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Must -buy: This Double Twelve I use 350 yuan to solve the whole house lighting

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You don’t need to be very large for young people, but it must be warm, so solving the whole house lighting is the key. Taking the common 50-80 square meter two -bedroom small apartment as an example, the lamps that need to be installed include the living room ceiling lamp X1, the bedroom ceiling lamp X2, the bedside lamp (small table lamp) X2, the kitchen ceiling lamp X1, the balcony ceiling light X1, a total of 7, a total of 7 Lights. Today, I will use 350 yuan to solve the whole house lighting.

Living room: Philips Hengyan 24W ceiling lamp

Price: 89 yuan

Philips this top lamp is simple and stylish, and provides two options: white light (6500K) and natural light (4000K), which can better meet the lighting needs of different environments; 24W power can provide sufficient lighting for 8-12 square meters of space. Dust -proof insect -proof design will make long -term use more worry -free.

Bedroom: TCL Yuhuan 16W ceiling lamp

必买:这个双十二 我用350元解决全屋照明

Price price: 35 yuan

This bedroom ceiling lamp, which is well received by consumers, adopts modern aesthetic design, built -in LED energy -saving chips, and uses high -light PVC lampshade and integrated borders, which can reduce frequent flashing, soft and natural light. At the same time, white light, natural light warm warmth Three models of light to meet the needs of comfort of day and night.

Bed head lamp (small table lamp): Mijia smart table lamp Lite

Price: 79 yuan

必买:这个双十二 我用350元解决全屋照明

The central illumination of Mijia Smart table lamp Lite is greater than 1200lx, reaching the national standard A -level illumination standard, and provides three -gear brightness. In addition, this table lamp can be paired directly with the mobile phone and connected to the Mijia APP to freely adjust the brightness of the lights. No need for Wi-Fi, enjoy intelligent control at any time.

必买:这个双十二 我用350元解决全屋照明

Kitchen: Philips Mingyu 4.5W Kitchen Flat Light

Price price: 19.9 yuan

This small ceiling lamp is rounded and clean, with a size of only 16cm x 16cm. The translucent acrylic lampshade can better light and reduce glare, bringing comfortable and natural lighting enjoyment to the kitchen.

必买:这个双十二 我用350元解决全屋照明

Balcony: Trump Lighting 6W balcony suction top lamp

Price price: 26 yuan

The appearance of this balcony ceiling lamp is simple and stylish, with a size of 26X6.8cm. Even a small balcony with only a few square meters can be easily installed. The product has built -in LED chip. The 6W monochrome white light is enough to illuminate the balcony at night, making you dry clothes and finding items more worry -free.

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