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“Thick shoes” quietly returns to “tide”

Early morning this year, the thick shoes that have been “quenched” seems to have the signs of “salty fish.” The full media reporter pays attention to the thick-faced shoes Converse Run Star Motion take the lead in “ugly”, this kind of “strange” on the foot “very fragrant” shoes are frequently “flop”, which can be Sports skirt, can also take a suit pants – “how to play” in the second half of the thick shoe?

Thick bottom canvas shoes: half sea water half flame

In fact, the thick shoes have been “disappointing” by high heels advocates, because it seems to be a stupidity, and the slimming and lightweight of the high-level fashion. However, in recent years, this stereotype has been completely broken by the retro style, starting with the “old shoes” of the young population, the thick-faced shoes are “turned”. There is no sticky bar frame, as long as the “good people are bold”, the thick shoes can easily help you Hold all style.

This year, the thick canvas shoes become the big redness of “sorrow”. From the footwear version design, the thick canvas shoes focus on the bottom “do things” in the lower half of the shoe. Guangzhou Senior Tide Shoes Daren CAI told reporters that don’t think that the thick canvas shoes are not breathable, in fact, the canvas fabric is specially equipped with the thick bottom design, “compared with the stuffy feet of sneakers, the exaggeration of the same paragraph is to canvas The foot is the lighter, and it is more flexible. ” A CAI example said that many thick-bottomed canvas monophytes are biased towards men and women with the same paragraph, and everyday wearing optional colored muffins, “can add some interesting and street trend of life for their daily shape.”

In addition, the person in charge of Guangzhou Shoes Brand VvStar Tell reporters that the demand in the consumer group is already very obvious. Biased to a more casual canvas shoes, focusing on the comfort of more than a hundred. “

Thick sandals: magic attached socks “the most girl”

I still remember the “high-heeled shoes” “High-heeled shoes” shortly? Continue the fashion elements of young groups, early autumn this year, can continue to match the socks in the summer. Guangzhou stylist Alex tells reporters, not every pair of thick sandals can cut the trend point, “magic stickers are important keywords, such as Chinese small women’s shoes designers brand chinchin’s Cheers series, magic stickers with pink fat round letters Effelling, mixed with a semi-transparent wave point pattern.

The trend point worth mentioning, there is a human word design of the upper and 3D printing soles: the former with a little and wind element, the latter can meet the needs of the sole and the sense of modeling, if the striped strikes The color will be more vitality. Wen, Figure / Guangzhou Daily Full Media Reporter Tan Wei Ting


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