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Go left in and right, the crystal bracelet is particular about wearing

Crystal texture is crystal clear, colorful, beautiful and romantic; compared to other gems, crystals are also very cheap and have a very close price; and because of the spirituality of crystals, it is also loved by people and become the lucky stone of the wearer. Essence The crystal itself has trace elements and magnetic fields, so most of the crystals have auxiliary treatment effect on the disease.


The wearing of crystal bracelets generally follows the big principle of “left in and right”, which hand to wear according to crystal efficacy. The energy of the universe is circulating in the form of the left in and right. The other point is to look at the attributes of the spar itself. The crystal is generally divided into energy and absorption energy. Projected crystals can release energy to attract some magnetic fields. A absorbent crystal can absorb some energy. If it is absorbent, we should wear it on the left hand, and if it is projected, it should be worn on the right hand.


Inhalery crystal -left hand

Such as amethyst, chalcedony, fluorite, jade, moonstone, olives, pink crystals, pink crystals, green stone, sea blue treasures, tattoo agate, white or transparent square lipstick, lapis stone, peacock stone, pearl, etc.

Projected Crystal -Right Hand

Such as amber, ame, white crystal, yellow crystal, garnet, hair crystal, tiger eye stones, green ghosts, red patterns, red agate, Dongling stone, golden cubes, black agate, yellow jade, obsidian and so on.

Wearing crystal jewelry, you need to pay attention to the following points

First, wear crystals according to the principle of “left in and right”.

2. Pay attention to purify your crystal jewelry. The crystal usually absorbs the negative energy of the body. It is like a trash can. It is necessary to release it regularly when it is filled. Only after release will bring more good luck. When the surface time of the crystal stone itself, there will be dirty attachment, and cleaning will be essential.

Third, do not wear crystal jewelry to contact any liquid. Although water or acid -alkali substances will not affect it, during the activity, the jewelry will always be pulled, resulting in a broken crystal.


4. Understand the auxiliary treatment of crystal. Medical research proves that natural crystals have the functions of lowering blood pressure, eyesight, refreshing, favorable convenience, and dirty, especially for eye diseases, pharyngitis, insomnia, periarthitis, and breast disease. Everything in the world is similar to that of the magnetic field of the crystal and the magnetic field of the human body. When the human body is uncomfortable, the magnetic field changes. The magnetic field of the crystal can correct the magnetic field of human cells and keep people vitality and vitality.

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