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How to preserve flower tea does not affect quality?

Hualong.com at 14 o’clock on February 23rd. Many people like to drink flower tea, but there is a problem with tea in the tea. So how to save flower tea? Xiaobian has a way here!

1. The preservation method of flower tea

1. Ceramic tanks are sealed and preserved

The best container for saving flower tea is a tea tank made of ceramics. It can best maintain the quality stability of dry tea. If it is stored with a transparent glass bottle, it must be placed in a shelter. It is best to save it without plastic bags, but it can be saved with dark paper bags.

2. Use plastic bag sealing method

A food bags that are high, high -pressure, thick, good, good, and non -odor. Tea can be wrapped in a softer clean paper in advance, and then placed in a food bag and sealed.

3. Remove it with refrigerators and seal

Camellia is most suitable for refrigerating in the refrigerator. However, you must seal the tea before refrigerating. It is best to put it with a fresh -keeping bag and seal it, so that the flower tea is best preserved. Put it in the refrigerator at a low temperature and store it. If the temperature is controlled below 5 ° C, the quality of the flower tea is better. Generally, the flavor of the flower tea can be maintained for more than 1 year. For bulk tea, you can first put a clean, clean, and tasteless brown bottle or tin iron tank or tube. Put in the refrigerator for storage.

The hot water bottle that can be used in poor insulation, put the dry jasmine tea into the bottle, cover the bottle plug, and seal it with wax.

2. Precautions for preserving flower tea

1. Pay attention to sealing

No matter what container is placed in the flower tea, it must be sealed and sealed to do a good job of moisture prevention to avoid oxidation or moisture and affect the quality of the flower tea.

2. Put a cool and dry place

Flower tea is most afraid of humid environment, because the water in the air can not only cause the aroma of the flower tea, but also deteriorate the tide of tea. Therefore, the flower tea should be stored in a cool and dry place to avoid sunlight.

3. Avoid mixing different tea

Different types of dry flowers and plants should be avoided, because they will absorb fragrances, especially such as lavender and rosemary. It is more likely to cover the fragrance of coexistence. In addition, the same type but different periods of purchase should also be stored separately to avoid the losing loss of the fragrance of flowers and grass. In addition, it is not the right way to put flower and grass tea in the refrigerator, or tied with strong odors, because it is easy to absorb the odor and confuse the original aroma.

How long is the shelf life of flower tea?

The shelf life and drinking period of flower tea is better for 6-8 months. The aroma of the flower tea for too long will be dispersed, and the edible value of flower tea will also be reduced. Therefore, you should drink the tea you bought as soon as possible to avoid it for a long time. If you can’t finish it, you have to make a long time to save, but the time should not be too long. Generally speaking, the parts above the soil surfaces such as flowers and leaves can be saved for 1 year, and the roots and stems below the soil surface can be saved for about two years.