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How about Tianwei carbon powder?

For printers, many people are very familiar with it and they will print or copy files with printers, but everyone does not understand the relevant situation of the printer consumables. Carbon powder is one of the important consumables in the printer, which directly affects the quality of printing. Now there are many brands of printer consumables on the market. Tianwei consumables are one of the most famous manufacturers. How about the carbon powder that day? What is the quality? Let’s take a look at it together.

[How about Tianwei Carbon Powder]

1. Introduction to Tianwei Carbon Fan Brand

Tianwei is the world’s largest compatible/regenerative printing consumable manufacturer. It was founded in Zhuhai, China in the 1980s. It has a 30 -year professional printing consumable manufacturing experience and has developed rapidly with its own innovative capabilities. At present, Tianwei has 9 major categories such as toner cartridge, ink cartridges, and ribbons. It has more than 3,000 dealers in major cities in China, and its products are exported to more than 120 countries and regions around the world. In addition to being processed for OEM internationally renowned brand OEM, its own “Tianwei” and “Print-Rite” brands are also well-known internationally.

天威碳粉怎么样 天威碳粉好不好

As a pioneer and leader in the Chinese consumable industry, Tianwei is based on Zhuhai and has more than a dozen factories in Shanghai, Hangzhou and other places. The flagship factory located in Zhuhai -Tianwei Science and Technology Park, Zhuhai -Macao Cross -border Industrial Park -Tianwei Building, and the “Tianwei Science and Technology City” under construction, which covers a total of more than 200,000 square meters and a building area of ​​32 as high as 32 More than 10,000 square meters is Tianwei Global R & D, management and production center, and the largest consumable base in China.

Tianwei takes “independent innovation” as its core competitiveness. At present, more than 1,800 domestic and foreign patents have been registered, and the total amount and quality are ranked first in the field of global compatibility/regeneration consumables. The company’s independent research and development project “86T Ink Box Device” won the Ninth National Patent Award of China, and this award was recognized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Tianwei is an executive director unit of the China Computer Industry Association, the President Unit of the Printer Consumption Professional Committee of the China Computer Industry Association, the President Unit of the Zhuhai Consumption Industry Association, and the National Information Technology Committee Information Technology Equipment Sub -Technical Committee Printing Consumption Working Group Secretariat Relying on the unit and the Guangdong Provincial Printing Consumption Engineering Technology Research and Development Center Relying on the unit; Tianwei has participated in the preparation of 79 consumables standards, which is the main draft unit of 17 standards; and since 2005, it has participated in many ISO International as a Chinese delegation as a Chinese delegation. Standard Annual Meeting; Tianwei also launched and promoted the establishment of the China Environmental Labeling Series Standards for Printing and Consumption Products. Among them, the China Environmental Logo Standard of the “Renewal Drum Powder Box” has become a common standard for mutual recognition with the German blue angel logo; Tianwei has successively successively. Won the “Innovation Intellectual Enterprise Award” (HKPC) “Innovation Intellectual Enterprise Award” (the highest score of the award -winning enterprises in Guangdong and Hong Kong), the top 100 private enterprises of the Top 100 Intellectual Property Rights, Guangdong Patent Works Enterprise, National High -tech Enterprise, Zhuhai Key Enterprise Technology centers such as honor or title.

Second, Tianwei consumables created history

Tianwei was founded in 1981. At that time, the 22 -year -old He Liangmei went to the sea. With his savings of his early running business and the 100,000 Hong Kong dollars borrowed from relatives and relatives, he recruited two employees and rented one in a office building in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. In the office, the first company of Tianwei, the wholesale, retail office supplies and printing consumables. A few years later, Anjie developed from a personal enterprise to a shareholder partnership, and the scale continued to expand. Not only did they open branches in Hong Kong, they also began to enter the mainland and international markets. During this period of time, He Liangmei led his team with a broad international vision and keen industry consciousness, and made a steady team, gathered into a tower, and laid a solid foundation for Tianwei to grow and strengthen in the field of printing consumables in the future.

In the 1980s, computers and printers began to popularize. However, the printer manufacturers did not pay attention to subsequent consumables supply and maintenance, resulting in users who often did not get timely and necessary supplements after using the first batch of consumables. In order to solve the follow -up supply of printing consumables, He Liangmei had the idea of ​​introducing consumables from abroad. However, the quality and service of imported consumables cannot be controlled, and it is difficult to meet the needs of users. In 1987, He Liangmei went to Europe and other places to inspect and proposed a plan to cooperate with foreign manufacturers to run production consumables. However, at that time, foreigners still lacked their understanding of China. Without accepting He Liangmei’s suggestion, a customer even said, “Will Made in China be good? Give me it!” After several negotiations, He Liangmei still has the prospect of the consumable industry in China in China. With confidence, he was determined to invest in factories and created “world -class domestic printing consumables.”

【Tianwei Carbon Mansion Trel Crowned Maintenance Method】

1 Black road appears on the printing paper

天威碳粉怎么样 天威碳粉好不好

Look at the magnetic roller through the drum sewing, there are white roads on the magnetic roller, and the ink is uneven. This problem generally appears when Mo Cuen is used. The powder warehouse has impurities sticking to the scraper. Put it in the place where there is a way between the magnetic roller and the scraper with a small thick paper piece. You can repeatedly rotate the magnetic force roller (do not turn back, the rotation direction is the opposite of inserting the paper), there is no white road on it, there is no white road on it, there is no white road, and there is no white road on it. Essence If there are too many impurities, you can consider pouring the residual powder in the drum and remove the magnetic roller gently. This problem is the most common problem with toner cartridge. Magnetic rollers should be observed often when you fill in ink to clear the white road in time. After a long time, there will be many scratches on the magnetic roller, which will generally not affect printing and do not need to be repaired.

2 Vertical underworld appears on the printing paper

You can see that there is a corresponding vertical track on the drum core, rotating the drum core, and the vertical road on the drum core remains unchanged, indicating that the scraper cannot scrape the waste ink on the drum. Damage to the waste powder scraper or powder scraper 1. Replace the scraper 2. Carefully remove the rubber and put it on 180 degrees. 3. Use 502 glue to drip along the sewing. Repeat 5. Use once. It is difficult to repair the scraper repair operation. Generally, it is difficult to succeed for the first time, and the scraper is not very expensive. This method can be used emergency use when you cannot buy the scraper.

3 There is a black side or paper on both sides of the paper or a cycle

If you carefully observe the problems that arise, there should be a periodic. Take the printed files, cover the core of the drum, and measure the cycle of the problem. Drum core wear or bump. The wear of the drum core is generally replaced with the drum core and the bang or the drum core is severely replaced at both ends, and the drum core is rotated by the hand. When the gear of the drum core is separated from the gear of the magnetic roller Essence If you can’t turn it, sprinkle a little carbon powder on the scraper until you can rotate in the direction when printing. Otherwise, you cannot install the printer. -2 -Sexual black spots (the original lubricating powder on the scraper cannot be wiped off, usually when cleaning tigers when cleaning)

4 Print files have periodic horizontal defects. (Such as periodic horizontal trail)

Take the printed file and cover the cycle of the problem with the problem, which should be compared to the perimeter of the drum core. Observe the plastic roller sleeve at both ends of the magnetic roller to see the damage or grinding and deformation. The plastic roller sleeve at both ends of the magnetic roller is damaged or was rubbed by thin roller sleeve. You can temporarily remove the magnetic roller, and use a transparent tape to wrap 2 to 3 times at both ends, and the joints should be neat. When you are entangled, think about the rotation direction of the magnetic roller at work. You must be tangled in the direction. Do n’t entangle it. You can also cut the starting and ending to the oblique stubble. You can also use an abandoned charging roller rubber to cut off a section of the roller sleeve. If you do n’t print a few tapes, it ’s rolled up, which means that the tape is tangled and reversed, and then disassembles it in turn. This roller has a great impact on the quality of printing. Many printed quality is caused by its wear.

天威碳粉怎么样 天威碳粉好不好


① The plastic ring at both ends of the magnetic roller is unqualified. ② The tape instead is more entangled. ③ The elasticity of small springs connecting the powder and waste powder warehouse becomes smaller. ① Replace the roller sleeve ② ② Re -wrap the tape ③ from the new to the inner nest, the old drum of the spring drum becomes thinner due to wear, so the printing handwriting is deeper than the new drum. Drum core aging ① Change the drum core ② Use dehydrated cotton dipped in crystal toothpaste to wipe the surface of the drum core, and then wash it with water to continue to use it.

6 bottom gray is heavier

The wear of the magnetic roller roller is severely replaced with roller sleeve or tape tape. When you hit a few more, the sieved foundation ash is not good at the drum.

7 leakage

Plastic shields in the waste powder warehouse or ink warehouse (stop film) have impurities, stuck or damaged ① remove impurities ② Find a similar quality plastic sheet to stick double -sided glue instead of bad use in the printer heating roller. The fixed shadow film or plastic seal film replaces.

8 Printing white paper

The springs at the end of the magnetic roller are broken. Most of them are removed from the reverse rotation rotation rotation rotation rotation rotation rotation roller or the core of the drum core. Use a pliers to pull out a section of the springs in the fold. Back. If the broken copper wire is not long enough, you can find another copper wire instead. ① The electrode in the drum core is in poor contact with the toner cartridge. ② Wipe the selenium drum electrode clean, HP1000, HP1150 and other printers and other printers without the number of problems with the problem of poor stretching spring on the outer side of the selenium, or the omissions of the tensor or the leakage and re -installed HP1020, HP3050, LBP3000 and other toner cartridges.