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Large -size models become fashionable net celebrities, followers of thousands of followers, saying that “underwear is also suitable for plump figure”

According to the British “Daily Star” reported on February 27, Dej Morrison, a 28 -year -old fashion network, from Toronto, Canada, said that the fashion company only launched a model of “moderate body curve” and encouraged encouragement Women embrace themselves, but discriminate against other fat women. However, now we have a place in the fashion industry. Our voice can be heard, and fashion underwear is also suitable for a plump figure.


Dijie Morrison is a risk analyst of a financial institution during the day, but publishing his own fashion photos on Instagram at night and weekends. Thousands of followers, her exquisite and underwear shapes obsessed with her curve, and thanked her for helping other women accept her figure.


In an interview with “Daily Star”, Di Jie said: “In 2018, when I felt the lowest, I was tired of myself and kept feeling sad about myself. Overly 100 pounds (90 pounds) were added. I forgot who I am, and I like to please others. I started to ask myself, why do I feel like this. Is it true that I really don’t like myself, or do I care too much about the negative evaluation of others? The latter, in order to get out of the comfort zone I used to, I started to share my journey online, hoping to help others and encourage them to be more friendly to themselves.


Now, Dijie is full of confidence in his figure and said, “Keeping ‘elegance and kindness’ is the most important step. We are often tolerant of others, but often the strictestness to ourselves. When I spent a bad day, I allowed myself to be sad. The next day, I must do something that makes me happy, regardless of size. “

However, although the model has made great progress in the fashion industry in recent years, she believes that there is still a long way to go in the fashion industry. In terms of race, skin color, gender, etc., large size models lack representative and diversity. She hopes that the full woman, the sound of the large size model will be amplified, and they will be seen. “

In order to help her fans, Dijie often posted photos of swimwear and underwear, thinking that underwear is a sexy way to express women. She is confident in herself whether she wears underwear. “We gave others a lot of unnecessary power to control our lives. When you liberated self -worth from the views of others, you will get peace, self -love and freedom.