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4 bags that can be memorized at work and dating, the maximum can install 16 -inch computers

Hello everyone, I am a tomato 🍅

The first demellier of the group said that the 13 -inch laptop was installed. As a result, a number of cute people who needed to carry 14, 15, and 16 -inch computers suddenly emerged in the background … Ah me … ah …

What can I do? It can only be satisfied with your requirements for you to find these big bags!

Hard work pays off,


Self -weight, styles, and capacity are large capacity packages

Finally found it.


After 10 minutes of visiting her official website, I planted another 123 bags and two silk scarves … Ah me …

What can I do? I can only tell Miss Business, see if I can talk about a group purchase to benefit everyone (and me)?

So there is this issue today

CF × cafuné special session

, Also the brand




Strong strength discount.

In addition to large -capacity packages, there are both medium and small bags. Everyone takes what needs.


Many friends don’t know much about this independent designer brand, I will briefly talk about it.

Cafuné originated from Portuguese, which means “to care for love”, which is a

Super poetic

Accessories brand.

Queenie Fan and Day Lau founded Cafuné in 2015. The goal is to be for the purpose

Women who are pursuing personality

Design handbag accessories.


The two founders have always believed that the design and quality of the product are the cornerstone, but the more valuable thing is

Emotion between wearers and products.

Finding suitable bags for them at different occasions can make them more confident and cute when using. It is something that the brand feels very proud and proud.

Of course, the materials and processes behind each product will be strictly selected and controlled.

Superb craft


It is useless to say, and I know it is really worth when I get it.

I like the point of CAFUNé the most, or it can be able to take it


Low -key and fashionable

The balance is just right.

There are many clever design points, but

Not exaggerated

In low -key simplicity, you can always integrate a lot of careful thoughts.

It is worth mentioning that this time

4 bags and 2 silk scarves

, It’s all the hot -selling models of her family.

Sell ​​directly



In addition to the spot this time, I put on the CF

Exclusive offer


It’s a pity to miss it.

So everyone is optimistic, so hurry up and miss the village without this shop.

Single product recommendation

C -LOCK TOTE -Monogram (Monography)

The first thing to recommend is to install 16 -inch 💻

Ultra -large capacity TOTE



This TOTE comes from the main item of the Conscious series. The design concept is “

Sustainable environmental protection



65%of recycled cotton and 35%of cotton composition are sustainable canvas; in the inside are recycled polyester fibers, which are environmentally friendly and waterproof and durable.

Bag body is iconic of cafuné

Double C print

, Great and advanced.

The big bag in summer is afraid of heavy, so this TOTE uses it directly “



The printing part has a hollow design. It has a very strong breathing and looks very light. It is very suitable for summer.

The C-LOCK MONOGRAM printing of the bag is not a plane print, but it is used


There is a slight protrusion, the gloss in the sun

Beautiful to speak


Simple and atmospheric packaging, the pattern is not easy to hit, simple and simple


White T black pants

It’s very advanced.

Special suitable

Commuting party

, Or a black and white gray in the wardrobe, like it, like it

Minimalist wind

But I don’t want to buy pure basic models.

Everyone carrys TOTE. Your pattern style is different from others, and you can easily win a lot.

The size is 26*40*18cm, and the shoulder straps are 27cm long,


The capacity is really super invincible

There is a computer partition in the bag, which can easily accommodate

16 -inch MacBook Pro

There is also a zipper pocket inside, which can put small objects such as the key, lipstick, paper towels, and ID cards.

I have to say that cafuné really understands me,

Large bag partition layer

It’s really necessary.

The little thing could not be found, and the computer dangled and scratched with lipstick. The instant from the moment I got this bag was gone, and I burst into tears.

There is also a straw point in this bag, that is, the colors and patterns are very neutral.

Men and women can use

It is also acceptable to buy a one with a boyfriend.

In addition to going to work and commuting, usually

short journey




Put a bath towel cup, even

Novice dad

Mothers and babies

Going out, it is entirely enough.

I am 166cm tall, I can hold it, and I recommend 162cm+ sister to buy.

Finally, make up a word, this bag is completely


Gao Mei Welfare

, Especially the sisters of 170cm are the queen on their back. Really, I lie to you as a dog.

Pendulum Bag -Mushroom (Pressure Skin)

This medium mushroom bag is cafuné

2021 Spring and Summer Series New Products


The design is inspired by the dynamic dynamics of the bell, and the side is combined with the arc and the straight line.



It feels very wonderful.

The opening and closing hardware part uses the brand iconic


Double C buckle lock

, Light golden color is not obtrusive, and it can be matched with various colors of clothes.

The hardware part CAFUNé deliberately uses the most excellent surface treatment process on the market, which can be effective


Injury and discoloration


The phenomenon.

Everyone worked hard to make money and buy bags. All kinds of scratches for one month. Everyone is uncomfortable.

So I especially recommend the bag in the cabinet


Not many bags

, I want to buy a person who can only use a long -lasting bag, buy “


Litchi leather



Compared to the light surface, it will have more texture, more wear -resistant and durable, and the back for a long time also

Not old

The inner lining is the same as the first C-LOCK TOTE


Regenerate polyester fiber

, Both waterproof and durability.

The inside zipper pockets can put some valuable items, and the outer layer can put some things that need to be accessed frequently, such as boarding passes and movie tickets, which is easy to get.

The shoulder strap can be adjusted,

Spring and summer wear less, and the shoulder straps are shorter and more refreshing; in the autumn and winter, you will not be cramped when you have a long point.


The size is 19.5*23.5*10cm, which is moderate in size.

How versatile Mi Xing color, I wo n’t say much, do n’t pick clothes at all, short -sleeved long -sleeved, coat down jackets are no problem, belonging to

I can carry it all year round

The invincible versatile models.

I still always carry this spring.

Given that this bag is medium, if the height is lower than 156cm, just

Not recommended

It may be pressed.

Usually dressed in Japanese style,

Gentle and simple style

The sisters’ backs are invincible and beautiful.

Stance Wallet -brown/protein

Next, this Stance Wallet is completely

Small friendly


In the cafuné 2021 spring and summer series, it is considered

Most popular

One of the styles and colors, it quickly sold out as soon as it was launched.

The design inspiration comes from the color of the artist Georgia O ‘Keefefee mountain scenery, brown -white contrasting color is fashionable and simple.

Bao body is high -end

Italian imitation python pattern goatskin


The feel is soft, and it can also ensure that the type is included.

Like the mushroom bag above, the brand classic metal C-Lock locks.

But the most satisfactory point is the C -shaped lock buckle

Two adjustment methods

If there are few things in the bag, you will buckle the upper end, which is tight and the safety index is higher;

When there are many things in the bag, you will buckle the lower end, the space becomes larger, and it is more convenient to get things.

Don’t look at the small bag, the capacity is still very OK.

There are zipper pockets in the inner and back side, which can be put on valuable items.

6 card slots

, Can almost replace wallets and card bags, completely

One pack and multi -purpose

Good player.

Disassembly and adjustable shoulder strap

In addition to hand, you can also crossbody, shoulders, and have a lot of back methods. It depends on your needs.

When used as a underarm bag, you can use it directly

C-lock silk scarf replace the shoulder strap

It is super stylish to carry.

The size of the bag is 21x13x4cm, which is equivalent to the size of an iPhone 8.

Exquisite small bag

I am more recommended

Around 150-158cm

, I usually like retro style, but do not like girls who are too complicated.

For example, afternoon tea on the weekend, visiting the street, usually work and commuting, are super suitable.


Egg baby -wine red


This egg -shaped bag can be said to be the most reflected

Cafuné aesthetics design concept



I do n’t like extreme things myself, like this shape, but the edges and corners are combined with edges and corners. I like it very much, I always think

Gentle and gentle and powerful

Like some special square bags, the usual utilization rate is not too high. I always have to wear a “branch edge” to feel worthy of the bag.

This is not at all. You can wear a casual top and jeans at all.

High -saturated and low -light wine red calm and calm, there are species

Dignified temperament

I always thought that the back color bag in the summer was a bit too dark. It was not until the light color came out, and I found that the wine red itself was enough to be eye -catching.

Grasp the sight firmly


I won’t feel the noise, I just call it wonderfully.


The wristband at the top has a certain thickness, not the kind of soft lying, with

Noodle cowhide

, Hand is super temperament, with a small white skirt to participate in the party is very advanced.

The bag is equipped with a long shoulder strap, which can cross the shoulder or obliquely.

Body is used

Double -direction zipper opening and closing design

, Safe and convenient.

The interior space is also very generous, and daily pink lipstick headphones are fine.

Like you need to go to some semi -formal occasions, or go shopping with your sisters, it is very suitable, belonging to



Formally can also be at will


One hundred changes.

C -LOCK SCARF -Dark Green/Hutao

After introducing 4 bags, let’s talk about my grass this time

Two silk scarf



Dark green

“It is really, very, very, beautiful, it is the kind of unscrupulous look.

I take it directly

Tied on the shoulder strap of 02/mushroom bag

The alternation of green and orange is exposed, which brings a strong summer sense to the overall look.

Smart and lively

Article 2 “Walnut” is the 2021 spring and summer series


New color

The combination of modern printing and medieval colors is very eye -catching.

60 × 60m square scarf, Zhou Zhou directly brought it

Wear as a small tube top

, Pretty appropriate.

I usually try to think about some new tricks, and I can try it. I put on the mushroom bags of the same color.

As mentioned earlier, use it as a Stance Wallet

Underarous shoulder strap

, Also very new.

In addition to shoulder straps and tube tops, the most common method is

Make a headscarf or a scarf

, It’s super flavor.

In addition, CAFUNé is also provided

Free letters embroidery


Each scarf can enjoy up to two letters for free personalized services. The letters can be placed in the same corner or on the corner of the silk scarf.

Don’t be too cost -effective to set up our discount this time.

Group purchase information

Activity time


June 1 -June 14th

Fan benefits


20 % off the audience

All product price free shipping taxes

I said before, this cooperation is also a brand


A big strength discount

Yes, you usually do not discount.

So everyone is optimistic, let’s start, don’t miss time, come and cry with me, saying that I didn’t see it.

the way of buying

method 1:

Click the applet card directly below, receive the coupon at the top and place an order.

Method 2:

On the order settlement page, click “Offer”, and enter the redemption altitude “NS” input.

Both methods can be exchanged for discounts, and the way to choose your own habit is OK.

Special Note

This time

Non -quality issues will not be refunded

, Everyone selects it before starting;

If you have any questions, you need to find a customer service, directly

Private message “cafune office” public account

Just, customer service will reply.

Give hesitation from the rude shopping guide for the owner to buy:



Putting more than 14 inches or more

, Demand for business trips, or novice parents, choose 01 big TOTE;


Usually gentle and simple dressing style, want to buy one

Wild -to -line diligent bag

, Choose 02 Mushroom Bags;

Below 158cm

, Usually wearing clothes is retreat, the first choice of 03 color packets;

There are mostly light -colored clothes in the closet, thinking

Leisure can be formally used

Select 04 egg bag;

If you want to reduce the age, choose a dark green scarf; those who like to calm down, choose the beoned scarf.

Alright, this is the recommendation today.


Welcome everyone to tell me in the comments

Which bag you planted Cafuné


Next time I want to group which brand