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A kind of pants are popular this year, it is called boyfriend’s pants, casual and warm, and short people can wear

With the changes in people’s aesthetics, women slowly moved closer to the masculinity in wearing. With, boyfriend’s pants are the more popular neutral styles in recent years.

Boyfriend’s pants are simple and easy to match, whether it is a top or shoes, it is more amazing. In this year’s autumn and winter, her boyfriend’s pants are still more popular, casual and warm, and short girls can also wear it.

Features of boyfriend pants:


Features 1: High waist

Generally, feminine pants are designed with middle or low -waist, and boyfriends are generally high waist and can just cover the small belly, so slightly fat girls can also wear it.


Features 2: Loose styles

The loose and loose style is one of the main features of boyfriend’s pants. Many feminine clothing is somewhat restrained and uncomfortable to wear. It will be fat.


Features 3: long trousers legs are too long

Boyfriend’s pants are usually long, and many girls will pull up their pants. This is not a large characteristic, and a characteristic of boyfriend’s pants makes your pants look like wearing a boyfriend.

Suggestion of boyfriend’s pants:

Denim boyfriend pants are a classic versatile pants type

Instead of being a boyfriend’s pants, it can also be called wide -leg pants, which looks more casual on the legs of the pants.

You can learn this blogger wearing a loose sweater


It is just suitable for the current autumn and winter season changes. Below is paired with a pair of daddy shoes of men and women. The whole person looks more casual. Tall and thin girls can wear it.

Boyfriend’s pants are not necessarily in line with the above features, and there is no special definition.

This nine -point straight jeans also have the characteristics of boyfriend’s pants. Simply put, this style is also like pants worn by boyfriends.


The style is slightly slim jeans. It is more appropriate to pair it with a less loose jacket on it.

If you like a more casual style, you can match sweater and canvas shoes.

Those who like it can also be paired with a shirt in the suit. Of course, the shoes must be changed. You can choose the flat leather shoes or small high heels, and you can wear it at work.

The male trousers of the denim fabric will be more casual and handsome to pull up their pants legs. This kind of good boyfriend pants like a better feeling will look better as wide -leg pants.

The design of the straight tube is very tolerant of the legs, which can cover the shortcomings of the legs and let you show the sense of vision of long legs.

Whether wearing a shirt or a sweater on it

Because the wide -leg pants itself are more versatile and versatile, you can wear a small outer cover with a pair of canvas shoes, which is full of vitality, without picking age and figure, every girl can wear it.



Boyfriend pants are liked to be more and more designed because of their loose pants and simple design. Especially some young girls like this simple and atmospheric pants, because it is not only easy to match, but also a loose version, even if wearing thick cotton pants inside, it is not fat.

So in the cold weather in the next step, the boyfriend’s pants are really casual and warm, and it is not tall. Can short girls also wear it? Do you want to start one in autumn and winter this year?