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Step in the group Best -selling Schwarn hair dyeing cream, easily cover off white hair!

Recently, a hair dye cream was found not only to cover the white hair, but also the hair was smooth and shiny after dyeing. It did not stimulate the scalp. Today we recommend it to you!

Schwarn Kouyan hair dye cream

Contains various hair dyeing tools and hair dyes

This is the best -selling Shiwangkou hair dye cream for many years in Germany. The hair dyed with it is natural and long -lasting, and even the color of the hair root is uniform and beautiful.


The hair dye cream of Yiran series is mainly used to cover white hair, especially suitable for elders and young people with white hair.

Siwangkou was founded in Germany in 1898. It has a number of professional product lines such as hair dyeing, washing, perm, and shape. It has been recognized and respected by countless international professional hair stylists. Even many big -name stars are loyal fans.


Schwarn Knowy Hair Dyeing Cream also won the 2016 Fashion COSMO Beauty Award Annual Household Dyeing Award, and the reputation is super good.


In order: coloring, hair dyeing, hair dyeing cream, shampoo, hair mask

Hair dyeing cream is added with calendula extracts, European flower extracts, and chrysanthemum extracts of the car. At the same time as dyeing, it can also nourish hair, enhance elasticity, and improve hair quality.

In addition, in the separate shampoo and hair mask, 7 plant ingredients such as lychee, He Shouwu, and Ginkgo leaves are added to help moisturize the hair and improve the smoothness and gloss of the hair after hair dyeing.

The texture after mixing the cocoa brown number

The texture of the hair dye cream and the mixing with milk is uniformly mixed, which is the kind of sparse paste.


It is very mild, without any irritating smell, it has little feeling to apply it on the hair.

It is especially good to use it to cover the white hair!

Schwarn Kouyan’s hair dye cream, 6 colors options, the current winter warm heart museum is available ▼


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The Schwarn Kouyan hair cream brought to you this time has a total of 6 colors, all of which are very popular hot -selling color.

Natural black system includes shiny pearl black and dark brown brown, which is the most suitable for buying white hair for elders. Young people who like black hair are also good -looking.


Left: Shining Pearl Black Right: Cashmere fat dark brown

Among them, the shiny pearl black is pure black, but it is never fake black; the cashmere fat dark brown sun is close to the black tea color, adding a bit of fashion.

Four types of fashion brown: natural brown, malt light brown, cocoa brown, Mocha dark red brown.

The brown is the most lined with the skin tone of Asians. These models are naturally beautiful and more fashionable, which is very suitable for young people.

Left: Natural brown right: Mocha dark red brown

Natural brown is very low -key and white, and it looks particularly shiny under the sun. Mocha is dark red brown.


Left: malt light brown right: cocoa brown

Malt light brown is the lightest, cocoa brown is between natural brown and malt light brown.

Natural brown is deep brown. It will not be exaggerated when it is dyed. It will be a bit black in the dark, but in the sun is good brown.

Malt light brown fashion is also very high, the color is slightly reddish, and the color of long curly hair is very beautiful.


Coco brown is the super gentle chocolate color, which is very white.

Note: The hair dyeing effect is different due to hair quality, hair color, room temperature and hair dyeing time.

The following usage is here, it can be a fool -style operation.

As long as you squeeze the green tubing hair cream (1 dose) into the white bottle coloring and apply the milk (2 doses), cover the lid and shake it hard.


Then squeeze it out and wipe it on the hair. Remember to wear a supporting disposable glove from the root of the hair and finally apply the hair ends. Note that you must apply it in the dry hair state.

You can also put on a matching hair comb and comb the hair dyeing cream on the hair, which is more convenient and fast.

After applying it for 30 ~ 50 minutes (if the hair color is deeply recommended for a long time), during the period, you can wrap the plastic wrap, use a hair dryer or heating cap for heating, and speed up the color.


Then wash it off with low temperature water. Remember to water water. Do not use shampoo. After washing, use the supporting shampoo and hair mask to maintain your hair.

Each box contains: 60g of hair care cream, 60ml of coloring milk, shampoo 12.5ml (2 bags), nourishing the hair mask 12.5ml (2 bags), and a glove earmuff shawl and a manual.

Also pay attention:


People who are particularly susceptible to allergies are recommended to apply behind their ears or wrists to perform allergies to prevent some ingredients of hair dyed cream. Pregnant women are not recommended to use.


A box of short hair is enough. Long hair is recommended to use two boxes at a time.



It is said that buying and buying can decompress it! Try it!




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