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Stainless steel surface drawing process introduction, advantages and application

In recent years, my country’s processing and manufacturing development has accelerated, and stainless steel materials have quickly penetrated into various fields of production and life with excellent performance. With the popularity of stainless steel, people have higher requirements in the beautiful and durable of stainless steel materials, thereby derive a variety of stainless steel surface treatment processes, including common

Brushed, mirror

Wait. After brushed treatment, the stainless steel surface exhibits the same ripper effect as the hair wire, and the surface of the mirror treatment renders the bright mirror effect. The following is a focus on the brushed treatment process to you, to understand the advantages and application areas of brushed stainless steel.

Today, a surface treatment technology in the stainless steel industry is a brushed process. After brigadering, the stainless steel surface exhibits a uniform texture effect. Stainless steel brushes, three kinds of snowflakes, straight ribs, nylon pattern, snowflakes are the popular brushed treatment process, when processing, by using insect sandpaper, the stainless steel surface is placed into a talent point, achieving beautiful Brushed effect; straight filament is a continuous uninterrupted linear texture, mostly in front and rear exercises before and after the wire; nylon pattern is composed of a short, short, because the nylon wheel has a soft and other characteristics, so it will also It is used to polish the surface of the stainless steel to reach the nylon pattern.

The brushed treatment process can make the stainless steel surface more texture, it looks more high atmospheric, and it is not easy to be scratched. It has certain wear resistance, so many daily necessities even in the case of normal stainless steel costs. Manufacturing companies will still select brushed stainless steel materials such as signs, panels, elevators, cabinets, etc.

In order to meet customer needs in all directions,

Green control stainless steel

Special introduction


High-end matte unit

The machine is composed of a suction plate automatic plate machine, automatic positioning platform, abrasive belt long filter, ordinary sand machine, cleaning dryer, automatic film machine, and automatic unloading table. The machining speed of the matte unit is 5-15 meters per minute, the thickness range is 0.4mm-3.0mm, the processing width range is 1300mm, the length range of 8000mm can be machined, and the customer’s personalized processing requirements are fully satisfied.


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