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How to play gyro toys, four types of gyroscopy different gameplay

There are many different types of gyro. There are four types of common types, namely whip rope gyro, emitted gyro, fingertips, and hand -turn gyro. How do I play different gyro toys? The whip rope gyro is played by many people when I was a kid. You can continue to beat with a whip and keep it rotating. The emission gyroscope is a transmitter. The more strength, the faster the spiral spiral.


1. Flip pyro

The whip rope gyroscope is the earliest gyro gameplay. The gyroscope is made of small wooden stakes. The tip below is cut and then the top of the top is rounded on the top. Then wrap the gyroscope with a whip rope. Start rotating. When the gyroscope is almost weak, you can rotate with a whip and beat.


2, launch gyro

The launching gyroscope is like the animation “Gyro Warrior”. It has a gyro launcher and metal gyro. When the transmitter is pulling the teeth, when the transmitter is pulled hard, the gyro will rotate high -speed and fall vertically. Stop rotating because there is no power supplement.


3. Fingertips

The fingertips do not rotate on the ground, but rotate on the fingers. Now it is generally used for decompression. Use the thumb and index finger to clamp the middle part of the fingertip gyroscope.

4. Hand to turn

Friends who have watched “Dreaming Space” should know the protagonist’s gyroscope. There is a pillars above the gyroscope. After rotating with your fingers, you can also rotate smoothly. It’s okay, and it is also the simplest gameplay of the gyro.