the mirror are also made of brass. They are also located in the color of the pendant. In terms of shape, square -shaped washbasin, square faucet, of course, it is best to match square pendant.

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