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“Crystal Light Buying” Crystal Lights How to identify the crystal lamps in the crystal lamp

The crystal lamp market has always been greasy, and the water is relatively deep. Consumers are facing many professional terms, such as K9 crystal, Egyptian crystal, Czech crystal, Swarovski crystal and leading leadership. The monk couldn’t touch it. It is no wonder that this is because the domestic crystal light industry has always lacked a formal standard, so this has led to the uneven quality of the entire industry’s products and mixed fish and dragons. Then I will explore this path for you today.

1. What are the classifications of crystal lamps

1. Press style


① Simple and modern

Style crystal lamp

Composed of curves and asymmetric lines, such as flower stalks, flower buds, grape vines, insect wings, and various beautiful, waveform patterns in nature.

② Chinese Water

「水晶灯选购」水晶灯的选购技巧 如何鉴别水晶灯好坏

Crystal lamp

The design of modern Chinese style has also become a new Chinese style. Modern Chinese style refers to the organic combination of traditional and modern, which is a reasonable inheritance and development of traditional architectural culture.

「水晶灯选购」水晶灯的选购技巧 如何鉴别水晶灯好坏

③ Post -modern water

This style has improved the traditional European -style crystal lamp, incorporated into modern style, more colorful in color, and more concise in style.

④ European Water

European -style lamps focus on symmetrical space aesthetics. The reason why it lasts for a long time is because it emphasizes a reasonable and symmetrical ratio. The method of processing in detail is the classic of historical refinement. Therefore, it has a strong humanistic atmosphere.

⑤ American village

crystal Light

The American rural style has abandoned tedious and luxurious, and combines the excellent elements in different styles, with comfortable functions, emphasizing “returning to nature”, making this style easier and comfortable.

2. Press the function

① Crystal platform lights:

Crystal -made table lamp. Crystal chandelier: It has gorgeous and noble characteristics. Generally unique in shape and high aesthetic value.

② Crystal suction


The ceiling light made from crystal. Inhale or embed the roof ceilings. It has gorgeous and noble characteristics.

③ Crystal wall lamp


Crystal wall lamps are usually used in places with narrow spaces such as corridors, aisles, and doorways.

「水晶灯选购」水晶灯的选购技巧 如何鉴别水晶灯好坏

④ Crystal landing

The floor lamps made of crystal are generally arranged in the living room and rest area, which are used in conjunction with sofas and coffee tables.

⑤ Crystal staircase light:

It is not the crystal lamp installed in the staircase, but because its appearance is mostly spiral, it looks like the shape of a staircase, so it is called the crystal staircase.

⑥ crystal candle lamp:

The earliest light source of the crystal lamp was candles. With the development of technology, the light source became an electric lamp. However, in order to maintain the continuation of the style, the shape of the lights generally imitates the candle.

Second, five crystal industry hidden rules

The crystal clear crystal lamps are increasingly entered the home of ordinary people. This kind of lamp price difference is quite large, and many consumers only pay attention to its models and do not know about its materials. In fact, the knowledge in it is still very large.

1. “Natural Water

Crystal lamp “Zi Xuwu existed

The earliest crystal lamps use: metal brackets, candles, natural crystal or quartz pendants. However, natural crystals generally contain cotton flocs, which will affect the beauty of the lamp. The crystal resources of no time, the value is very high, and it is not suitable for large -scale investment in the market. So it is gradually replaced by artificial crystal. Now the market on the market is basically a crystal lamp made of artificial crystal glass. And if some sales staff introduced: This crystal lamp is made of pure natural crystal. Then you have to look at it.

2. Domestic crystal lamp

The difference with imported crystal lights is large

① diameter

1 meter

The price of domestic crystal lamps is between 3000-5000 yuan, the price of imported crystal lamps in Egypt is between 5000-10,000 yuan and the price of Swarovski crystal lamps is between 10000-15,000 yuan.

② diameter

0.8 meters

The price of domestic crystal lamps is about 3,000 yuan, the price of imported crystal lamps in Egypt is about 5,000 yuan, and the price of Swarovski Crystal Lighting is about 10,000 yuan.

③ suck

dome light

Basically, the price of crystal ceiling lamps can be bought under 5,000 yuan.


In comparison, Swarovski Crystal Lighting is generally priced at about three times the price of Egyptian crystal lamps.

3. Leading volume determines artificial water

Crystal glass quality

Artificial crystal glass, that is, add 24%lead oxide to ordinary glass (ingredients is silicon dioxide). The higher the lead, the higher the brightness and transparency of the artificial crystal glass. The glass -containing glass is removed from glass, which can be called crystal. From then on, the lead glass with a lead of lead oxide greater than equal to 24%is allowed to be called lead crystal. Add glass.

4. Artificial crystal

Glass level

① High -end crystals

The leading volume of crystals is above 35%, and the crystal cutting surface is above 200 or higher, which represents high -end crystals with Swarovski Crystal.

② mid -range water

The lead content reaches 30 %, and its cut surface can reach more than 100, representing crystals produced by countries such as Egypt, Czech Republic.

「水晶灯选购」水晶灯的选购技巧 如何鉴别水晶灯好坏

The lead content is only 10 %, and the purity is low. For example, some domestic crystals are low -grade products.

5. K9 crystal is

Is the best?

When the product is promoted, I will hear “this product uses the highest -level K9 artificial crystal”. Is this really the case? The reason why K9 is called K9 is because its lead content is 9%. K5 is also the same. It belongs to optical glass and is crystal clear, so many factories that use K9 materials as processing objects are derived. Their processed products are called crystal glass products on the market. In essence, it is a kind of glass.

Why do you still hear publicity words such as “pure natural crystal” and “the best K9 crystal”? First, China does not have relevant laws for artificial crystals, and the other is that domestic crystal glass has not yet produced high -quality lead crystals.

3. How to distinguish the quality of the crystal lamp

Since the crystal lamps on the market are basically artificial, there is no need to entangle whether it is artificial or natural. However, the crystal raw materials used by the brand are still much high quality, because even if it is artificial crystal, it is divided into three, six or nine.

1. Why do you want

Choose genuine crystal lamps

Although the current crystal lamps are artificial crystals, the levels and quality of different artificial crystals are also very different. When you buy it, you still recognize the brand’s genuine crystal lamp, because the genuine crystal lamp has an unsatisfactory advantage.

① There are perfect craftsmanship, long -lasting

Shaping, polishing and polishing technology are very superb, and can better present the crystal crystal clear.

② Top design, luxurious sparkling

The designer of the brand company has rich experience and inspiration, which is very excellent, making the crystal 360 degrees gorgeous.

③ Material selection of superior materials and real materials are real

Brand crystal lamps are generally strict with ingredients, pay more attention to lead content, and have better crystal texture.

Comparison of genuine crystal and imitation details

Genuine crystal

Subdiviser crystal

The difference between genuine crystal and imitation details Compared with the genuine crystal crystal light and crystal series, the steel wire buckle is selected. It is highly safe and durable.

Select decorative buckles with poor safety performance but high -permeasians to launch hidden safety hazards.

The difference between genuine crystal and imitation details Compared with the genuine crystal crystal light and crystal series, the steel wire buckle is selected. It is highly safe and durable. The steel ring of the crystal string adopts the thick steel wire in the market. It has a large diameter, stronger resistance, and stronger and safer.

Disglementing the materials on the crystal steel ring, and even the iron wire with very poor anti -pressure, it is difficult to distinguish the naked eye, but it affects the safety of use.

Links of the custard of crystal lamp butterflies and lamp heads adopt a more advanced hardware electroplating process on the market. The stainless steel sleeve will not rust, and the surface gloss is better.

In the same part of the tube, but the weight is only one -half of the genuine products, and the inner wall of the sleeve is relatively thin. Poor pressure and safety are poor.

K9 Crystal Glass also has a level

K9 Crystal has become a universal term in the industry. Sometimes K9 represents no longer only 9%of lead, but higher quality lead crystals.

High -end material

Inferior material

High -end K9 material, round and full spherical, exquisite polishing and polishing technology restores the crystal of crystals, perfectly divided, top design.

The inferior K9 material hides a lot of cat greasy in the subtle place. Similar spherical crystals, which closer the lens, but found that there are obvious scraping marks on the surface.

The high -end K9 crystal sphere is pure and has no impurities. Cutting technology cash, ridges and corners, impeccable details.

The quality K9 crystal ball has a lot of impurities. There are bubbles in the crystal. The cutting process is not in place and there is no glory.

The cutting surface of the high -end K9 maple leaf crystal is smooth without any fine lines, with good refractability and excellent light transmission.

The inferior K9 maple leaf crystal is rough, because the materials are poor, and the surface is very easy to scratch. Poor permeability, dull.

「水晶灯选购」水晶灯的选购技巧 如何鉴别水晶灯好坏

High -end K9 crystal octagonal pearl cutting surface is large, the edges are cut fairly, and the edges and corners are clear.

Inferior crystal octagonal beads cut corners, the head is small, the outline is unclear, the edges are not working, and the cutting lines are unknown.

Fourth, crystal light selection six principles

1. Simple Yuan


Crystal lighting should play a finishing touch in the room. Too complicated shapes and too complicated colors are not suitable for designing simple rooms.

2. Convenience

in principle

Most people have experienced the embarrassment of replacing the ceiling light bulb: stepping on the table, stepping on a chair, 90 degrees head, raising their arms to 2.5 meters high or even higher. When choosing a lamp, be sure to consider replacing the bulb.

3. Energy saving

Energy -saving light bulb has good electricity saving and lighting, and it will not emit too much calories and apply multi -head lamps. When choosing, pay attention: Most of the shooting lights are non -energy -saving products.

4. Safety original

Be sure to choose the lamps of regular manufacturers. The regular products are marked with total loads. According to the total load, how many watt -bubbles can be used, especially for the most important for multi -head chandeliers, that is, the number of tiles in each light bulb = total load. In addition, waterproof lamps should be selected for bathrooms and kitchens.

5. Function

The overall style and area of ​​the lights should be coordinated, and the various lamps in the same room should maintain color coordination or style coordination.

6. Coordination

For rooms with different functions, different styles of lighting should be installed. For example, the living room should be bright and rich in lamps; the bedroom should use lamps that make people lying on the bed uncontrollable.

Fifth, crystal light selection skills

1. Look at plating

「水晶灯选购」水晶灯的选购技巧 如何鉴别水晶灯好坏


Whether it looks like bubbles, yellowing, black, dew, plating, plating hemp spots, color differences in the same color, and strict requirements.

2. Look at the crystal


Leading can be called crystal at 24%or more. Crystal materials generally include domestic ordinary machine grinding, domestic semi -handicraft, domestic handicraft, domestic imitation import, Egyptian crystal, and Swarovski crystal. The general domestic K9 crystal materials are better in the Chinese market, which is a domestic A -class crystal. Secondly, there are K5. Its price, refraction, cutting surface, and purity are lower than the K9 material. The price of Egyptian crystals is higher than domestic. Swarovski Crystal is very expensive, and generally crystal lights will not be adopted.

3. Look at the crystal


There are tens of millions of crystal accessories, including round buckle, flower needle, arrow buckle, needle, elliptical buckle … the worse the crystal accessories rust, the faster the crystal accessories and the color of the lamp rack, the color guarantee period and the lamp rack Consistent. If the crystal accessories are not good, the overall sense of the lamp will be greatly reduced.

4. Look at water

Crystal appearance

The appearance is crystal clear. There are no strip marks, bubbles, water ripples and impurities in the lamp bead material. The cutting is accurate, the cut surface is smooth and polished, and the flash is bright. The size of the pervers is the same size, smooth and flawless, and the shape of the lamp beads is consistent.

5. Look at the hanging

Lamp quality

Check the adhesion of the chandelier, check whether the surface of the chandelier is smooth and whether its shape is deformed, check the welding point, check whether the chandeliers are normal, check whether the specifications, smoothness, weight, and appearance of the chandeliers meet the requirements.


Crystal lamp

Crystal lamp

Crystal lamp

crystal Light





in principle

in principle

in principle