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Ten ways to learn fashionable women to wear sweaters, so

The trend is prone to passing away, classic forever



The cold winter, it is already courageous to get up early, let alone choose how to match clothes. It is better to sleep more for a while. At this time, the sweater became the first choice for dressing. It is almost one of the best items for autumn and winter, and it can change many ways of wearing whether it is single or overlap. Not to mention both looseness and leisure, it is also very warm and comfortable, and it is not restricted in all ages.

But it’s a classic and simple clothes such as a sweater,

Often, you need to pay more attention to some wearing skills and details to be more fashionable than others, and at the same time, you can avoid the embarrassment of the same model.


Let’s talk about the 10 methods of wearing sweaters below. Let’s take a look.

1. The rule of up and down

The easiest to change the proportion is

Short -term

In general, the upper body is to choose a sweater with a length on the abdomen, and the lower body chooses a pair of long micro -pants or wide -leg pants to create the effect of all legs below the clothes.


If the whole body is

It is a contracted color like black

The effect of thinness doubles.


But for women with fat abdomen, it is more suitable


Upper Panasonic tight

How to wear. This is the combination of the most classic sweater and pants. If there is fat on the hips, the sweater is best to choose

The length is a little bit or directly with a loose sweater under the hip


With a skirt.

2. Emphasize the waistline

For middle -aged women with a slightly fat body, although Oversize’s sweaters cover the meat, it will also make the whole look down and look short. At this time, join

A belt or tie the clothes into the bottom

The intention to make the waistline is even higher and thinner.

3. Disappear in the lower body

The lower body disappearance method is also one of the methods of wearing sweaters in recent years.

Choosing an oversize version of the sweater with the middle boots can reduce the exposed legs and fashionable. But pay attention to sweater


The length is just a little bit next to the hips

, Too long will be short, and


The length of the middle boots should be as much as possible under the knee

There must be a certain gap between the two to be more proportional.


And a higher way is to choose one

Just cover the PP sweater

With super shorts, the Martin boots are even more casual, and the shoes are more casual.


4. Choose a POLO shirt

Do not forget the part, such as the decoration of the overall proportion, such as the shoulder line, for

As far as women are slippery, it is best to choose the front shoulder line

, Especially with hat sweaters. And the slightly fat woman try to choose the neckline as much as possible

Loose large shoulder models.

In the version,


Women with shoulder width can wear more POLO shirts


The overall loose and retro. The natural V -neck opened at the neckline, lengthening the neck, casual and cute, and the neckline will be more small.


5. Ctensive sweaters are open


It is necessary to overlap in autumn and winter. Of course, because the sweater itself is relatively casual, the jacket with a sweater requires


As simple as possible, the version is relatively tough, but not bloated.


For example, the overwear and coats or trench coats are put on open the sweater, and the proportion of the body is visually appearing to the body to show a more raised effect.


6. Low inside

In addition to stacking with a jacket, sweater can also be used as a coat

Stack it with shirts or white T

Essence In terms of wearing

Does it show out?


Only brightening, which also enriches the layering of wearing.

Because the sweater is too simple, if you want to enhance the sense of fashion, you can make an article in it. For example,

The neckline of the shirt is outward, creating the effect of small V -neck

, Even show the slender neck. If the eight -character collar is exquisite and stylish, the doll collar is more age -reducing.

If you are tired of white, you may wish to add classic elements in the shirt, such as stripes,

The same color as the sweater

Echoing is not interesting.

7. Add line sense

In addition to the stacked fashion, in addition to the inside, you can also put it

Put your eyes on the bottom

Essence For example, the matching of sweaters and skirts, adding lines to make the whole set more three -dimensional. in the case of

Fold skirts such as pleated skirt

Be careful not to let the folds be punished, otherwise you will lose the sense of lines, and the delicate folds will be thinner.

8. Simple color

The most intuitive expression of clothes is color, black and white and gray are necessary, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue purple is basic. But for middle -aged women, the sweaters that are too fancy will be old, and the color of the first choice of sweaters must be

The earth color is this simple color, and the style is more advanced.

Of course, the color can indeed brighten the skin color, try to choose

Low saturation color

, Yellow skin choose warm colors, such as jujube red, turmeric; cold white skin chose cold colors, such as dogwood powder, long spring flower blue. So, when choosing to install,

The same color will be more advanced.

9. Accessories use.

It is also wearing an ordinary sweater. The gap between you and bloggers is more lacking to modify the details.


For example, the hair on the hair

Small silk scarf

, To make a relatively loose sweater adding femininity. The bag plays the finishing touch, and

Echoing between accessories is more delicate

, But pay attention to the color of the accessories not to conflict with the sweater.

10. Conform

The refinement of a set of clothes needs to be paid attention to from head to toe. Here we mainly talk about shoes. Because the style of the sweater is mainly leisure, the choice of shoes should be in line with the style.

Choosing a pair of casual sports shoes is more conservative, but the sense of fashion is not too strong.



A pair of pointed shoes

With a pair of pants, it is also elegant and capable. Or use a irregular skirt

With short boots

It is also very aura.

At the end, this issue of the technique about sweater wear is also over. If you still have questions related to fashion and wear, please leave a message in the comment area, thank you for reading, QY ~

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