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The origin of the “Bird” appeared in Samsung Dou

Author: Fu Xichun Pen Name: Song Xia

As an important mythological and legend of Huaxia, Longma’s negative map can be passed down to this day, indicating that “River Map” is a very important ancient object, which is related to Chinese civilization. “Regardless, we can make such a judgment.” River Map “is likely to be related to the” god ax “in Pangu (solid).

For thousands of years, the reason why our world has not understood the truth of Pan Gu (solid) is because our world has never understood this world.

What is the “god ax” in the hidden language of Pangu (Gu)

“God Ax” split towards the Quartet and separated the world. Clarifying the truth of the “god ax” is the key to revealing the ancient (solid) of the ancient (solid), and the key to interpreting the phrase “the original God created heaven and earth” in the Bible. The shape of the ancient “ax” can be

The mussel -plastic people unearthed from the tomb No. 45 are likely to be moved by people when they were unearthed. The handle of this mussels can only use one human bone, Beidou has only one bucket handle, and the other bone is

It is not side by side, the human bone as the “emperor’s life bone” and the human bone as the Beidou handle should be almost vertical. Only the almost vertical placement can


We will find that this mussel -plastic man is a “ax” shape. The “ax” has the image of the Beidou. In ancient times, the ancients used “ax” to symbolize the Beidou in the sky. This should be an important opportunity for the son -in -law to create a Chinese civilization. “God Ax” split towards the Quartet, that is, in the evening, the fighting handle of Beidou refers to the east, the guide is summer, the west is the autumn, the rotation of the north is the winter, and the rotation of the Beidou has triggered the mind of the ancient Zhelong to create the world to create the world. Essence

When I was studying the Chinese Naxi Tongba religion culture, I discovered the Dongba painting of the ancient Buddhist Buddhist ancestors in the ancient Buddhist Buddhism in the ancient Shu Land (Yu Xiang was the second son of lonely and lonely, Shun’s younger brother, and was Shun. Seal in Shu, as the king of Shu in the vast area of ​​the Yangtze River to the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean north), and found some information with ancient Chinese and ancient civilizations in Dongba text.

The ancient Shu Sanxingdui culture is the continuation of the ancient Chinese Baiyi culture. The Naxi Dongba culture is the continuation of ancient culture of ancient Shu Sanxingdui. People dare not call “Buddhism” again after the Zhou Dynasty cuts Jingchu to destroy the Buddha)

Therefore, in -depth study of the cultural phenomenon and development of Naxi East Pakistani, it helps us to restore the true trueness of the ancient Chinese Baiyi culture in Samsung. Dongba

The mystery of the mystery must be used to use the heavenly key to the Heavenly Beidou.

Pangu (Gu) “God Ax” (that is, Beidou) in the hidden language of the heaven and earth is associated with ancient Chinese civilization. As long as the content of “River Map” is also related to “God Ax” (that is, the Beidou) Beidou went to study “River Map”.

If you want to understand whether “River Picture” is related to the Beidou in the sky, you must understand whether the number of yin and yang points in “River Map” is hidden in the number of Beidou seven stars, as long as the number of yin and yang points in “River Map” is dark Hidden in the number of Beidou seven stars, then we can try to use a method that no one has never used for thousands of years to try to solve the ancient civilization treasure box of “River Map” more than 9700 years ago.

Below the picture below is a schematic diagram of the four -seasons of the four -seasons of the north and south of the north and south. When the image of the starry sky looking up in these four seasons is drawn down, it becomes the image of the schematic diagram below. The southeast and northwest of “River Picture” below the C picture below is consistent.


Ancient son -in -law created “River Map”

The order of the order starts from north to south, from north to south, and then from south to east, and finally from east to west.

Let’s take a look at the number of Beidou Stars in the same orientation of the Beidou Star in the Starry Sky Three in Beidou Four Seasons. The number of seven “,” River Map “south to the outer circle of Qiyang, there is the” seven “number of Beidou Qixing. Another yin point is Qimingxing, which appears above the East Horizon in the spring (thousands of years, no one can see through the “River Map” because of thousands of years, because no one has thought that the eight yin points will secretly secretly secret Hidden a bucket handle refers to the Beidou of the east. In the history of our country, Venus, which has always appeared in the Eastern Sky as “Qi Xing”, is because the son -in -law uses this star with the Beidou Seven Stars when he created the “River Map” together with the Beidou Seven Stars together. The eight -yin point of the east direction of “River Map” was synthesized, and the three Yang points in the east direction of “River Map”

Darkly hidden the Hua Xing’s, Fuxi, and her son -in -law, once formed a trinity of the heavenly kingdom, and the east direction of “River Map” secretly hidden the Fu Xi’s son -in -law’s Civilization Civilization, so This Venus that appeared in the Eastern Sky in Dawn not only had the meaning of opening dawn, but also the meaning of Zhaoqi Huaxia civilization. The special star name “Qi Xing” should be the creation of the son -in -law more than 9700 years ago. When I personally give it, because she only knows the secrets of the east of the “River Map” eastward, the secret)


, “River Map” in the west to the outer circle of Jiuyang also secretly hidden the “seven” of the Beidou seven stars, and the other two yang points were hidden in the autumn evening. In the four directions of “River Tu”, the number of Beidou seven stars is hidden. This means that we use Beidou, a “god ax”, may open the ancient civilization box of “River Map” more than 9700 years ago.

The number of yin and yang points in “River Map” hidden the seasons of the Beidou Four Seasons, which is a deformable Beidou Four Seasons Star Empty view.

“Sanzi Three Life Messages” said: “It is nothing, and the sky is the text.”


This sentence should be the content that literati have avoided detailed interpretations because of the esotericness. In this sentence, the secret of human initial invention of human beings in this sentence means that this sentence means that there is no text in the world, and it is an ancestor. Painting the Beidou connection elephant in different seasons of the sky on the ground, and different words that have been given to humans on the ground appeared on the ground. Many such words have become the initial essay of human beings.

According to the “Sanzi Sanzi Message”, the secretly hidden Beidou Qixing Four Seasons of the Four Seasons of the “River Map” looks down on the image of the starry sky (top B), and you can write it on the ground as a bird head and a bird -winged. The Bird Tail can rotate clockwise (looking down) in the year (looking down) and the endless Baiyi ethnic civilization logo symbol (below and the middle picture below). The symbol of civilization, the “Bird” totem of the ancient Baiyi ethnic group of China.

The formation of the “Bird” of Baiyi ethnic groups that represent the endless Baiyi ethnic group of Bai Dou “

There are three major ethnic signs in the Baiyi ethnic group of ancient Fuxi son -in -law:



(That is, the origin of the white tiger, the origin of the “white” color group symbol),

Snake, Skybird

, “Fu Lion” is the symbol of the Emperor Fuxi, “Bird” is the symbol of the Phoenix of the Emperor’s son -in -law, “Snake” is the symbol of the first “God” of human beings. The symbol of “divine rights” in the court.

The Shu King Yu Xiang of the ancient Shu Land more than 4000 years ago was Bai Yi. Due to his spread of Huaxia Buddhism, there were many places in my country from the Yangtze River to south, and even south of Southeast Asia and South Asia, forming a number of white tiger bird totems. The Baiyi ethnic group has formed the unchanged lion, birds, snakes, and elephant culture in the south of the Yangtze River and Southeast Asia and South Asia.

The upper right picture is the Shu Di Bronze “Baiyi Tianbird” unearthed at the Sanxingdui site. The ancient Shu people use this bronze system to tell us that the ancient Fuxi son -in -law is based on the secret Beidou seven seasons in the “River Map” four seasons. The image of the starry sky at the horizontal sky created the “Bird” totem logo of the Baiyi ethnic group.

Jade birds, bronze birds, and gold -winged bird unearthed from various places in recent years,

The gold and silver birds in the feudal courts in my country’s and Japanese history are all historical marks left by the sacred “skybirds” of the ancient Baiyi people.

After thousands of years of mistakes, the “birdman” has become a contempt that the Zhou Dynasty has seen the historical consequences caused by the “birdman” as the crusade in a long historical period.

According to the “Sanzi Message” “Tiantang Elephant”, “Heavenly Elephant”, the Dark Beidou Four Seasons in “River Map”

Hua’s character “Zheng”, “是” is the Chinese mother word “anti”). This is another important symbol given to human beings by heaven. In ancient Fuxi, it was drawn by the northern Douxing polar star rotation revelation.


The moral, and the meaning of the immersive kingdom of the kingdom, which is obtained from the heavenly revelation, it should be called


In addition, according to the Beidou vertical view of the Beidou in the Fighting Satisse

For part of the silk painting of the heaven and earth, Huaxia Pankai Kai Tian and the earth silk paintings, that is, the “Fuxi Nuwa Jiaojiao Map”, which is the truth of ancient civilization today. Creative merit

The Worder is a Beidou method, an abstract bucket handle refers to the overlooking image of the Beibei Dou.

What people call the “moment”, some paintings have ink fights, which are the behaviors of people who are unknown and ancient civilizations in history), and the bucket handle refers to the east of Beidou to look down at the image.

Then, then, the seasons of Beidou Four Seasons Voluntea look down can also be written in the two -north and east -west east -west east -west east -west and two vertical puppets into the C -graph and single briefing elephants, which can eventually converge into the word “卍”.

Contact Pan Gukai Kai Tian and Earth Silk Painting in the Fuxi Pixel Holding Holding Holding Sweet Sweet Hands to overlook the ancient civilization phenomenon of Beidou in the north. In the great masterpiece of ancient times, he should be the first person to use the “text” in human history

The “Cangjie Book” unearthed from the Cangjie Tomb of Beihai is a very valuable text historical material that Cangjie has left us more than 6,500 years ago. This historical material is a seven -character quatrack more than 6,500 years ago.

Heaven wrote a branches as a pen, and the snake emperor saw the muddy ground (the author has carefully revealed the interpretation process in the article)

The Chinese mother characters of these 14 characters, “Shangtian” is Fuxi, “Snake Emperor” is the son -in -law. It can be seen from the words “Writing the Heavenly Writing Branch”. “The word was the first ancestor Fuxi. Analyze the phenomenon of rotating the Beidou around the polar star (this is actually the illusion caused by the earth’s spinning from the west to eastward and the sun to the sun). More than 9700 years ago, this “Apocalypse” brought the dawn of civilization to the obscure world.

Comprehensive analysis, the reason why the word “卍” in ancient history reads the “positive” sound is because the word “卍” has the “positive” artistic conception: “positive” is because of the creation of the word “卍”, and human beings have opened a civilization. The process, so the word “有” has the meaning of “positive”, not only that, the Beidou in the sky rotates around the polar star, which is extremely magical and endless. It should also be rotated, and it is also amazing. It must be stipulated that the direction of the right rotation of the word “卍” is the direction of “positive”, so the word “卍” itself has the meaning of “positive”.

my country’s lunar calendar is called the “summer calendar”. In the ancient lunar calendar “Xia Xiaozheng”, the meaning of “卍” is “卍”, because the words “卍” and “卍” are invented according to the direction of the starry sky Beidou handle in the evening, which can explain the spring and summer of the year, spring and summer The autumn and winter changes, so the “positive” in “Xia Xiazheng” is the word “卍”,


The grandmother “Xia” is used to refer to the lunar calendar with the word “卍”. Therefore, the culture of my country’s calendar has a special rule. The month of the beginning of the year cannot be read as “January”.

The historical truth of the “January” regulations as “the first month” should be: The lunar calendar was invented by the ancestor “Xia” initially based on the “卍” rotation angle, and the “卍” refers to the “Summer Calendar” (also known as the “summer calendar” (also known as “Lunar calendar”), the starting month should be read “卍

(Zhēng) month

“. Comprehensive analysis of the meaning of the word” 字 “, the word” 卍 “is the Chinese mother word” positive “.

In ancient times, because the word “是” was written by Fuxi according to the four seasons of starry, Fuxi and Nuwa would use this magical “卍” to make a big article. They will “卍 卍 卍 卍 卍”The process of writing is a very important” heaven “that is very important. They want to let the world know that Fuxi, who can tall the heavenly king, is the” 卍 “person, conforming to heaven, he is the heavenly reason. The emperor that takes granted,

That is, the original meaning of “legitimate”, which is also the origin of the name “Adam” in the Bible • Genesis (“Adam” meaning:


From the deep understanding of human beings at the beginning of the celestial movement, it brought the dawn of civilization to ancient mankind. Out of the awe of heaven, the corresponding relationship between the word “卍” on the ground and the rotation of the heaven Beidou around the pole star, the ancient Fuxi son -in -law gave the “卍” character good, good, auspicious, firm, eternal, endless, etc. The esoteric religious connotation highlights the important role of the word “卍” in the rule of Fuxi Nuwa’s new regime.

Archaeological found that “卍” characters have appeared in Ukrandonier, more than 7,000 years ago, which fully shows that after creating the “卍” character, Fuxi’s son -in -law once let the “卍” character go to the world.

In ancient times, the “符” characters appeared in many places in the world. Culture, ancient Egypt, ancient India and other places have been discovered. The cultural phenomenon of “卍” characters in the world is analyzed. When there is a “angel” in the Bible, we can get such a judgment:

More than 9,700 years ago, after creating the “卍” character, in order to avoid human killings as much as possible, the ancient Fuxi son -in -law made the kingdom of heaven and the mountains and mountains, and the people lived in peace. Angel hunting group, the princes of the world, spread their theological preaching to the four outsiders

(The “Angel” in the Bible is not a myth. The place where the land and the Asian DPRK regime established by Fuxi’s son -in -law is now Kunshan and Zhonghuangshan in Xihua, Henan. The place where the emperor Fuxi and the emperor’s son -in -law were governed together. Under the Pan Gu Guo Hathematical Paradise is the place where Fuxi’s son -in -law held an important national ceremony. The messenger sent here is called “angel”).



, Let the “字” character gradually move towards the world.


After thousands of years of spread, the deepening of the theological educational thoughts of Nuwa III and the deeper religious connotation of the theological educational thoughts of human beings has deeply affected the ancient and ancient politics and culture of the world.

(Please respect the original difficulty, the piracy must be investigated)