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Douyin hot model in August, e -commerce popular toys

[China and Foreign Toy Network, September 3rd] What popular toys does Douyin have just passed in August? What are the hot -selling toys with outstanding performance platforms? Chinese and foreign toy networks combined with Taobao, Tmall, JD.com, Amazon, Pinduoduo, Suning Tesco and other e -commerce platforms, as well as the list data of some third -party platforms, compared the sales of toy single products, and sorted out an 8th 8th 8th 8th. The major e -commerce platforms are hot -selling toys for your reference.

抖 Let’s take a look at a few Douyin hot toys first:

“Qianhe Chihiro” has just been released in China, and this faceless man’s automatic coin and money tanks are also popular with anime fans. As long as there are enough coins in the plate, the faceless man will automatically eat the coin. This creativity makes people shoot. The reference price is 34.9 ~ 90 yuan.

This mini washing machine simulates real laundry scenes, from the key to drainage, highly restore. (Considering safety, toys use 2 batteries No. 5) Reference price: 15.8 yuan.

This penguin knocked on the ice. We have recommended last year, and this year continues to sell. It allows children to perceive geometric figures; exercise space structure imagination and hands -on capabilities. Reference price: 28 yuan.

Unlike ordinary Rubik’s cube, this mobile colorful Rubik’s cube is suitable for parent -child interaction to exercise children’s brain and patience and response ability. It is also a popular product of Douyin. Reference price: 22.80 yuan.

Super IP little yellow people are popular all over the world, and related toys continue to be popular. This runaway Xiao Meng, authorized by the world. Gesture induction, high -speed runaway, light -down will also emit flashing lights, randomly turn or back, it is simply adorable ~ Reference price: 48 yuan.

商 Look at several other e -commerce platforms.

Kitchen toys have always been the popular category of e -commerce platforms, and everyone will not be unfamiliar. But this kitchen toy that can spray has increased the simulation spray effect, making children cook more lively and interesting. It is quite popular on a certain treasure, reference price: 54 yuan.

Toys are not children’s patents. All kinds of adult decompression toys are more and more favored by white -collar workers. This plant vs. zombie interactive toys can be used as a collection ornament, placed on the desk, room, is a work -study decompression weapon. Suning Tesco Toy Rankings 2nd, with a reference price of 95 yuan.

天 The following 3 products are sold well on Tmall:

Cut the music set, let the baby learn to understand fruits and vegetables and colors, understand the internal structure of fruit and vegetables, suitable for the baby to grasp;

Three -in -one fishing table, three -layer variable track slide, first upgrade the magnetic suspension design, you can add large fish ponds to simulate the fishing scene;

Transformed police car Polly -speaking automatic vending machine, simulation scene simulation, role -playing experience.

The following two models are the popularity of JD.com in August:

This children’s microscope is in Jingdong

Toy brand

The ranking of the ranking of products is No. 1.

This dynamic cab, simulation cab, new experience of fun scene, 30.85 million online sales!

On Amazon, puzzle and technology toys are very popular.

OWI’s deformation solar energy


, Ranked No. 1 in the Amazon remote control motor robot rankings. T4 conversion solar robot not only has more transformations, but also equipped with large components. It is completely power for solar energy to provide children with new understanding of solar power generation as a source of renewable energy. Some healthy fun in the outdoor sun.

Smart Games’s color code puzzle game ranks first in Amazon Puzzle Thinking Games. An interesting and exciting single -person brain game to help develop logical thinking skills, visual and space prediction and strategic planning skills. From the beginner -Master, there are four difficulty to complete 100 interesting challenges.

Melissa & Doug’s Meisha and Doudou Gate Board, ranked 11th in Amazon Toy Sales List, 2nd in the embedded puzzle, open a door, the digital door on the wooden board will be opened, and you can see the picture below. This set will be. Toys can establish precise control capabilities, while learning colors, numbers and animals, etc.