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Thick cotton pants have gone, “velvet pants” popular this year, fashion, warm and advanced

Since the advent of pants, there have been many fabrics used to make pants.

As the season is replaced and the temperature becomes lower, everyone is willing to choose the pants of the warmer fabric, the velvet fabric is a good choice


In fact, velvet fabric applications are very widely used in pants,

But today we mainly share velvet pants together

The fabric of velvet pants is comfortable, visually very fashionable and gorgeous, which is very suitable for us to wear in autumn and winter

Then let’s learn how to match the specific

1. The story of velvet pants

In the initial pants, only men could wear, women can only wear long skirts

Essence But then with the influence of the war and the change of thoughts, women gradually began to wear pants. At that time, most of the reasons were still convenient for physical labor.

In the 1920s, some people began to rise feminism, and women gradually challenged pants.

Since then, pants have become the mainstream fashion of women.

So how is silk fabric popular?

In first in Europe, silk fabrics were not popular. On the contrary, at that time, it was considered to be sexy to wear tight pants.

So we can still see men in the European aristocracy in various movies wearing tight pants


In the court, in order to show the noble silk, because the fine fabrics are soft and comfortable.


However, the gorgeousness of the velvet fabric is not to be ignored. Queen Victoria discovered the uniqueness of this fabric, and gradually used silk fabric as a noble synonym in clothing.

Use in pants


Second, the show of velvet pants


As the times gradually evolved,


Velvet trousers not only stay in gorgeous and noble rhetoric


The current design brings more retro style and modern sense


This makes the design of velvet fabrics more changeable.

The use of velvet fabrics on the show on the show, the whole set of combination, long dress, high -waisted pants, etc.

The velvet pants on the show are the most fashionable and design


Essence At the same time, more and more people love this fabric through the show

3. How to choose the right velvet pants


The fabric of velvet pants is special. It needs to be carefully considered in the matching. If it is not good, it will lose gorgeousness and tacky.

So let’s take a look at the pattern pattern and color, etc.






) Press the style of velvet pants




1. suit velvet pants


The suit version of the velvet pants is the most formal style in the velvet pants version.


The tailoring of the straight tube can make the leg lines slender, but the little fairies with uneven leg muscles should not choose too tight sizes when choosing, otherwise it will reduce the gorgeous sense of velvet pants.

The suit version of the velvet pants itself has a formal feeling of career,

So in the autumn and winter seasons, although you can choose to go to work

You can choose a suit jacket not only

, Even the matching of coats and even knitted sweaters is still very retro and elegant.

2. Sports velvet pants

The sports style is relatively casual and fashionable

, Able to apply the gorgeous feeling in the sports style,

The feeling of mixing and matching gives people a refreshing feeling

Because the velvet fabric is comfortable, it can meet the sports and leisure needs in autumn

Essence Mainly because of the pants of velvet pants, there are many colors, and they are full of sportswear.


3. Conjusational velvet pants

The conjoined velvet pants are a better pants style.


Because of the use of velvet pants in a large area, the gorgeousness of the velvet can be fully displayed


Conjusational pants are more modern.

In the autumn, the velvet pants are a little cool, so you can use a slim sweater or a slim T -shirt in the jacket.


, All are good choices to show curve figure

(2) Select the design of velvet pants:


1. Legs and velvet pants

The velvet pants of the legs are warmer than the wide legs


At the same time, there is no exaggeration as wide -leg style,

So it is very suitable for girls who don’t like exaggerated matching

The velvet trousers of the legs are fixed to modify the leg type

Essence With high heels and boots, the shape is tall and low -key.

The velvet pants with legs can also be used in the sports version

, Tight -mouth design with elastic rope is full of casual with sports shoes, handsome and casual


2. Wide -legged velvet pants

The velvet fabric looks like it is born for wide -leg pants. The velvet material’s velvet feeling and smooth match with wide -leg pants are just right.


The aura can not only show the gorgeous of velvet fabrics at the same time, and it is very uniform to wear.


The wide -leg pants in the middle of the autumn are cool, but the velvet material is not only warm, the style is also strong, at the same time thinner, very perfect

Essence It is very fashionable with knitted sweater or sweater


(3) Selected patterns of velvet pants:


The fabric of velvet pants is special enough to show noble and gorgeous.


Essence So choose velvet pants with pattern, you need to choose according to your style

1. Pure color velvet pants

Pure color velvet pants are more daily styles

Because velvet pants have a strong visual impact,


No need to add pattern to embellishment

Therefore, the pure color style is relatively uniform, the dark tone is calm, and the lively color is lively.

Under various coats in autumn, it can set off a gorgeous style

2. Platter velvet pants

The velvet pants of the pattern are not very daily, it is recommended to choose in the active atmosphere

Essence The pattern that is not suitable for itself will look old -fashioned and tacky

The choice of pattern must be matched with your age and style.


The style is also very important. It is recommended that the style of wide -legs will make the pattern more atmospheric and temperament


(4) Select the color of the velvet pants:

1. Gorgeous color

Gorgeous velvet pants are more lively,


And the existence is full, try to give other clothes as a subtraction in the matching

It is suitable for girls who are more lively and preferred by fashion, and can directly add highlights to clothing.

It needs to pay special attention to color matching, otherwise it will look tacky

2. Dark color


The dark tone of velvet pants is more mature and stable, and it is very suitable for the warm feeling of autumn and winter.

You can apply it in a evening dress or suit jacket in the formal occasion.


Fourth, how to wear velvet skirts

1. Set


If you want to choose velvet pants to change your dress style, but you’re afraid of not good matching,

The best way is to wear a set. The design and matching of the design will not make you stagnate because of the problem of matching


The whole set of velvet fabric is often a suit version,

There will be different lower body, some are suit pants, some are skirt shorts, some are long skirts, and so on. Generally use the same color fabric, the overall sense is stronger,

And the style of creation is also completely uniform


The velvet suit is very practical in daily matching, whether it is going to work or shopping or even formal occasions.

Essence With a pair of suitable shoes, the whole temperament is gorgeous without losing its demeanor.

However, the specific set version needs to be selected according to my figure

2. High heels+velvet pants

High -heeled shoes and velvet pants are classic combinations to show women’s noble charm.


The elegance of velvet pants itself is more temperamental through the support of high heels


Just consider the color and style.


The combination of the two can create the visual effect of long legs in one second.


Wearing high heels in autumn, it is recommended to be cold in winter than cold heels

Fifth, female stars’ velvet skirts wear


The camisole is the easiest style of clothes to choose from velvet fabric.

If you are still a velvet entry -level novice,

Then the suspender velvete style is your best entry equipment


He Sui’s velvet strap is very elegant. At the same time, the style of the pants is more convenient in daily life.


But the gorgeous feeling of the clothes seems to be improved from the evening dress, and it will not be cut at all.

The dark red color sets off the skin more fair.

Feel cold in autumn and winter, just add some warm inside and accessories. Matching very simple high heels and even casual sports shoes are OK,


Choose high -heeled boots in winter to keep warm


In the above content, we divide the velvet pants more accurate,


This is easier for us to choose styles in daily life


The velvet fabric is comfortable and warm for autumn,

At the same time, the style is very gorgeous and elegant, very suitable for winter wear

Whether it is a complete set or a mix and match, it can create a retro -modern style of one middle. The biggest advantage of velvet material is that no matter what color fabric itself, the style of the fabric will not change.

Let the velvet decorate you this autumn and winter, right?