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It only costs 100 yuan to buy a shower, which is even greater than the rain on the day of borrowing money.

The amount of shower I bought 100 yuan is also very large. Why do you have thousands of shots?

Domestic first -line brands can also be supercharged. Is there a difference between silicone, constant temperature, and lifting rods. Is it different from those European big brands?

To be honest, there are really.

Take the shower icon Hansgia, for example,

The water flow covers a large area, large water droplets, and portion, and the touch is soft on the body


The bad shower is a sprinkler, let the water flow out of the small hole.

Case of Lao Po Xiao Show


Source: Living Fan’er self -photographed

Case of Lao Po Xiao Shower 2: Fine water columns, the water flow is particularly small

The hottest selling point “supercharged”,

Good shower is to make you feel that the amount of water has become larger and the spray range is larger.

Like a spray bottle, the atomization effect is better and more comfortable;

The superchargedness of the shredded shower is to smash the pain and tie the skin,

The spray equipment is directly replaced with a small water gun to nourish you.

Case of Lao Po Xiao Shower 3: Production Show, small size, silk water, and meat

Case of Lao Po Xiao Shower 4: dripping water flow, large area, uniform, and general water pressure

Good shower durable 10 -year function and quality is not a problem, it is also because of this,



Generally, it is generally high -end shower;


The poor shower leaks for two years for three years to rust.

These differences come from all aspects of the entire shower system,


It is not a simple copper casting and air injection technology.

Just like OLED TVs, even if it is used, the LG screen is still different.

As a rental party,

The bathroom products that can improve the happiness of life are the shower,


Every time you move, you will twist down and take it away, and it is worthy of Amway to everyone.

So, what conditions should a good shower be available?

Dripping effect

Hansgia’s flying rain technology, similar dream rain, rainmark … the purpose is similar,

Let the continuous water flow become water droplets, and change from many small water columns to rain.

Picture source: TOTO

Picture source: Cruidi


Picture source: Huayi

Dripping is an important source of comfort,

There are two ways to achieve uniform, not tie, soft, and soft. There are two ways to achieve this effect: air injection and collision.

Air injection is Hansgia’s fist technology,

Mix the air in the water flow to form a dripping effect.

Other brands are learning to copy.

Hansgia’s air mixing occurs inside the shower head,

The waterway design is still secretly confidential.

Picture source: Hansgia

Many brands of air in the market are injected in the water inlet pipe, just like you mixing cold dishes in a large basin pouring the sauce into the vegetables, the gap is actually quite large.

The collision formation is more direct, that is, the two water flow cross collisions spread each other. Methven is used, but it cannot mix a large amount of air in the water droplet to increase the soft touch, without air injection of the mainstream.

Picture source: METHVEN


Going to the offline store to see the effect, the more obvious the water droplets feel more and more comfortable (if I like to tie meat, I don’t say it)

Voltage effect

The most popular promotional point in recent years is pressure -supercharging,


The essence of shower supercharging is a current limit, not the real water pressure becomes larger.

Please read it three times.

The air injection itself has a sense of “supercharging”,


The water is mixed with air, changing water flow, and the pressure in the shower head, and the pressure is greater.


Picture source: Bellang

“Flat” the unkery and pressure the water inside,

It also has a certain effect:


Photo source: Kali

(Maybe you noticed that they are all entering the air in the water, different from Hansgia)

The easiest way is fine pore pressure,

The water outlet is thinner and the water flow is “crowded”.

The rain of Hansgia also uses fine pores, and the water outlets on each silicone talker are smaller and more; the Sanrong Massage Show has nearly 250 small water holes, which naturally can feel “supercharged”.

If the water pressure is really low, it is best to consider adding pressure pumps first. The 500 shower uses the feeling of 2000. Hansgia at home approaches the effect of the hotel.


Constant temperature control

The constant temperature is almost standard,

Adjust the ratio of cold water and hot water through temperature components to avoid cold and hot heat

——It will still be cold without hot water, but anti -scalding is really effective.

Therefore, temperature control elements are the key to constant temperature. Now the best constant temperature mixing valve is the third -generation SMA memory metal, but the most common on the market is second -generation paraffin.

Picture Source: DIVAPOR

There are too many paraffin temperature control. For example, solar water heaters cannot be used, and small -capacity gas water heaters cannot be used …


Because these two water heaters have instantaneous warming, it will let it

Paraffects melt and flow out, either leakage or temperature control.

SMA memory metals are not popular in the scale, and some brands say that new products are new products and are uncertain.

But in fact, Japan was using memory metal a few years ago, like TOTO and Sanrong, mainly in terms of cost. SMA bought at least 300 yuan in China, but the paraffin was not one hundred.

This temperature control valve has very little restrictions on water heaters and water quality. Buy this.

The main material


The material of the shower’s faucet, handle, and the main round tube is important,


Low lead copper is ideal, with high precision, good stability, fast processing, and low time cost.

The high -end products will use all copper, round tube, and shower head. For example, some styles of Kallista Kallista, the cost is too high:

The mainstream is the copper casting of the core control component, or the main round tube of the faucet+water.

If it is made of dark installation, it is best to choose a copper casting for the main body.


The national standard 59 copper is relatively common. The pure copper content is 58%-60%, and the performance is balanced. It is absolutely not less than 59.

Picture source: Hansha

“Natural bacteriostatic” does not need to be. The water flows fast, just like ultraviolet sterilization but just shaking, it does not have much effect.

It is best to choose low lead copper. When casting, lead must be added. Leading is not good for the body, and low lead copper is more reliable.

Handing lotus shower head is generally ABS plastic. The top spray ABS plastic and stainless steel are common.


If you use stainless steel, you must carefully check the welding process.

Top spray is easy to idle and does not maintain it frequently. Stainless steel cutting welding will actually change the nature of “stainless”.

Valve core


The valve core is a “gate” inside the faucet, controlling the water to rely on it,


The confinement of the faucet, the degree of smoothness, and the scrap will depend on it.

The intuitive feelings of the valve core are smooth,

It feels like “air rotation” when twisting, without friction, it feels like “air rotation”.

When you go to the offline store of Lejia, the feel of the trial valve core and the domestic valve core is obviously worse.

Ceramic valve core is currently the best choice. The best one is Fluhs, Hungarian Kerox, Spanish track (SEDAL), and Hansgia’s own valve core, race Tao is relatively cheap and more popular.

Picture source: FLUHS

Source: SEDAL

The ceramic valve core is consumable, and it will always be bad, so

The number of opening and closing is an important reference for the life of the valve core,

For example, Fan’er’s Fan’er Yan Value Revolution 4.0 Chinese Shower, the number of valve cores is more than 1 million times.

Electroplating process


The surface of the shower needs to be corrosive and beautiful, and it will do various treatment. The most common is electroplating. Stainless steel material will be brushed.

Look at the salt fog test of the electroplating process, just pass the salt fog test,

The longer the salt fog test time, the better the corrosion resistance.

Some sales will tell you how many layers of plating. I have encountered the 12th floor. The salt fog test standards that others can achieve with 2 layers of chromium can be achieved. His family needs 12 layers. This logic is ridiculous.


Do not buy unknown small brands with electroplating technology products,


There is indeed a threshold for electroplating technology, and it is also a heavy pollution process. Many small factories cannot handle pollution.



The relationship between the foam and the use of comfort is very large

Newer is the best, there is no exception.

To put it simply, the foaming device is to make the water flow softer. Some faucets are particularly strong when they just unscrewed, that is, the foam is not good.

The Nuper foaming device with function is more than ten yuan, and the domestic production may not be less than 5 cents.


These are the guarantee of quality and basic experience,


More than 60%of a shower is determined by them.

There are some practical functions you should know:

1. The larger the size, the more comfortable

Especially the top spray, the size is large enough to have the feeling of water curtain, the meaning of the top spray.

The size is too small, and when the weather is cold, there is only local heat water, which is uncomfortable.

Wider than the body, it is the coolest

Source: Network

The round top spray is best above 20cm (8 inches).

The bigger the more comfortable.

2. Be sure to bring a silicone tattoo

Silicone Tsui is already the mainstream, but there are some Japanese and Korean (basically domestically produced) without silicone tattoos. The amount of water has become smaller after a while, and it needs to be disassembled and cleaned.

If there is a silicone, you can clear most of the scale after rubbing for a while.

3. Families with children choose “one -click to stop water”

After pressing down, all three outlets stopped without twisting back and forth.


For adults, it is an optional chicken rib function, but it is useful to prevent hot and anti -cooling, and it is useful to children.

4, dark dress

The dark shower is recently popular. Introduction has a modern sense. It needs to be embedded in water pipes. It must be planned before decoration.

To make a product that is more quality, it is necessary to buy a good quality, otherwise the fault repair is very troublesome.

Recommended Brand

Unless jumping off the building and running a big discount,


It is not recommended to buy the three -out water sprinkler within 1,000 yuan, and the quality will not be very good.

You can buy a shower head holding a shower, which can not improve too much but the effect is still there.


1-2000 yuan: good quality and average function


One or two thousand budgets can buy big -name entry models with good quality, functional foundation, or cost -effective for domestic large manufacturers.


Show is really not recommended to buy domestic “big names”. The 12 -layer chrome -plated is a high -end sanitary leader in China. The price of three or four thousand is not as good as the thousand yuan products of the foundry manufacturer.

A domestic big name 2000+ file, stuck to cry

Live in Fan’er model, silky



Japanese building materials and sanitary brands, the number one tile in Japan, and the smart toilet is more recognized in Japan than TOTO. It is now a brand of Langju.

Ina’s shower is the least “Japanese” in Japanese brands. It looks chrome rather than plastic, which is relatively generous;

The use of materials and craftsmanship is complete, the mainstream basic functions are complete, and the cost performance is good.

His family also has an intelligent control shower system. The real thing has not yet felt. The design value is really good, refreshing and gentle.


Copper faucet, ceramic valve core, mute kitchen device, 3 -way switching water heater, lifting bracket, explosion -proof and anti -wound soft tube, so that the configuration style is within 1,500 offline.


Ina FF4801

At about 2000 yuan, you can get air injection, salt fog test 10, 70,000 open and closing test ceramic valve core, automatically switch out of water to prevent scalding design, 20cm top spray.

Ina FF4808

Although the configuration and design are not the best, the materials and standards are obviously unambiguous.


Domestic brands, the Lord is an export foundry, and its own brand has almost no market, but the quality is relatively solid.

Thousands of yuan products can achieve low lead copper (faucet, handle, round tube), KEROX valve core, Newer foam, lifting rod and air injection. The cost performance is very high.


However, his appearance design is relatively average, and there are not many delicate practical functions.

Chinese art

Domestic brands, Jiangmen Hardware leading heads, and the specialty of the Lord of Hardware. At the latest exhibition in September, there are several toilet sanitary ware and bathroom cabinets. These products are gradually increasing.

The biggest advantage of domestic brands is the price,


Huayi can be said to have the best materials and crafts in its equivalent price, and the face value is also in the middle.


His family of about 2,000 yuan has all -bronze faucet, matte matte black spray paint, key -type regulatory mode, and hidden water outlet configuration. I have to say that this price range is still capable of domestic capacity.

Huayi LP3395A


2-4000 yuan: cost-effective range

This price range is the most worth buying.


The quality is guaranteed and the function is realized well,

It’s like buying a car and a modern, high -end, and high -end, practical.


Domestic manufacturers can look at high -end models; international brands with solid quality and low premiums, such as Hansha, Japan, TOTO, and Ina also have a wider choice range.

Hansa Hansa

One of the old German leadership hardware is very well -known in Europe. When going to play, many hotels and homestays are this brand, and they are only understood.

Around 3,000 yuan, you can buy the main low lead 63 copper (high standard copper), level 10 salt fog test, and constant temperature German shower, which is cost -effective.

Hansha 44180200+58162171


TOTO is still mediocre in the toilet world, and other products are relatively mediocre. Among them, the shower has its own characteristics because of the SMA memory metal temperature control valve core.

Anti -scalding design, memory constant temperature, 3 types of water outlets (including air injection), refined bronze faucet, anti -entangled resin hose, within 3,500 yuan.


TOTO TBW01407B+TBW01010B


5000-1000 yuan: high-end model


At this price, materials and craftsmanship should not be lame,

The optimization and design sense of core technology, as well as brand value.

Hansgrohe Hansgrohe

The German brand is almost a high -end shower replacement, the inventor of air injection technology, and a special enterprise.

Buy Hansgia, only buy airpower technology,


Low -end, such as Koloma, there is no best function and not cheap, the price is very false.

Shuangfei Rain 240mm (top spray size) shower set, I see about 4,000 after the folding, Diahai Tao is much cheaper, but the installation is a bit troublesome. It is convenient to buy offline.

It is to remind the water pressure. Hansgia suggested that the water pressure is 3kg. The old house and the high -floors need to be cautious, or the water pressure is solved first, otherwise it will also spend money.


10,000 yuan+: luxury file

Yasheng Axor

Hansgia’s high -end line has no shortcomings except expensive and unchanged water pressure requirements.


Yasheng’s products belong to the type of “value” at a glance.

The design is very sufficient, and the quality control is very strict,

There have never been flaws online.

Cruidi Kludi

The century -old brand in Germany is mainly a leader and basin, positioning high -end, and high -end design but high premium.

His representative product FIZZ fan -shaped shower can choose 1, 2 fans, and 3 fans. The dark installation effect is very beautiful, about 10,000 yuan.

Source: Living Fan’er self -photographed

Source: Living Fan’er self -photographed

Source: Living Fan’er self -photographed

Source: Living Fan’er self -photographed

Picture source: TOTO


Kohler’s high -end line, real boutique American style, atmospheric retro and texture. Those who like American retro can pay more attention to his home (La Gao’s aesthetic average).

The average price of shower is also above 10,000 yuan. Retro cast copper models are only available in Europe and the United States, and there are very few domestic purchase channels.

Okay, don’t watch it for a week!