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My Christmas occasion -Who is the real Santa?

The annual Christmas Eve and Christmas began again. Although I know that the country has not advocated the foreign festival. But childhood, Christmas is one of my favorite festivals.

When I was young, I felt that Santa’s appearance was very kind and cute. Therefore, many Santa’s stickers and dolls have been collected, almost annual. The third or fourth grade mother of the elementary school opened a flower gift. During Christmas, I sold many Santa’s dolls, surrounding toys, and latex masks of Santa Claus. I was wearing it almost every day.

As a child, everyone would be naive. My mother started to coax me from the third or fourth grade of elementary school, saying that there are really Santa Claus in this world, and then take out the gifts I prepared in advance while I do n’t pay attention.


Yes, as you think, at the beginning, I really believe it. Almost every year I hope that Santa Claus will give gifts, and even if my cousin has told me the truth, I don’t believe it. Sometimes it is too much, and my mother also blame me for being insatiable. Later, schools were teaching us to believe in science and break up superstitions, so that I knew that there could be no gods in the world. So when my fourth grade Christmas, my mother continued to disguise Santa Claus, I broke through this “window paper”, and my mother also told me frankly.

It was not why, at the time I was just for two words -frank. Therefore, I didn’t feel much lost at the time, but I felt relieved, and I felt that I could accept the gifts of my mother’s love in a bright way. However, she should be glad that I was not interested in Japanese anime at the time. If I watched the “Jintian Yizhuo Event Book” at the time, it is estimated that her no certificate will have been performed perfectly by me.

After Christmas, because of the status of Santa, my mother’s Christmas gift was given bright. My mother and I can even walk on the Central Street on Ping An Ye. At that moment, I really felt happy.

After the touching part is finished, I have to vomit the Said -Christmas with apples symbolizes peace. Is this a standard Chinese custom? Why talk about this, because as a person who doesn’t like to eat apples, I can’t help but feel a little funny to see Ping An fruit.


Later, in the six years in middle school, due to the increasingly heavier academic studies, how did I live in Christmas in the past six years? I have forgotten most of them. But I only remember twice, one time on the night of the third day. My parents deliberately asked me to take leave and went to the “Jin Yan Carnival” to watch the performance. The performance was particularly boring and the dinner was tasteless. The second time was in high school, and Ping An fruit was given each other in the class. During college, schools also often organized holiday activities on Christmas. I often participated in the recording circle of friends, recording the joy of university, and recording my youth.

Due to various reasons, as early as my high school period, Christmas was no longer a holiday advocated by the country. There was no “Christmas heat” on the street. Only the Santa Claus who stayed on the door was staring at the streets. People who come and go …

Last year’s Christmas, because I was invited by my friends, I participated in an event and made a lot of money. I asked my parents to eat a group meal. At that moment, I felt that I became my parents’ Santa Claus, and I really gave me a sense of accomplishment. I even felt that this was my unforgettable Christmas.

So I thought of the title of this article -my mother, who is the real Santa?

It is rumored that the real Santa in history is a bishop in Greece called Saint Nicholas. Lifetime is good and good, and reluctant the poor is a true Christian sage. Although I think there is this person, I can’t say, maybe the real Santa is in our hearts? If there is really Santa, I don’t want any gifts, I just wish him to bless all my family members, and all friends I met in the Internet and reality.

I always think that we can really be able to pass in China in China, but Thanksgiving is grateful, grateful to this national spirit of this China since ancient times. Christmas is also available, but you can give your family a warm gift or accompany your family. Is the real meaning of these festivals in China?