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Want to take care of temperature and fashion in winter? Warm and warm snow boots, wearing elegance and generosity like this

With the temperature decreased in winter, all kinds of items that can protect the cold and keep them settled in women’s wardrobes, such as lamb wool coats, woolen coats, down jackets, leather pants and even autumn pants, but when the friends pay attention to the warmth of the upper body and legs, Don’t forget to choose a pair of warm shoes. After all, it is useless to wear cold feet.


On warm shoes, they are afraid that cold stars must not miss snow boots. Want to take care of temperature and fashion in winter? The warm snow boots are arranged, wearing elegant and generous, let’s take a look together!

1. Snow boots color selection


The color system is the most important part of wearing. Choosing a pair of color -based snow boots is the basis.


The common colors of snow boots include black, white, gray, brown or other earth colors, or styles that are superimposed with various fashionable elements. Among them, black and brown are the most versatile and practical. Women’s pursuit of comfort, warmth and texture, autumn and winter wear can not only avoid the embarrassment of contrasting color, but also can wear and improve the use rate.

The khaki long trench coat is stacked with a gray knitted skirt. It is refreshing and elegant without losing the gentleness. With a pair of black short snow boots, it takes into account warmth and beauty, and the whole body color will not be too complicated.

Big ground color or black is the most commonly used color for women in autumn and winter. It is widely used in various winter items. After selecting a pair of snow boots based on black and ground color systems, they can also be with the upper body items and pants. The same color is the same color, and it can easily improve the laying and high sense of dressing.

Brown -black knitted long skirt with camel snow boots, peach pink scarf add girly atmosphere, super age reduction and elegant!

Second, choose the right style and length, refuse to bloated

After determining the color system, when women wear snow boots, in order to avoid bloating, they also need to choose the right style and length.

Because the material used in the snow boots itself is relatively fluffy and thick, accidentally may be bloated and bulky, and the short snow boots that are exactly the length near the ankle can relieve the bloated feeling. The second is to choose as much as possible to choose Snow boots with simple styles and no design sense, avoid excessive elements used by the whole body, cause visual complication.

The brown fur short jacket is stacked with the same color shirt and leather pants. Snow boots and pants constitute a high -level and explosive same color look. The type of boots is just right to expose the smooth and white ankle part, which is thin and warm.

Khaki, camel, or brown snow boots are the magic weapon to create the same color look. It will not make an error in how to wear it with the minimalist version.

Light khaki lamb hairy short jacket with dark khaki -colored corduroy trousers, the trouser legs roll up at randomly to expose the complete snow boots. The camel snow boots echo the upper body items, high -level and playful.

3. Demonstration of universal snow boots


As a universal item in winter, snow boots can combine various jackets and pants, easy to wear and versatile. These groups are worthy of reference.

The first is the wool+half skirt+snow boots. The beige turtlenecks are gentle, soft, and casual. After combining the brown high -waisted pleated umbrella skirt, it can easily improve the lightness and romantic atmosphere. Go to the end.

The second is the coat+nine -point smoke pants+snow boots. The camel long silhouette of the knitted seven -point sleeve coat is playful and gentle. The consistency is high, thin, thin, and high -level, snow boots and coats echo the details and praise.


Snow boots, as universal items, both refer to it that it can be matched with various winter items, and it means that it is not limited by age. Whether it is twenty or 30 years old, or forty or fifty -year -old, women can easily relax. control.


Printed needle knit vests stacking blue denim shirts, gray casual pants are loose and comfortable, and a pair of brown snow boots. It is as simple as keeping warm and elegance in winter.


In addition to cigarette pants, small feet, tight pants or cone pants are a good partner for snow boots. The beige down jacket uses the waist design to outline the waistline, and the black tights pants are connected to black snow boots. The pants are consistent with the color system and the small leg lines to make the strokes smooth. If you want to take care of warmth and fashion in winter, you might as well start with a pair of snow boots!

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