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Recently, a new way of wearing is called “upper thick and thin”, which is high and fashionable. The stars are wearing!

The weather in April is embarrassing, it is always cold and hot, and the phenomenon of chaotic dressing is also common on the street, but our fashionable girl will never admit defeat. If you want to wear and take care of the gusts and temperature in April, new wear Knowledge is essential!

Today I will give you a good way to this new way of wearing this spring- “upper thick and thin”, as the name suggests, it is a thicker point on the upper body and thin points on the lower body. Type, high and fashionable, can make many female celebrities and fashion bloggers be moving. Are you sure you don’t want to try it ~

look1. Sweater wear

The sweater can be said to be the backbone of April. The thick and rigid sweaters are comfortable and versatile. Which fashionable girl wardrobe is not in the concept of “upper thick and thin”. The sweater with shorts is a public model that is not picky.

Although it is a public model, through the color matching and the coordination of styles, everyone can also wear their own unique fashion sense ~ Oversized wind -hooded sweater with tight black shorts, not only the use of thickness and thinness, but also The concept of loosening is used, so that wearing it is simple and can show a good figure.

The sweater with a skirt is also a good choice. If you want to make your good figure look more superior, please take notes silently and stuff the hem of the sweater into the waist of the trousers. Okay ~ The pink hooded sweater and leather skirt are combined with some coolness into the beauty. This kind of dress is beautiful and fashionable, and the practicality is very strong. It is very suitable for going out to eat.

look2. Sweater wear

The cold weather in April is really confusing. The fashion matching that was originally sealed in autumn and winter appeared in April and appeared in April. When choosing a sweater to match today, the point you need to pay attention to is that you cannot choose too loose styles.

The sweater was originally a warm and warm feeling, especially if the slightly fat girl put on the sweaters of Oversize wind, it would show the sense of vision of the tiger back. Using the body -repairing sweater to match the shorts is one of the ideal matching of April. The thick and warm sweater with thin shorts can easily show your good figure.

It is also a good match with a sweater to match the skirt, and this kind of sisters who do not pick a figure, the flesh -skinned sisters and the sisters with thin body can interpret their charm. With a bright sweater with a light -colored striped small skirt, it not only achieves the tips of “upper thick and thin”, but also uses a deep color matching principle, so that it is easier to wear a temperament.

The matching of sweaters+skirts is also very suitable for us to wear daily wear. Whether it is going downstairs to take a courier or go shopping in the supermarket, this body is comfortable and short and generous.


look3. suit wear

How can a fashionable girl who wants to wear temperament can let go of a suit look! The version of the version is slightly a bit large, the light khaki color suit with a dark khaki strap pants, which has a layered matching of the temperature and demeanor. Whoever wears is a pretty girl booking!


The weather in April is really easy to change. Adding a white shirt to the deep khaki bib pants makes the overall matching more refreshing and it feels capable and simple. The look of this suit+strap pants is very suitable for women in the workplace or fashionable girl who likes light OL wind.


If you are older, 28+ women’s women are suitable for a suit with a suit. 28+ Women want to wear a temperament. The color of the suit jacket must not be too dark. Choose the be loud camel is just right, low -key and versatile.


It is the most classic and difficult match with a printed dress. The design details of the pattern and pleated skirt of the printed dress are full of femininity. The sisters who feel that they are not tall and hesitant do not have to worry. The dress and knee length of the dress show a pair of thin white calves and paired with thin band high heels to make your body even more sloppy.


look4. Wind coat wear


The windbreaker is one of the most suitable fashion items for “upper thick”. Oversized wind coat with denim shorts, revealing a thin and white slender beautiful legs, and a thin girl will definitely have surprises! You can choose the same color with the windbreaker or the color system of the trench coat in the top of the shirt. With a black printed T -shirt with high -waisted denim shorts, it will not make mistakes. The matching of trench coats+shorts is full of full attributes. It is very applicable whether it is commuting to work or going to the streets with friends.


Wind coats can not only wear youthful fashion, but also to highlight the temperament. It is also completely OK. The girl with a good figure really doesn’t waste her advantages. She stacked like Qi Wei, and it is easy to concave the powerful fashion Karma. Camel trench coats and short denim jackets and pink shirts are stacked, and the color selection of color selection will give people a elegant sense of fashion.


A pine stone green skirt is a highlight. The camel trench coat with a pine stone green skirt has a retro beauty, which easily highlights the graceful figure and makes your temperament instantly advanced. The combination of windbreaker+skirt is very suitable for some important dating. The first moment of the noodles, you won very thoroughly ~

Everyone is getting the thick and thin way. Everyone is getting. If you want to wear a sense of fashion in April, the classic method of thin and thin on the pick is right!