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Exquisite elegant Cartier calendar double -time zone display watch tasting day and night

[Recommended by Watch House Watch] A calm behavior, perseverance and confident eyes, the charm of qi and leisure, and a delicate and elegant watch, raised the tough style of the atmosphere between the feet, showing the maturity and stable temperament of men. This is why many “uncle” Fan Er men are very attractive. In 2016, Cartier Drive de Cartier launched a number of extraordinary and elegant men’s style watches. Among them, this Cartier Drive de Cartier displayed to you today. (Model: WGNM0005)

Only by following the inner drive can you achieve the artistic fire of the art. —— Zhang Zhen

精致优雅 卡地亚大日历双时区昼夜显示腕表品鉴

From “Lingling Street Youth” to “The Most Beautiful Investigating Boss”, there is a male god named Zhang Zhen. With his unremitting efforts, he successfully performed one after another challenging role. In June 2016, Cartier again joined Zhang Zhen to launch a new micro -movie “Hand”. In the beautiful picture, tough guy actor Zhang Zhen told his story and transformation. He Drive de Cartier, who told the audience about his life insights, showed a pure and powerful power than ever.

精致优雅 卡地亚大日历双时区昼夜显示腕表品鉴

The new Drive de Cartier series watch is a masterpiece of Cartier’s dedication to the loved man -disruptive innovative design, interpret the perception of life art in the details, confident and elegant, respect the original mind, and always pursue a better self -self. And future. Zhang Zhen, who has precipitated in the performing arts circle for many years, has experienced the seemingly free, unruly but calm and restrained temperament; no matter whether it is up, he only follows the inner drive to achieve the artistic fire of the art. Now he is associated with Drive de Cartier. Essence


精致优雅 卡地亚大日历双时区昼夜显示腕表品鉴

This Drive de Cartier watch has excellent shapes and classics, showing masculinity elegance. This 18K rose gold pillow -shaped watch line is smooth and beautiful, length: 40 mm, width: 41 mm. Sapphire crystal mirror, non -slip and wear -resistant. The watch gives a sense of atmosphere, low -key luxury.

精致优雅 卡地亚大日历双时区昼夜显示腕表品鉴

Crown display

精致优雅 卡地亚大日历双时区昼夜显示腕表品鉴

The 18K rose gold star crown facilitates the operation of the watch. Inlaid with a multi -cut sapphire, add color to the watch as a whole. There is no shortage of calm and wise in luxury low -key.

Watch dial display

The exquisite and beautiful silver -plated carved dial, the eye -catching Roman digital time display, the sword -shaped blue steel pointer with a small three -pin design style, solemn and stable, elegant and elegant. At 12 o’clock, the date is displayed, and the second time zone adverse jump pointer instruction is set at 10 o’clock. At 3:30, there is a day and night display. There is a small second hand dial at 6:00.

Watch ears display

The texture of the texture of the texture is comfortable. And it blends Cartier’s style, which is very beautiful.

Watch movement display

精致优雅 卡地亚大日历双时区昼夜显示腕表品鉴

The sapphire crystal transparent table back, you can see the operation of the movement through the back of the table, don’t have fun. The watch is equipped with Cartier 1904-FU MC workshop refined automatic machinery movement, and the time is accurate. With practical functions such as calendar, double -time zone, flying/reverse jump, bringing unique visual enjoyment for the time.

精致优雅 卡地亚大日历双时区昼夜显示腕表品鉴

Watch strap display

Half -dumb brown crocodile leather strap, 18mm 18K rose gold folding table. It is comfortable to wear and not easy to fall off. It is more beautiful with the watch dial.

精致优雅 卡地亚大日历双时区昼夜显示腕表品鉴

Overall display


It has a variety of styles of toughness, atmosphere, wisdom, and low -key luxury. Increasing practical functions such as calendar, double -time zone, flying/reverse jump is an excellent watch that can show the exquisite and elegant temperament of men. Suggestions from these functions, elegant and exquisite watchmakers recommend starting this watch. Price: 00 166000 (Shi Jinnan, House of Figure/Watch Watch)