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Chengdu holds the 2017 Christmas Public Welfare Art Exhibition to a warm winter to stray animals

“Although the weather is cold, we are willing to put them on the cold armor this winter.” On November 22, OpenMind 2017 rescue stray animal Christmas public welfare art exhibition was held in Chengdu. This event is supported by caring people from all walks of life. The survival funds raised and adopted by the small animals of the Sichuan Qiming Animal Rescue Center, and hope to use this action to call on more people to buy and raise pets rationally. Standards reduce and prevent the generation and increase of stray animals in Chengdu.

成都举办2017圣诞公益艺术展 给流浪动物一个温暖的冬天

“Everyone in our place is what we want to do something we want to do, including the Chengdu returnee club since its establishment in 2007 to the present. We have to do it every year. This is a rule that I give myself. “Lin, chairman of the returnee club, said that in 2017, he most valued this operation of Open Mind, which is a model benchmarking activity of the entire Chengdu youth. The wisdom, team collaboration and a new way are used to promote a charity activity of loving, harmonious coexistence, and caring for stray animals.

成都举办2017圣诞公益艺术展 给流浪动物一个温暖的冬天

At the event, Zhou Hang, a British Royal Music Dr. Zhou Hang performed a public welfare performance. At the same time, public welfare works such as heaven bird cobalt blue paint tea set, puppy -themed paintings, all handmade dark room photography will be auctioned, and all the good funds raised by the free sale will be donated to the Sichuan Qiming Animal Rescue Center.

The relevant person in charge of the event said that some things seem to be easy. We can write “Like Little Animals” in the column of ourselves, and we can use the cute and cute “emoticons” in the chat. Tap our “kindness” with the keyboard behind. We can easily label ourselves, but this is often our inner satisfaction. Fortunately, there are many “stupid people” who have chosen difficult things. They adopt the trembling stray animals on the roadside, and they selflessly support the disability of the rescue center. These difficult things can truly help those homeless animals. Although it is difficult, it is worth it because it is a good deed to change their survival state.

It is understood that OpenMind (URL: htt: //openmindcd.org) is a group of young people in Chengdu to help vulnerable groups with love, wisdom and talents to help the solution to social issues and create volunteer public welfare organizations. The purpose of “brainpower is the well -being” and thinks about creativity and feasibility to improve the status quo of vulnerable groups. (Song Yan)