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12 electric kettle comparison evaluation: Jiuyang, Rongshida metal migration slightly higher

Source: Consumer Report

The electric kettle, the home is standard, it is easy to enter the blind area.

Most people think that buying one is almost the same. The question is the quality of the quality? Does its material design match your usage scenario?

With questions, the “Consumer Report” joint testing technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. has purchased 12 hot -selling electric kettles in the market and sent it to third -party authoritative testing agencies for comparison tests.

12 electric kettles that are tested


Test indicator

Inner wall material, metal migration, water burning time, boiling water noise, shell temperature

The evaluation results look at it first

Inner wall material

A variety of electric kettle only “step on” stainless steel qualified line


The 304 stainless steel we often hear, also known as Austenite 304, is the correct writing in my country is “06Cr19NI10”, while Japan and Europe and the United States generally label “SUS304” or “304”. This stainless steel has a stable Austeen tissue, has good corrosion resistance and processing performance, and is widely used in the food industry.

304 stainless steel has higher requirements for nickel and chromium. These two elements are the key to ensuring that steel does not rust. Generally, the higher its content, the higher the corrosion resistance of steel. According to the GB/T 20878-2007 “Stainless Steel and thermal Steel-resistant Steel Brand and Chemical Components”, 304 stainless steel (06CR19NI10) limit requirements: MN is 0 ~ 2%, CR is 18 ~ 20%, NI is 8 ~ 11 %.

The test results show that the inside wall materials of the 12 electric kettle are used in 304 stainless steel, which meets national standards. It is worth mentioning that the content of Ni (nickel) in 304 stainless steel used in 12 electric kettles is low, close to the 8-11%lower limit in the standard, and the range of 8.00%~ 8.22%.

Metal migration

Jiuyang, Rongshida is slightly higher

The “Consumer Report” was sent to the market for 6 electric kettles in December 2016. It was found that the Bulpy HD9316 and Jiuyang K15-F2 of the nominal 304 stainless steel had exceeded the standard of nickel migration.

After more than 3 years, have the situation improved?

According to the national standard GB 4806.9-2016 “Metal Materials and Products”, the five migrations of arsenic, cadmium, lead, chromium, and nickel were tested.


The results showed that the amount of metal migration of the 12 electric kettle met national standards.

Among them, the performance of the United States, Oaks, and Zhigao performed well. In the experimental conditions of 4%acetic acid, boiling 30min, and room temperature, it was not detected (lower than the quantitative limit). Jiuyang and Rongshida’s metal migration content is slightly higher.


Experience chapter

High noise is high, there is risk of burns


This magazine conducted subjective tests on the burning time, noise of boiling water, and shell temperature.

In the water burning time, the little bear, Whirlpool, and the golden stove are short, all in more than 3 minutes; while the hemisphere and glory are longer, about 4 minutes long. In the case where the heat efficiency is not much different, the theoretically, the higher the power, the shorter the water burning time. So consumers who are pursuing “fast boiling” may wish to pay attention to the rated power of the product before buying.

In terms of noise, the 12 electric kettles are not large, and the sound is about 70 decibels. The noise is low when the seller, the hemisphere, and the Xiaomi are boiled, and the golden stove, Supor, and Zhigao have a high noise.

In terms of shell temperature, the temperature of the 12 products is below 30 ° C, and consumers can feel assured. However, in the temperature measurement of the shell, Zhigao and Bear have higher temperatures, and consumers need to pay more attention. If there are elderly people and children at home, consumers are best not to buy single -layer stainless steel electric kettles, because after the water is boiled, the temperature of the outer pot wall is still higher.

“Consumer Report” purchase suggestion

1. Select the rest assured material, recognize the words, and check whether the product packaging, pot body, and inner wall are printed with “execution standard GB 4806.9” or “304”.

2. Do not cook food, tea, etc. with electric kettle. Because the temperature limiter of some electric kettle is to determine the boiling to stop heating by perceiving the steam. If the food is blocked, the pot may not stop heating and cause damage. If consumers who need to cook tea and wolfberry tea, consumers may wish to consider products such as health pots.


3. Pay attention to the electric kettle with a protective device with a protective device, which is not easy to hurt the children at home.

Pay attention to buying a protective electric kettle with a protective pot

(Editor in charge: Xie Xuan)