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Dimi Angel into an Olympics? Super long legs like real people Barbie, blonde, mirror, star

Have to say, this year’s galers’ looks really properly. In front of people, the wrenches are Yang Shun, and there is a track and field Li Ying loves Jin Zhi En. And now, it is more comparable to the short-mode short running player.

175 Shenxian figure with the value of the super idol, beautiful is really untrue to come true!


That’s right, this German female athlete

Alica Schmidt


. I saw her Olympic sportswear, did not pick up the powder. But even such a low-key shape is still very charming under the snapshot of the media. No wonder, some people say that she is the Olympic athlete of the dimension of the Dimmy.

Not only high value is high, but other hardware conditions are more superior.


The height of the Jui-five, which is more than enough.

Super long legs in the lens

There is a sense of existence, and the symmetrical curve is love and hate.

They all said that the eyes of Xi Shi, but this dimension angel 360 degree completely without dead angles. Running steps, walking well. The instant of the shutter is open, and there is no distortion deformed. This Xi Shi does not need to beautify the perspective of lover, proper native strength.

Let’s look at her true capacity, and you can get the title of the big beauty. The nose is highly nose, and it is completed with her big mouth. The long hair of the three seven points, lining her lazy and no temperament.

Challenge the side faces, still don’t talk.

A striped nasal shape is a greater reflection under the side of the side. And her hairline is still ideal, the hairstyle of Gaoza Meng’s head appears to be very vitality. The earrings of the large circle are very matched with her strong five senses. However, it is recommended that the five senses is only a delicious eyebrow, don’t try to exaggerate.

Not just her static picture looks good, the status is even more moving. Blonde, the mirror is not lost. Exquisite five officials with long legs, live-removing a real Barbie. The original model of the original appearance is really superior to the capital!

In addition to the appearance of the body, this dimension is also a variety of energy.


Even the training of day revenue, also can’t eat the characteristics of her love. Mint green and light gray sportswear dress up, the two-piece set of two-piece set is much more personal. The fresh green, the wind blows and has a faint fresh mint. In the screen, you can feel the cool feelings of summer cool. It is difficult to match the headband of the same color. The olive green of the fingertips is a lot more than a lot of pleasure.

Occasionally change the style and make people look bright. Leopard texture sling, full of retro high level. With black, it is neutralized to the sexy and more changing level. Moreover, it is a simplicity of zero-wrong rate, and the personality is necessary to learn ~

Dressress in design is easy to control, minimalist shape is OK. White sports sling with light gray sports shorts, it seems to have a unusual feeling that can bring people. Firming a type of bronze figure, still wants again. Blonde appearance,


Beauty makes people feel unrealistic

. Coupled with her superior temperament, the more you look at the superior shape. It turns out that the more simple dress, the more you can highlight your personal outdoor advantage!

But in the end, she is also a little girl who loves the dress. When she takes one



During the word short skirt, it is another charm. Apricot is a pure white shorter, which is a fresh and gentle style. Why is her personal gap is particularly powerful, and hard-to-eat the high-level cool.

Change to a one-piece dress, second-stop temperament goddess.


The big blossom dress on the top of the black is brought, romantic and sexy. blond




, Under the warm sun

There is a dreamy beauty. Barbie value, superior temperament, at first glance, there is no difference with European and American actresses. However, this dimension angel is not very common. Do you think this is a regret?