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Tell the truth | “Fast Fashion” is really fashionable? Do you buy ten pieces or buy one cautiously?

do you know? Air pollution is the biggest environment in our time, which is caused by this every year.

death toll


7 million


In all parts of the world, there are schedules every day

2 billion tons

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Human waste

It is discharged into the water pipe, and about 4,000 children die from the disease caused by polluting water.

1.8 million

Person (mainly

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) Just die because of diarrhea.

Human activities on land are the biggest source of marine pollution. It is estimated that there are about about

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8 million tons

讲真的 |“快时尚”真的时尚么?你选痛快买十件还是谨慎买一件?

Plastic garbage

Enter the ocean.

讲真的 |“快时尚”真的时尚么?你选痛快买十件还是谨慎买一件?

But do you know? Compared with the harm caused by any of the above pollution, the hazard of the fashion clothing industry is comparable.

讲真的 |“快时尚”真的时尚么?你选痛快买十件还是谨慎买一件?

The fashion industry, especially the “Fast Fashion” industry, has produced garbage to occupy carbon emissions all human beings


讲真的 |“快时尚”真的时尚么?你选痛快买十件还是谨慎买一件?

It exceeds the sum of all international flights and shipping emissions, and has caused problems such as water sources and river pollution.

There is an average annual in the clothing industry


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Throwing into the garbage treatment plant, it is equivalent to filter a pickup truck every second.

讲真的 |“快时尚”真的时尚么?你选痛快买十件还是谨慎买一件?

And it will release about the ocean every year

500,000 tons

Micro fiber pollution

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It is equivalent to

讲真的 |“快时尚”真的时尚么?你选痛快买十件还是谨慎买一件?

50 billion

plastic bottle

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Throw it into the ocean, and plastic pollution accounts for 31%of marine plastic pollution.

讲真的 |“快时尚”真的时尚么?你选痛快买十件还是谨慎买一件?

According to a survey, the existence of micro -plastic (very small plastic sheets that never biodegradation) in 16 countries such as commercial salt, beer, and honey in 16 countries around the world.

讲真的 |“快时尚”真的时尚么?你选痛快买十件还是谨慎买一件?

Most clothes contain synthetic fibers, such as polyester fiber, nylon, acrylic, etc. These ingredients need to consume hundreds of years to biodegradation.

讲真的 |“快时尚”真的时尚么?你选痛快买十件还是谨慎买一件?

The emissions of the production of polyester fibers are twice to three times that of cotton, and these ingredients will not be decomposed in the ocean, and they will also cause serious pollution to the ocean.

Who can think of fashion is the second largest industry in water consumption? There are more than approximately producing each year

92 million tons

讲真的 |“快时尚”真的时尚么?你选痛快买十件还是谨慎买一件?


And consumption

15,000 tons of water resources

For example, the water that produces a cotton shirt is equivalent to drinking eight glasses of water a day, which lasts about 3 and a half years. The water that produces a pair of jeans can allow a person to drink eight glasses of water a day for about 10 years.

Textile dyeing in the clothing industry has also ranked second in the world’s water pollution sources, which caused

Global 20%

The left and right industrial water pollution.

Is the above data a set of thriller than one set?

讲真的 |“快时尚”真的时尚么?你选痛快买十件还是谨慎买一件?

In the face of these serious problems brought by the “Fast Fashion” industry, how should we do our best to change? It is definitely unrealistic to not wear clothes or not buy clothes.

However, we can try the “slow fashion” as “fast fashion”. It gradually enters the public’s vision and forms an unstoppable trend.

What is slow fashion?

“Slow Fashion” is not pursuing the time and quantity of “fast fashion”, but

Less and qualitative

Essence We will reduce the frequency of buying clothes,

When choosing clothes, we pay more attention to quality and materials used, as well as re -cyclic use of clothes, and so on.

Picture source: solpaperan

In fact, the creator of the word “slow fashion” was Kate Fletcher and was proposed in 2008. Her inspiration comes from the slow food of Carlo Petrini.

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She thinks

The significance of the event is not given during production, but due to the people wearing them

For sustainable fashion, we need to take care and reuse of existing clothing.

讲真的 |“快时尚”真的时尚么?你选痛快买十件还是谨慎买一件?

So, what kind of action should we take for slow fashion?

Reduce impulse, rational consumption

First of all, we need to rethink our shopping method, try to reduce the expansion of shopping brought about by impulse consumption, and form a conscious shopping (

Effectively distinguish whether this dress wants or needs

) Careful thinking and rational consumption will help us reduce economic pressure, commonly known as “saving money”.

讲真的 |“快时尚”真的时尚么?你选痛快买十件还是谨慎买一件?

Although the clothes are less, the quality of the clothes is improved, which can ensure the longer service life of the clothes.

讲真的 |“快时尚”真的时尚么?你选痛快买十件还是谨慎买一件?

When buying, it is also more inclined to the classic style, and it is easier for classic items to create a wardrobe that is not easy to be outdated.

The rule of clothing of clothing

No.1 — vintage

It can now be said to be a very hot retro trend, and it is also an environmentally friendly clothing method. Our repeated use of clothes can maximize their functions and slow down the speed of clothing waste.

Moreover, many Vintage items are very classic. After all, fashion for ten years is a reincarnation!

NO.2 — Flea market similar to trading market set

This will not only be an interesting “Taobao” process, but also a very meaningful thing, realizing the circulation of clothes ♻️ Use it.

You can find the next new owner who belongs to them, instead of being discarded in the garbage dump, can not disappear and dissolve for hundreds of years, and severely pollute the ecological environment for hundreds of years.

NO.3 —- The re-creation of clothing

讲真的 |“快时尚”真的时尚么?你选痛快买十件还是谨慎买一件?

For clothes that lose interest, you can make a brain hole and re -creation, giving old clothes new life instead of choosing to discard! Alas, a new dress appears (and a hand -disabled party like an editor, please move the next method)!

Picture source: Li Yixin

NO.4 — clothing recycling box

This is the most common and most common way in our usual life. Recycling for clothing that cannot be used again, detailed processing of these old clothes, donation, creation reuse, material decomposition, and so on.

New trend: sustainable clothing

The fashion industry is also changing. Many brands have added sustainable fashion series, and many sustainable clothing brands have emerged. Now

Sustainable fashion

Become one of the most popular words in the fashion industry.

What is sustainable fashion? It not only refers to the use of environmental protection materials, environmental protection methods to produce clothing, maintain sustainable production ecological environment, but also protect each worker in production, give them fair salary, reasonable working time, respect their labor Human rights to ensure their higher quality of life.

In fact, in the production of sustainable fashion clothing, there are many environmentally friendly materials and methods to use, such as organic cotton, plant dyeing, Econyl regeneration nylon, old clothing recycling and re -creation, zero waste of making materials, and so on.

The use of these sustainable materials and clothing methods can not only play a role in protecting the ecological environment, but also beautiful! Bleak

Organic cotton clothing is not only comfortable to wear, but also the quality is also bars! If you like comfortable, casual and simple style, you can consider such clothes!

讲真的 |“快时尚”真的时尚么?你选痛快买十件还是谨慎买一件?

The wait

While using environmental protection and organic cotton, the sports suit is uniquely cut into the clothing, which makes it simple and environmentally friendly, and with a unique careful machine! Suitable for news friends who like niche design.

In fact, the application of organic cotton materials is also very wide. In addition to daily clothing, yoga clothes also use such materials to maximize the durability and comfort of sportswear.

讲真的 |“快时尚”真的时尚么?你选痛快买十件还是谨慎买一件?

Organic cotton doll shirt top, paired with ripped jeans, fresh and casual. Coupled with the embellishment of the pearl necklace, the shape is full of French romance.

讲真的 |“快时尚”真的时尚么?你选痛快买十件还是谨慎买一件?

The lattice dress, the design of the bow of the shoulders, the blue and white grid is cute and fresh, the organic cotton material adds a different sense of comfort, and the home wearing is also acceptable.

Feng Chen Wang SS21

讲真的 |“快时尚”真的时尚么?你选痛快买十件还是谨慎买一件?

Feng Chen Wang

讲真的 |“快时尚”真的时尚么?你选痛快买十件还是谨慎买一件?

The 2021 spring and summer series of clothing also uses natural dyes to dye, extracting natural pigments from plant medicinal materials, not only showing the beauty of the clothing and a unique tailoring design, but also practicing the environmental protection concept of sustainable fashion.

Plant dyeing can also be used in the sweater. The contrasting design looks simple and fashionable. At the same time, it has contributed a power to sustainable environmental protection.



讲真的 |“快时尚”真的时尚么?你选痛快买十件还是谨慎买一件?

This brand will choose raw materials for natural fibers in materials. Cotton vests made of natural plants can also be very fashionable. With the wool cap with the same color system, a fashionable girl can be properly.

讲真的 |“快时尚”真的时尚么?你选痛快买十件还是谨慎买一件?

Reconstruction Bank FW19

Reinforcement bank

I have always adhered to the environmental protection concept of reorganizing and repetitive use of the old things. The new vitality of the old things can be given through design and renovation, and it can also become a customized series.


In the production of clothing, not only organic cotton, recycled polyester and other materials are used, and when the process is wrong, the yarn and other use will be re -used and then used to ensure zero waste of the material.

The plaid knitted dress with sustainable environmental protection materials can also be dazzling and fashionable. Who said that environmentally friendly clothes have no trendy design and color attractiveness?

The costumes of ECONYL regeneration nylon can also gradually increase, and most of them are applied to shoe and bag accessories.

讲真的 |“快时尚”真的时尚么?你选痛快买十件还是谨慎买一件?

Its raw materials come from recycled plastic, plastic, marine garbage, etc. We can also see that more and more big brands are using such materials to make series clothing.

Therefore, in the future, another concept of “fashionable” should be added -sustainable, from awareness to action, this transition process requires us all to work hard together.

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