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In the early autumn, only “white shirts” cannot be disappointed. These combinations are too worthy of reference

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White shirt

Intersection When you don’t know what to wear, it is right to wear it. from




, True practical items.

Often the simpler item can test the temperament and the skills of a person. White shirts are one of them. Classic and real wear is difficult to wear.

The simplest white shirt is the color, but its version and matching are not monotonous. Therefore, grasping the bright places where the white shirt is correct can make our matching more effective.


How to choose a white shirt?


1. Wear a big size, fashionable and comfortable

If the white shirt wants to wear a fashionable tide, please follow the rules of wearing “wearing big and not small”. Because too slim white shirts will look too restrained, too business, if it is not paired, it will easily look rustic.

There are many advantages of loose clothing, but they are not late



This advantage, no matter what you are, you can wear a large size clothing, and it will be very good


Essence Women wearing loose shirts will look very



Also there will be


There is still a trace of lively, unlike the slim -fit shirt



2. Do not stand for V -neck

The shirts we are familiar with are common lapel design. For girls with a long neck line, they are particularly disastrous, but V -neck can extend the long neck lines. Essence

Because the position of the neckline is exposed in a large area, it is easy to have a sense of meat. You can try to match the method of stacking the necklace with metal texture. The layers of different lengths cut off the neck lines, which is thin and advanced.

How to match the shirt?


Look1: white shirt+jeans


If there is a set of clothes from 18 to 60, that is to say, clothes that do not regulate age, it must be white shirts and jeans. The neutral style and simple style are clean.


As a classic, white shirts are undoubtedly the most basic choice this year. The versatile items of commute dating, plus the age reduction of jeans, will always be the best classic CP!

If you want to be more fashionable in your style, you can choose wide -leg jeans to modify the leg shape. The white shirt with the cuffs is combined with a small tip collar, which is improved, which is also suitable for the workplace. Add a black sweater as a shawl, and suddenly stand out from the crowd.

Look2: white shirt+mop wide leg pants

The wide -leg pants with their own cooling attributes have enough space for the legs to leave the legs, and they also have extremely thin and thin functions, and they look straight and straight. The neutral style does not pick the style and age, and everyone can easily control it.

The weather is not allowed to be stacked now, then the white shirt is directly used with khaki pants to create a stylish and textured work dress. There has always been a combination in the Japanese miscellaneous. Choose a loose shirt, open a few more buttons, and roll the cuffs at will, so that the overall can look “light and light”.

Not only must you master the design of length, the waistline of wide -leg pants is also very important. The length of nine points alone, but chose a low -waist design, put on your body directly pulling down your person, and his height ratio became inconsistent. Even if the proportion of itself is excellent, the wide -leg pants designed by the unreasonable waistline are wearing five or five points.


Look3: white shirt+A -line small black skirt

The white shirt small black skirt is a group of classic matching, and the black and white matching can always wear the Effortless Chic. This combination seems to be casual, but it is quite particular about to control it. Other items should be more exquisite. You can choose a thin model than the shoes. Generally, Mueller or sandals with heels. The bag can be selected.

If you don’t worry about pressing a man, you can knot your shirt. If you show your waistline, it will not be short. French women like to wear it like this.


Look4: white shirt+knitted vest+nine -point jeans

The knit sweater in autumn is popular, but if you want to wear a different style, then try the knitted vest of the grandma style. Knitting vests not only warm the cold, but also can create a retro style. It’s amazing to mix and match!

A shirt with a knitted vest, a loose and white shirt with a black knitted vest, and a comfortable personality, showing a retro literary and artistic retro model, and a light blue denim shorts, a fresh and comfortable shape, the age reduction is very very young Fashion.

Remove the knitted vest, this set of shapes will not be ordinary; put on the vest, the gas field is full. so,


This is the beauty of stacking


Look5: white shirt+pleated skirt


The shirt is synonymous with a capable, and the gentle skirt just in the right and the formal sense of it. It is both gentle and atmospheric. This kind of stunning spark that mixes and collides, no woman can resist. It is more suitable for the workplace or daily date.

Unlock the button above and expose the clavicle generously

, Properly exposing the neck skin, giving people a laziness and casual beauty, there is no need to worry about it.

The jacket horn is the most basic high -waisted method. Simple learning is very suitable for wearing small white. Putting the corners of the shirt into the skirt, you can choose according to your own situation.

Total plug, semi -congestion, plug

Different plugs can play different fashion, which can highlight the perfect waistline, but also show the leg length.

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