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A woman of the previous age, it is recommended to wear less running shoes, “light mouth single shoes”, wearing high -level femininity

Running shoes are a typical “age -free” item. It seems that the 60 -year -old woman is the most secure choice for a 60 -year -old woman. In fact, otherwise, seemingly good -matching and common shoes. If you want to stand out in the crowd, the old women who want to stand in the crowd actually need a deep match.

If you are 60 years old, then you are more suitable for single shoes that can reflect elegant and intellectual than running shoes. In the spring of this year, women of the previous age are recommended to wear less running shoes.

1. Light -mouth single shoes elegant and advanced

The style of each shoe is different. The main vitality of running shoes is suitable for creating a youthful style. However, for 60+ women, although the running shoes are young and have sports atmosphere, they are not high enough as a whole. Mature women.


1. V -type pointed shallow mouth single shoes


If you want to wear simple and comfortable, and show a full intellectual atmosphere, then you must choose light -mouth single shoes. In spring, these shoes are not only light and breathable, but not like running shoes and sweating. It is to modify the role of body shape, extend leg length, and express an elegant and intellectual atmosphere.

It is recommended that you choose the above V -type pointed light -mouth single shoes. The light color is similar to the skin tone, which is easier to show thin legs and long legs. It looks very elegant and generous.

2. Flat Leaf shoes

Lefu’s shoes can be called the spring oil of spring, and most of the occasions are not wrong, so you are not afraid of the field. In daily occasions, Lefu shoes can also convey elegant and high -end dressing styles than most shoes.

What is more valuable is that Lefu shoes take into account simplicity and comfort, and the length of the shoe type is very friendly to some elderly people who are troubled by physical problems.

Second, the various ways of light -mouth single shoes


Light -mouth single shoes are not only comfortable and elegant, but also have strong practicality itself, but if you are 60 years old, then you need to wear more elegant and high -end items to show your taste.

1. Long skirt+light mouth shoes


Spring is the turn of the dress. The skirt represents elegance and lightness, and the warm and relaxed spring adaptation is high. Compared with running shoes to give people a sense of unpopularity, it is recommended that the elderly use a pair of light -mouth single shoes to interpret the unsatisfactory intellectual and high -level sense.

It is best to be a light -colored pointed single shoes designed by a flat bottom or a kitten heel, exposing the complete instep, slim and generous.


2, over -the -knee long skirt+light mouth single shoes

The older women, the more they need to take into account the overall sense of shape, and do not patronize a certain aspect. Taking skirts as an example, when using a knee -length long skirt with a long -sleeved shirt to interpret elegant mature style, you need to match shoes that can strengthen this dress style.

The beautiful and breathable light -mouth single shoes are naturally the best choice. It echoes the color of the shirt, skirt or bag, and the details are even higher.

3. Little white pants+light mouth shoes

Many people will like all kinds of light -colored items at the age. After all, the light -colored items in spring look fresher than dark colors. For example, small white pants, choose a straight or cigarette pipe version style to create smooth leg lines, but also enhance the lightness.

Connect light -colored single shoes or milk camel -colored shoes, showing a more advanced side of 60+ women in minutes.

4. High -waist suit pants+light mouth shoes

60+ women’s wardrobes not only have cropped pants, but also high -waist suit pants with various normal pants. This kind of straight -line high -waisted high -waisted trousers can shape long and straight leg shapes, combined with high waistline to easily create long legs.


However, this type of pants will cover the ankle. If you want to break the dullness, choose a pair of light -mouth single shoes exposed to part of the instep.

Third, when wearing light -mouth single shoes, other places to pay attention to

In addition to choosing the right shoes and pairing, 60+women need to pay attention to these points when they use light -mouth single shoes to create a spring look.

1. Try to reveal ankle ankle

The skin’s skin skills seem to be almighty, but in the spring we must also grasp the size. If the calf muscles are large, try to choose the knee long skirt or trousers.

In addition, do not choose a seven -point pants, the high -waist trousers with nine -point pants or normal pants are more matched with lightweight shoes, exposing a section of the ankle to easily improve the highlights.

2. Pay attention to the choice of top

Whether you use knee skirts or high -waisted suit pants with light -mouth single shoes, everyone should pay attention to the choice of tops. In addition to the simple style, it must also move the effect of the center of gravity.

For example, with a white ribbon shirt here as a suit long vest, you can use a white shirt to increase the brightness and easily shift your eyes.


3. Use simple color matching

In the end, if the older woman is pursuing elegance and high level, then minimalist colors must be used to ensure that the color of the whole body is not more than three. That’s it for you to share with you this spring, you may wish to learn from the older women!

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