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6 high -priced home furnishings are recommended, all of which are good things that have been evaluated

A lot of things have been evaluated before and after the cover,

Cover the daily use, beauty, food, etc.

I will summarize it today

Some cheap homes worth buying,

They are all excellent products that have been evaluated,

There is no wide range of journey, you can rest assured!




Art posture free -sharing tablet mop

Price: Starting from 21 yuan, bring your own drain device, push the pull rod to drain water, the tractor can rotate freely, and the corners, slits, and bottom of the bed can be cleaned.



Liangzhi magic broom

Price: From 5 yuan, EVA sponge sweeping is used, similar to wiper, combined with sweeping, scraping, and rubbing. The tube can be expanded. The sweeper can rotate at 180 ° left and right.


Lec food bag sealing clip

Price: Starting from 9.9 yuan, the bottle cap is designed, the food can be poured out of the food, and it can be sealed. The caliber is larger than other brands, and the sealability is very good.




Cololight quantum light

Price: starting from 3 yuan/piece, consisting of many lamps, which can be spliced ​​freely like building blocks. In addition to button switches, hundreds of cool light effects can be generated through the mobile app.



Zhang Xiaoquan Kitchen Multi -scissors


Price: Starting from 29 yuan, in addition to cutting harder ingredients, the biggest highlight is that it can be disassembled into two small knives. Specifies, scratch scales, open lids, and walnuts are not even more convenient to clean.



Kaviri children’s hanger

Price: starting from 12 yuan, you can be free to retract, easily stuffed the collar, the clothes of adults and children can support it, as well as stacking suspension functions, saving space and easy to get.

Finally, Xiaogai summarized the evaluations recommended above in this picture: