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Green military officials declare bad news! Smart is absent from G2 in injury: This will be swept by the Bucks

On May 4th, Beijing time, the Celtics officially announced that Marcus Smart will be absent from the right thighs and will be absent from the Bucks series of G2 tonight. White will start the start. For the Green Army, this is undoubtedly a major blow. “Magic” Johnson believes that if the Green Army can’t win G2 today, they will be swept out of the Bucks. For the Bucks, Hill and Midelton continued to stop.

绿军官宣坏消息!斯马特因伤缺席G2 名宿:这场不赢将被雄鹿横扫

In G1’s game, Smart played for 32 minutes, 11 of 11, and scored 10 points and 6 assists. He was injured twice in the game. In addition to his right leg, his right shoulder was also injured in a breakthrough. The coach Udaka once said: “Smart feels very painful at present, he will be treated. The injury of the legs of the leg not only needs to endure pain, but also has some ‘stiffness’. He was hit in the game. Second-rate.”

绿军官宣坏消息!斯马特因伤缺席G2 名宿:这场不赢将被雄鹿横扫

Earlier, the Celtics listed Smart’s G2 as a “doubt” and said that he would test some tests before the game and try to play in G2. Now it seems that he failed to pass the test, and it was determined that he could not play G2 two hours in advance.

Smart is an important member of the Green Army’s defensive end. He is also the best defensive player of the year this season. Without him, the Line of the Green Army will face a more severe test. In the G1 game, the Green Army limited the score of the Bucks to 101 points, which is acceptable, but their own attacks have serious problems, only 89 points, and eventually defeated by 12 points.

绿军官宣坏消息!斯马特因伤缺席G2 名宿:这场不赢将被雄鹿横扫

The “Magic” Johnson updated the social media and talked about his views on this round of the series. He wrote: “If the Celtics cannot win today, the Bucks will sweep them.” Obviously, Johnson believes that once the Green Army is behind 0-2, the Bucks will be chased by victory, and the score of 4-0 will take a 4-0 score in one fell swoop. Next series. After all, the first two games were performed at the home of the Green Army. G3 and G4 will return to the Bucks home, their victory will be even greater. What do you think of the total score of this round of the series?