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These four domestic products are yellow peel “natal lipstick”, and the good -looking is not lost! White and advanced

Why do you always look better than others? This is actually because of our skin tone problem. Lipstick is not only different in color numbers. It is painted on our mouth, because the skin tone will form a different contrast.


So for sister Huangpi, what kind of lipstick can be applied to show her temperament, even if it is plain coating, can it be easily controlled?

Year Xia Chan 512

This lipstick is really a sense of summer atmosphere, clear texture, not only not sticky, but also beautiful after applying the mouth.

It is a cinnamon color that belongs to the semi -caramel cinnamon color. The cinnamon color that is not too saturated itself is not suitable for the yellow skin sisters, but it increases the caramel color.

Its color saturation will be improved a lot, and the color is also the kind of gentleness that is finely shattered, which is very similar to the soft color of the peaches that are cooked in summer.

After applying it, it is very beautiful. Even the sister Huangpi Suyan is no problem. After applying the mouth, the makeup of the whole mouth is the clear and clear feeling, and the sisters with a deeper lip color can control it.


Yeon -colored Amber Lip Glaze 14

The amber series lip glaze is actually quite beautiful, but the one of the favorite one of the yellow skin is V14.

The color of this color is very layered. The bean paste color of the youthful girl first love also has the gentle rose powder of some mature women.


Two low -saturated color numbers are superimposed together. The effect of coming out is not as good as the imagination of fluorescent powder. Instead, there is a very unexpected gentleness.


But this gentleness and a little deserted feeling, so this color number is very suitable for the cold -tempered little sisters.


Its pink is very layered, and it will not appear too immature. It is also very friendly for the yellow piping sisters.

Perfect Diary and L02

Although this color number says that he looks like a flat bean paste color, you will find that after getting up, you will find that the perfect diary that can adjust the color will really hang the gently of the rose on your mouth.

Its color integrates two very gentle tones: wooden roses and pink peaches. After applying the mouth, it will make people feel temperament, and it is also more gentle like this.

The color system is usually difficult to control for sister Huangpi, but this color number just holds the gentleness of the yellow pipon sister.

The color is not picky at all. Whether it is white skin yellow skin, it is very beautiful, and it feels more like a temperament. It is a color number that is very suitable for spring and summer.

Into you525

After the low -saturated white peach oolong, although the color is lighter and the saturation is not high, it really looks like a furry peach in summer.

Its color is more pink and biased towards the sense of girly, but it does not feel like fluorescent powder is very low -key, gentle pink.

However, the saturation is low and the color is relatively shallow. When applying it, you can apply it to one more layer. It really becomes gentle and gentle after coating.


And this low -saturated color, usually blush is completely out of drawing, because its color is really very peach.


The proper low saturation color, the color is very temperament, and it is relatively white. Even yellow skin is not strange, it is relatively moisturized and easier to push away.

In summer, you should apply the lipstick that is suitable for summer and dark lipstick. Although it looks more bright and contrasting, for summer, the clearness and misty feel of the light color are the temperament girl’s girl’s. The first choice.