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Why is Mei Fei who is good at poetry and song and dance, why is Mei Fei who has good and talented and talented, Yang Guifei, who is married to the second marriage?

Author: Chen Erhu

Lin Xinru version of Mei Fei

It is said that Tang Xuanzong is a passionate emperor. His “love” with Yang Guifei, after being interpreted by the “Song of Everlasting” by the poet Bai Juyi, became the classic of the love of the eternal emperor. But in reality Tang Xuanzong, feelings are not as dedicated by people. In his life, there are many women who have loved.

When Tang Xuanzong was young, he did not have the throne as an emperor. When he was not driving in Lizhou, he was very obsessed with Zhao Lifei, who was advocating the best, and then empathized with Qian Fei and Huangfu Deyi. However, he deeply fell in love with Wu Huifei. The beauty was quite like, and he also created the word card “Niannu Jiao”.

Later, Mei Fei was the one that Tang Xuanzong liked. Mei Fei was born with a slim and a thin beauty. Small mouth, blinking bright eyes and saying to my father: “Although I am a girl, I look at it as a ambition!”

1. Southern King Belle Mei Fei

Mei Fei, called Cai Ping, is from Putian, Fujian. During the Kaiyuan period, Tang Xuanzong’s relative eunuch Gao Lishi made a envoys and found that the little girl who had just been in the year of the year was beautiful and elegant, so she brought her back to Chang’an and dedicated it to Tang Xuanzong.

Mei Fei can be said to be a typical southern beauty. Shu Jing was quiet and born with love. When she arrived at the palace, she planted plum blossoms around her residence. Whenever the plum blossom blooms, she often reads poems under the plum. Xuanzong called him Mei Fei, his pro -question “Mei Ting”.

At that time, Mei Fei wrote eight texts of “embroidery orchids”, “Liyuan”, “Plum Blossom”, “Phoenix”, etc. Unfortunately, these fu have been lost.

Mei Fei is not only longer than poetry, but also proficient in musical instruments, especially singing and dancing, smart and beautiful superhuman. Once playing a game of fighting grass with Tang Xuanzong, the kings were watching. To the kings: “This woman is really plum, gives white jade flute, a shock dance, a glorious, now the grass is winning!”


The clever Mei Fei replied: “The scene of the grass and trees is better than His Majesty, and he has not reconciled the four seas.

This fartted chanting naturally made Tang Xuanzong listened to Mei Zizi, and naturally, he was naturally affectionate to this exquisite baby, which became the favorite of Tang Xuanzong at that time.

Everyone likes the new and hates the old. The emperors of the dynasties love beauty. Naturally, they choose beauty for them to enjoy.

After serving him for a long time, Mei Fei naturally had a sense of freshness, and Tang Xuanzong, who was romantic, was looking for new goals.

Second, Yang Yuhuan enters the palace

Those who are good at catering to the emperor naturally understand that some people report to Tang Xuanzong: Yang Xuanzheng has a rich daughter of Yang Yuhuan, which is rich and gorgeous, but now it is the princess of Shou.

King Shou was the eighteenth son of Tang Xuanzong, named Li Yan, and was born of Wu Huifei, who was petting. It is heard that this beauty is extraordinary. Tang Xuanzong also regards Yang Yuhuan as his daughter -in -law, and he will see it in the ban.


When Yang Yuhuan stood in front of Tang Xuanzong, Tang Xuanzong almost looked dumbfounded: Yang Yuhuan’s body was plump and delicate, his skin was smooth and jade, his waist was soft and soft, his hair was like clouds, and the biggest feature was that the biggest feature is that the biggest feature is that the biggest feature is that it is the biggest feature. That look back with a smile, “Qian Pan Cheng Ying, moved to the meaning”. This mouth -watering beauty makes people feel apes, and I can’t wait to immediately enter my arms and enjoy this fragrant. But Tang Xuanzong understood that Yang Yuhuan’s current identity is his daughter -in -law, and he must change his identity to enjoy it completely. It was logical to put his dragon bed.


Speaking of Yang Yuhuan, she married Shouwang at the age of thirteen. After five years of life, Princess Shou’s life was proficient in Yunyu, which was the eighteen years old that spent the moon.

According to historical records: When Tang Xuanzong saw it for the second time, Yang Yuhuan, wearing Taoism, was elegant and beautiful. Bathing Tangquan, the delicate body of the jade body is bright and tender, and after the bath, it is even more charming. Feng Dian turned around, and he was so amazing, and he fooled Tang Xuanzong’s fascination. Afterwards, Xiyu Yuki said to the palace people: “I have this beauty, if I get a treasure!” And took the song “Get the Treasure”, saying that Tang Xuanzong loved this mouth, and when he first won the slave, he wrote ” “Nian Jiao Jiao”.

3. Fat Mei Mei Slimming Pets

In addition to women’s colors, Tang Xuanzong must like music, and this Yang Yuhuan has extraordinary musical talents, can understand the mood in Tang Xuanzong’s songs, and use dancing to fully interpret it. Naturally, Tang Xuanzong’s love. Essence

Mei Fei knew that this fat stunner came from the palace, hooking away the soul of Tang Xuanzong. There was a loss that could not be said in her heart. Yang Yuhuan, who is full of magic and sexy and fragrant, occupies the Holy Holy with the coquettishness, and let her gradually be left out. At first, Tang Xuanzong wandered between the fertile plums and thin, and no one couldn’t help it. Although Yang Guifei was petting, he also Miss Mei Fei, hoping that these two beauties can get along peacefully, and compare them to the second daughter of Yao, the second concubine of Shun -Emperor Eang and the female Ying. However, the wishes are beautiful, but the reality is ruthless. Since Yang Yuhuan entered the palace, this fat is as thin as the same as the fire, and no one can tolerate anyone. Therefore, the two began to invite the pets to sarca.

Mei Fei made poetic Yang Yuhuan:

Skimming Chu Yun under Wushan, Nangong Yingchun overnight.


Who can look like the iconic muscle, and the sky is half a king.

This poem is ridiculed that Yang Yuhuan is the “second -hand goods” from Tang Xuanzong’s son Shouwangfu. It is not an authentic body, and uses “Jinxiu Jiangtian Half for Jun” to laugh at her obese.

Yang Yuhuan naturally recovered a song:

How beautiful has reduced spring, and the plum blossoms are also halal.

The spring breeze is always honored, and it is not new with Fanhua.

This poem is to use the superficial praise “Plum Blossom Snow is also halal” against Mei Fei, and uses “not fighting with Fanhua” to scold Mei Fei’s age and decline. It is an outdated second -hand goods.

It can only be vented to write poetry and mocking. The real victory depends on Tang Xuanzong. This fat Yang Yuhuan is warm, completely conquered Tang Xuanzong, indulged in the love river of this “second -hand goods”, and there is a sideline heart. Even though Tang Xuanzong fell in love with Mei Fei, the Jiao Yang Yuhuan did not allow someone to share this cake.

Fourth, pets are thin, private will be beautiful

In the end, the weak Mei Fei did not fight Yang Yuhuan, who had worked in his heart and was spicy.

Once Tang Xuanzong secretly picked up Mei Fei, he was holding Yang Guifei. The two re -entered the old dream in Cuihua West Pavilion and complained acacia. This night’s love was lingering.

Soon the sky was dazzling. Tang Xuanzong was still holding Mei Fei and did not get up. Shi Yu panickedly, “Yang Guifei is coming, what should I do?”

This Tang Xuanzong was afraid of this Yang Guifei splashing. In a hurry, he picked up Mei Fei and hid her in the mezzanine. As soon as she was hidden, Yang Guifei came in and asked, “What about Mei Jing?”

Tang Xuanzong said calmly: “It’s her!”

Yang Guifei said with anger, “Call her, take a bath.”

Tang Xuanzong’s heartbeat accelerated, this Mei Fei was in this clip, how can she be available. He pushed away: “This plum essence has been left out, and there is no exist.” This Yang Guifei refused to stop, looking around without saying.

Yang Guifei glanced at the room sensitively, found the shoes left by Mei Jing, and saw the utensils and foods that dine with people. They said to Tang Xuanzong like a mother tiger, “Dining with people, there are women’s shoes under the bed and women’s shoes. Is the fairy accompanied you at night? When is it all? Isn’t it going to the dynasty? His Majesty, please go to see the ministers, I will invite you to the dynasty. “

Tang Xuanzong was anxious and annoyed. He pulled the quilt and covered his body, and closed his eyes: “I’m uncomfortable today, not coming to the dynasty.”

Yang Guifei did not want to continue her entanglement and walked away angrily.

Tang Xuanzong stared at Yang Guifei in shock, and finally breathed a sigh of relief, and called Mei Fei to come out.

Who knew that the eunuch was afraid that Yang Guifei would find someone, and she had secretly sent Mei Fei back.

Tang Xuanzong was so angry that he vent his qi on this eunuch of “multi -event diligence”, and even scolded the eunuch. Then give Mei Fei’s shoe left to Mei Fei.

Mei Fei choked with a snot and tears: “Your Majesty abandoned me.”

The sensible messenger carefully persuaded: “Your Majesty does not abandon you, it can’t mess with too true (too true is Yang Yuhuan).”

Mei Fei said with a smile: “I’m afraid that fat is abandoned me.”

Besides, Tang Xuanzong felt the master of his own country. He was too shameless. This Yang Guifei was so aggressive that it was difficult to dispel, and Gao Lishi sent the villain Yang Yu to home.

But after just half a day, there was no fertile companion around him, and his heart was very lost. He felt that life was missing the most important things. More than one eunuch was beaten.

The relative eunuch Gao Lishi knew Tang Xuanzong. He knew what was going on, and quietly sent someone to bring Yang Guifei back to the palace.

Tang Xuanzong saw Yang Guigui’s model, and he asked for Xie En from a distance, which made him immediately bloom.


Five, style Yang Guifei

Throughout the harem between ring fertilizer and plum thin, the pureness is always unable to fight. Women’s unique weapon is whether it can splash and coquettish, coquettish and fox, some things are born, no wonder people often often Speaking of personality determines life. This Yang Guifei is not a lady, and she is also coquettish, and has a charm that makes Tang Xuanzong uncomfortable. This is also not available in Mei Fei. In addition, this bed is also very important. , Men likes Yang Guifei that is so good at it. This style does not seem to be learned, it is a woman who grasps the man to grasp the man, and it is the aphrodisiac knife that seduces men.

During the flowering season, Yang Guifei knew how to borrow flowers to pass love. When Taiyechi Pond Baihe was shameful, Tang Xuanzong appreciated the lotus under the bureaucrats and praised the Jiao of the lotus. Is the solution flower? “

In the winter season, frozen snow was frozen, and a crystal ice bars were set up under the eaves. Tang Xuanzong returned at night and saw Yang Yuhuan a naive look of playing with bright crystal ice. what?”

Yang Guifei said with a smile: “Ice 箸 (箸, chopsticks).”

Tang Xuanzong and Yang Yuhuan looked for joy, making this old man crazy, greedy and intoxicated, and often sensuality on the bed during the day.

Outside the window of the bedroom, Gong’e had nothing to do with the puppets in the pool in the pond, but Tang Xuanzong held Yang Yuhuan in the room, and said to these palaces into these palaces. I don’t know if we are more interesting! “

In order to enjoy Wushan Yunyu, those who knotted the emperors made a herite medicine. The muddy Hu An Lushan was to please Tang Xuanzong and Yang Guifei and contributed to the aphrodisiac “to help the fragrance.”


The officials in the south are a fruit of helping love, named Hehuan fruit. This pistachio not only has a seductive shape, but also makes them very much. : “This fruit is so good, and I am integrated with Qing Ai.”


This Yang Yuhuan also often plays the drama of “the concubine drunkenness”, which gives Tang Xuanzong’s hazy intoxication.

During the Kaiyuan period, the banned peony, the great poet should enter three “Qingpingle”.

6. Mei Fei wrote “Lou Dongfu”

Besides, this Mei Fei saw Tang Xuanzong looking for joy with Yang Yuhuan every day. Her lonely heart was bleeding. She wanted Xuanzong to love her as before, and returned to her to give her love and warmth. She did not have Yang. Those methods of Yuhuan wanted to use words to impress Tang Xuanzong. She thought that Emperor Hanwu’s queen Chen Ajiao asked Sima Xiangru to write “Longmen Fu” after being out of favor, and she also wanted to try it.

She knows that Gao Lishi is the most close person of Tang Xuanzong. When he found Gao Lishi’s life, he sent someone to send his life and conveyed what he meant.

This Gao Lishi knew the severity, and Yang Guifei was a unable to mess with the Lord, so she declined.

The agile Mei Fei wrote “Lou Dongfu” with sadness.


When this “Lou Dongfu” was passed on to Tang Xuanzong, she also let Yang Yuhuan see that she said to Tang Xuanzong, “The bitch of Mei Jing, and the grievances in words should be given to her. ! “”

Tang Xuanzong had a lot of sense of heart, silent for a long time, and said nothing.

After a few days, he secretly sent someone to give Mei Fei Pearl. Mei Fei looked around, and did not see the book and did not wait for the emperor. When she saw the pearls, the liver and intestine were broken, and she wrote a poem with tears, so that the messenger brought it back with the pearl:


Liu Ye’s eyebrows have not been painted for a long time, and the makeup and tears are red.

Nagato has no grooming, why pearls are so comfortable.

Tang Xuanzong looked at the poem, and his mood was tangled. Since then, the end of Tianya, Mei Fei has guarded the cold palace alone, but missed Tang Xuanzong.

7. Thousands of red powder ended in soil

In the blink of an outbreak of Anshi, Tongguan lost, Tang Xuanzong brought Yang Yuhuan to Shu to Shu, walked to Ma Yipo, and he was so exciting that Tang Xuanzong helplessly gave Yang Yuhuan to death.

It is said that a poem was circulated in Chang’an before:

Everyone in Yanshi went, and the letter was not returned.

If the ghosts are under the mountain, the ring is Luo Yi.

This poem was secretly contained in Anlu Mountain from Yan Di, and Ge Shuhan soldiers defeated Tongguan. “If the ghost under the mountain” refers to Ma Yipo, Yang Yuhuan was killed by the Rogue Turban (of course, there are many legends about Yang Yuhuan).

Later, Tang Xuanzong returned to Chang’an and became the emperor. Yang Yuhuan was dead. He remembered Mei Fei, but no one knew the whereabouts of Mei Fei. He missed Mei Fei and wrote it:

Recalling the former Jiao Fei in Chai Huan, the lead Hua is not so naive.

Although Frost Simpan seemed to be at the moment, he was not good at the coquettish waves.

It was night. Tang Xuanzong entered a dream. Dreaming of Mei Fei crying between the bamboo forests. When Tang Xuanzong approached, she covered Tang Xuanzong and choked and said, “His Majesty was covered with dust, and died in the hands of chaos. Chi Dongmei Shi! “

Tang Xuanzong woke up and sent someone to dig at the side of Taiye Pond. He couldn’t find it. He suddenly remembered that there were more than ten plums beside the hot spring pool, so he took someone to there. A deep knife mark, Tang Xuanzong cried, buried Mei Fei.

The years were ruthless, and Tang Xuanzong spent the rest of his life in his memories. The women in his life have been ancient.

Historical live dramas, turning into a ray of dust in time, regret and sigh, how many soul souls are falling, and the sienity of this ring fat and plums are the tragedy of history.

Mei Fei has a indifferent personality and a literary talent, but she is not good at style, and she lacks a common language with Tang Xuanzong.

In terms of personality, Tang Xuanzong prefers romantic and unrestrained, so Yang Yuhuan has the taste of him.

Reading history is contemplative. It seems that women are not beautiful enough. Women who enter the palace in each dynasty are almost beautiful. It is not enough to rely on beauty. It also needs talent, wisdom, interest and charm.

Throughout the ages, the endless woman.

[About the author] Chen Erhu, pen name Hongye, the Khitan in the Mongolian.Deputy Secretary -General of Weng Niuteqi Writers Association.


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