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Rumor: Tight -fitting underwear to lift the abdomen? Don’t bully yourself! Passeed underwear is so washed like this

Health includes many aspects, physical health, psychological health, and the health of private parts is everyone, both men and women, especially women who are deeply troubled by gynecological diseases.


To say that the private parts are inseparable from the underwear, I used to be young and ignorant. In order to lose weight, many women are obsessed with the so -called “abdominal underwear”. Such underwear generally has a tight high waist. Root reinforced cartilage, after putting it on, it looks like she is thin. In fact, it will return to the original shape after taking off the underwear.


Some women even deliberately buy a small yard when they buy underwear, thinking that they can achieve the effect of “abdomen and hips”. If you can wear your belly to lift your abdomen, who can still live in the gym?

The private parts of women are easy to warm and humid, and bacteria are easy to breed. If you come with a tight panties, the air is even more unable to circulate. And this too tight underwear will also cause friction on the thigh roots or genitals in daily activities, causing itching or even pain.

When choosing underwear, be sure to choose the right size. It is comfortable to wear. At least the waist and thigh roots, you will not have obvious marks on the day when you wear it.

The inner pants are the first choice for moisture absorption, soft and breathable materials, cotton, Modal cotton, and Ledisal fibers are currently wearing more comfortable materials.

Underwear is recommended to replace every day, especially women with more secretions in special periods, such as ovulation, vaginitis, or women during pregnancy, and the cleaning of underwear The refreshing and breathable parts of the private parts prevent itching and the occurrence of gynecological diseases.

Daily cleaning is very important for private parts, especially women.

“Washing is healthier” is not without any truth, but we have understood that what should be washing should be outside rather than inside. For normal healthy women, it is generally not necessary to clean it. Inner rinse.


In the case of uncomfortableness, the daily warm water can be cleaned. The water in the water heater or the warm water that is cooled after boiling it. It is convenient for which one to use.

The underwear as a clothing that is contacting directly with our private parts is also particular when cleaning.

1: Wash it in time, do not save a bunch of underwear for fermentation in a hot day.

2: If the workload is not heavy, you can wash it separately from other clothes, especially when using a public washing machine.

3: If individuals have stricter hygiene requirements for underwear, or they are recurrent in vaginitis. Recently, there have been unclean contact, or unfortunately during the period of sexually transmitting disease infection, it is recommended to throw away new underwear in the underwear or when washing. Disinfection.

So what are the common disinfection methods?

Natural exposure:


This belongs to the method that God wants to cooperate, with low cost and simple operation, which is basically enough for healthy people.

But the rainy weather on the cloudy or continuous plum rain, expecting the exposure of the panties to grow hair. And if it is indoors, the disinfection force brought by this sunlight is weaker.

Disinfection solution:

Such as Dilu, Weili, etc., such clothes disinfectant, add it directly when washing clothes, and use it simple, but pay attention to use enough, otherwise the amount is too small, too much water, and it is easy to be easily diluted. It affects the disinfection effect.

UV disinfection:

Ultraviolet rays are divided into three bands of UVA UVB UVC according to different wavelengths. The only short -wave ultraviolet rays with a bactericidal effect are the UVC band. Many people think that the sun is exposed to ultraviolet disinfection. In fact, the short -wave ultraviolet in the sun is almost completely absorbed by the ozone layer. It is said that the sun drying and sterilization is actually more of the calories radiated by the solar to bake some bacteria and mites. The smell of the sun that we can smell is actually the taste of mites grilled.

At present, most of these ultraviolet disinfection machines are specially emitted with ultraviolet sterilization lamps with short -wave ultraviolet rays. For example, the ultraviolet tableware disinfection cabinets we often see in hotels. At present, some small ultraviolet disinfection machines on the market, or hospital or ultraviolet disinfection lamp tube The

The lack of ultraviolet disinfection is that it can only be transmitted along the line, low radiation energy, and the penetrating power is weak (even 2mm glass will block 99 % of the irradiation intensity). After a period of use of ultraviolet lights, it will have a certain degree of light failure, and the sterilization effect will be weaker.

High temperature disinfection:

High -temperature sterilization can be said to be the most common and exact effect of non -dead angle sterilization methods, which can solve the vast majority of bacteria and fungi that cause gynecological diseases. For example, the white phonics that cause fungal vaginitis, and white Candida has a strong resistance to ultraviolet rays, sunlight, and chemical preparations, but the resistance to high temperature is very poor. It can be completely killed at 60 degrees for about 50-60 minutes. The higher the temperature, the shorter the time.

However, if you want to sterilize high temperature, it means that we must have the corresponding operation. The representative equipment for this type of disinfection is the high -temperature and high -pressure steamer generally used in the hospital. kind:

It is definitely unrealistic to get this pot at home, and you can’t wash the underwear every day and add a large pot to cook, especially those who are prone to lazy cancer. At present, this kind of small -body high -temperature vacuum underwear washing is also available on the market. It can be cleaned at the same time as high -temperature vacuum disinfection, which is more suitable for home use.

Ozone disinfection:

Ozone is fast and uniform in the air, and there is no dead corner for disinfection. However, its disadvantage is that the sterilization time is long, and it should generally reach 50 ~ 60 minutes. In addition, if there is water on the surface of the items to be disinfected, the disinfection effect of ozone will weaken.

There are fewer disinfection machines using ozone disinfection alone, and most of them are used with ultraviolet disinfection.

After washing and drying, it was stored.

We should open the clean underwear and the underwear to be washed. It can be stored in a dry and ventilated cabinet or underwear storage, especially those with trichomonas vaginitis, condyloma acuminatum, etc. Avoid wearing underwear with others, or cleaning underwear.


Underwear is tight and lifted, but we are a beautiful fantasy. Temporary Le can only deceive himself. The size is suitable, and the comfortable and breathable underwear is really suitable for us. There is no magical magic in this day, making you instantly transform.

Make the nursing of the underwear, develop good habits, healthy and healthy, refreshing, if you want to lift your abdomen and hips in the next step, you need to work hard and exercise well ~