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Behind the game anchor bubble: The grassroots anchor of penguin e -sports

Recently, “Huang Yan” suddenly got angry. If you are a little inexplicable, I suggest you go online to search. The emergence of the “Huang Tao Incident” highlights the chaos in the live broadcast industry. In fact, there is a big chaos in the live broadcast field -game live broadcast.

The game anchor bubble is too large, the stars and grassroots ice and fire are two days


I noticed that the girls around me suddenly liked to play games. First of all, playing “Yin Yang Shi”, and now they are playing “Glory of the King”. Do you think that NetEase and Tencent make a lot of money. Yes, yes, they must make a profit, but the popularity of the game has also spawned many emerging occupations. The game anchor is definitely one of them.

Now, the question is, do you know how much the annual salary of the good game anchor? Tens of millions! Don’t believe in your ears. In just over two years, the first -line game anchor has soared from a maximum of hundreds of thousands to tens of millions, even comparable to entertainment stars. Recently, Beijing’s real estate regulation measures are very dense because Beijing’s real estate bubble is too large. In contrast, there are also such a big bubble, should you also regulate it?

Why does it cause such a big bubble? I think there are two reasons, one is because of the game live broadcast platforms digging each other and vicious competition. In order to attract the anchors between the game live broadcast platforms, it can be described as the same, digging corners at high prices, tearing each other, etc., and even at the expense of destroying normal rules. Jumping. This malignant competition has pushed the market’s market, making the live broadcast platform costly and miserable.

Another reason is that the industry lacks support for grassroots anchors. Because many game live broadcast platforms are too focused on celebrity anchors, and ignore the attention and support of grassroots anchors, the resources are too concentrated in the hands of very few front -line anchors. This move has formed a vicious circle, which seriously restricts the development of the game live broadcast. Conversely, if the majority of grassroots anchors can have an upward counterattack channel, it will be able to achieve the healthy development of the industry.

In this regard, a live broadcast platform seems more unique, that is, Penguin E -sports, a subsidiary of Tencent. It does not burn money to ask the star anchor, but to reasonably distribute the funds. By excavation and support grassroots anchors, they can achieve counterattacks, not only to make themselves stand out, but also create fresh blood for the live broadcast industry, promote the healthy healthy development of the industry This model is worth learning from.


Basis of grassroots anchors counterattack: Platform gene is important

I believe I have said the voice of a lot of grassroots anchors, so from their perspective to see how to achieve counterattack? First of all, there are so many live broadcast platforms. How should I choose? In my opinion, the most important thing is that this platform must have the gene of the game! I have always believed that genes determine the future. To lead a platform in the field of game live broadcast, it must have a deep accumulation in the game industry, that is, there must be game genes.

As the largest mobile e -sports platform under Tencent, Penguin E -sports integrates Tencent, QQ Mobile Games, and Tencent Interactive Entertainment team resources. Tencent’s game channel is the most influential game media, which can help the anchors perform industry -level sounds and publicity; QQ mobile games have outstanding products and have rich experience in serving 100 million mobile game players. Of course, it is also in the operation of anchors. Experience is excellent; Tencent Mutual Entertainment has strong channel resources. It is a veteran in combination with games and live broadcasts. This strength is old!


This is the gene advantage of Tencent’s game resources. Numbers can explain everything. According to the latest “February Apartments List” data released by Youjiu.com, Penguin E -sports is at the forefront of the industry. Especially the recently popular “Glory of the King” game is outstanding. For example, in the TOP10 anchor list of “Glory of the King”, Penguin E -sports “actually” occupies eight seats. The advantages.

In contrast, some live broadcast platforms, watching the game live broadcast, and wanting to share a share. However, the surgery industry has a special attack, and the water of the game anchor is very deep. If you do not have the genes and experiences of the gaming industry, you ca n’t play it at all, and it is even more impossible to make grassroots anchors a counterattack.

The grassroots anchor of Penguin E -sports: Give full play to the advantages of characteristics

For grassroots anchors, in addition to choosing a professional platform in the field of e -sports, what do you need to pay attention to? I want to use the grass -roots anchor of Penguin E -sports as an example to show the story of grassroots anchors to achieve counterattack.


If you play “Glory of the King”, I believe you have heard Zhang Daxian’s name. Who is Zhang Daxian? People are nicknamed “Penguin First Fairy”, focusing on “Glory of the King”. They are good at playing wild assassins, Orange Youjing, Luna, Sun Shangxiang, Li Bai, etc. are his master heroes, especially Luna’s amazing entry into them. It is called “the first Lu Na in the national service”, seven advances and seven out, often saving the team and crisis …

How to grow up such a cattle star anchor is inseparable from the characteristics of Penguin E -sports. First of all, penguin e -sports has strong QQ traffic support, so that the two -wheel drive of QQ+Penguin E -sports is formed. You know, more than 60%of the 868 million monthly active users of QQ are young people. These are the target users of the game live broadcast. With such large user resources, your live broadcast must not lack fans.

Secondly, since it is a subsidiary of Tencent, social networking is definitely the advantage of penguin gaming, which has also formed it to form a differentiated social interaction ability. For grassroots anchors, social live broadcasts have a lot of new gameplay and can quickly expand their influence. For example, you can add QQ friends and groups with one click, you can participate in the anchor about the anchor, you can use the subscription number to reach your fans, and so on. It is no exaggeration to say that when the game lives in social networking, it can collide with strong communication and interaction, allowing grassroots anchors to quickly counterattack.

From the example of Zhang Daxian, you can also see the determination and sincerity of Penguin E -sports to support the anchor. For example, during the QQ Joy Dimension Ceremony, setting up a live signature session for Zhang Daxian to increase his popularity; on December last year, on the birthday of Zhang Daxian, Penguin E -sports lived a live birthday, and the number of subscribers in the live broadcast room exceeded 1 million! You know, less than a year after Zhang Daxian came to the Penguin E -sports live broadcast, there is such a popular popularity, which is obviously inseparable from the perfect live broadcast support system with Penguin E -sports.

In addition, penguin e -sports not only has an anchor platform, but also has in -depth cooperation between professional e -sports events such as QGC and TGA. This is very important, because these events are the starting point of many outstanding anchors. Enterprise e -sports can discover professional players and professional commentary in these events. The grassroots anchor achieved a counterattack. For example, the gray ash on the penguin e -sports is a typical typical counterattack.

I believe that the popularity of Zhang Daxian and gray people can be copied. For the grassroots of countless hopes to advance to celebrities, penguin e -sports is definitely a platform that is expected to help them counterattack. It is understood that Penguin E -sports has opened an anchor self -service application channel, and new wealth -making and counterattack myths are about to open.



All in all, a major chaos of the game live broadcast platform is star anchors, but a few star anchors have monopolized the vast majority of resources. The disorderly digging corners between the live broadcast platforms and the bottom line promised to severely damage the industry ecology. The real solution is to support grassroots anchors. When tens of millions of grassroots anchors grow up, the game live broadcast industry can develop hundreds of flowers and develop healthily.


From this perspective, the many efforts and efforts and efforts of Penguin E -sports are very meaningful, which is equivalent to creating blood for the entire game live broadcast industry and building a benign ecosystem. I believe that there are deep Tencent resources and genes, young user resources with a huge QQ system, Tencent’s unique social advantages, and rich experience in the cultivation of grassroots anchors, the counterattack of grassroots anchors will no longer be a dream!